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  1. AUIHDG 4


  2. Keven Martinez

    2:41 is the AT&T girl 😂

  3. Mike the pro gamer

    Guy: *breathes* Skeleton: *NOW PERISH*

  4. Sam Farek

    this is my favourite Dr. Seuss book

  5. Rogue Gamer

    Honestly, it makes sense that the violent videogames can help lower violence in people. It is a very good vent!

  6. 16-Bit Bernie

    She didn’t do all that bad tbh

  7. Kregory

    Im not pro trump but a very large portion of that stuff was wrong or not proved.

  8. TheHeavenlyBuddy

    me seeing this at 12: a *junior* in high school?! he’s practically an adult! me seeing this in college: he’s waaay too young for this lmao

  9. AKvanguard

    I still laugh at the first line piece

  10. Shaji Khan

    First world problems

  11. Knight Enchanter

    Can't relate as an only child and as the one who's a fuk up.

  12. Zealix

    This coming from the people who sang for 10 minute about the number is not a bad idea

  13. Rosa

    Moon landing wasn't faked, but the space program was BOUGHT BY THE U.S GOV FROM THE YUGOSLAVIAN LEADER. Paid millions for it so they could land on the moon before the RUSSIANS did. You're welcome

  14. Husker

    why is the clock going backward

  15. TheHeavenlyBuddy

    jason is precious. wouldn’t even be that mad at him.

  16. Octavius Roosevelt

    I'm loving the new Zac Snyder Batman film!

  17. ozskipper

    Tipping is a sign that the boss rips his staff off and doesnt pay them enough in the first place

  18. joshua unger

    Does anyone know why there are no stars in the background and how is the flag waving?

  19. Ellis Magnuson

    I used to watch this and laugh...

  20. Mad hatter advocate

    The question is what one is he in those guy's videos'????

  21. naam me kya rakha hai....


  22. K Murdoch

    Was this before or after Christine was at GMM?

  23. Brogan Middleton

    2 options 1 closed casket because the casket doesn’t have your body in it your body is at the after funeral meal venue being turned into the main course but in such a way they won’t know that they are eating human the vegans and vegetarian option for protean will be like tofu or veggie loaf but it will contain small piece of you so everyone is eating the dead person. Ideas 2 go full Egypt get all your organs removed, but instead of canopic jars they are donated for those in need and for study, wrapped in bandages with a headdress or just a funny hat (to avoid racism) put in a nicely decorated coffin similar to a sarcophagus and your tombstone shape it like a pyramid

  24. Mr. Shafer

    56:05 NOOOOOOOOOOOO😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  25. amuletcauldron

    The fact that so many ppl in the comments are saying “oh you also forgot this” is really telling lmao

  26. Gary Whitt

    Warning…comments contain severe Dunning-Krueger Effects.

  27. A

    back when ch were actually funny rip

  28. Afwe Griffin

    3:47 Zach Oyama Perfectly cut screaming before it was cool😎

  29. Snackasmversion2

    Whiskey: Yeah dude, you could totally kick that guy's ass over there

  30. boredo

    4:49 favorite moment, this is your replay button

  31. sonorasgirl

    I feel personally called out and seen at once. It’s confusing

  32. Invader Zim

    Bro this is such a gem I used to watch these on my 3DS XL

  33. heyysimone


  34. CaityCupcakes

    My sister was like "oh, yeah, I thought we already knew that"

  35. Marcus Lyons

    I am the Lorax, And I speak for the trees. Defy me again, And you will Rest In Peace

  36. Ruben Pascual

    B7 “SUS” 4

  37. Doug Buchanan

    Um, actually, Tobias was never given a last name. Also, nobody is ever too old for Animorphs.

  38. seecretgamer777

    1:49 uuumm I live in Caldwell...

  39. pyrobryan

    D as in double u

  40. Bob Solo

    Here in the summer of 2021 it should have been two clowns

  41. heath

    Why would the cowboys cheerleaders travel to Ibiza lol

  42. MiiSierraMisst E

    i finally found this after so many years... i forgot what it was called and i just found it.. oh my god

  43. Insane

    It's like almost pizza and Wendy's song

  44. Josue Montoya

    He should've said: "Sorry, but I was thinking of my bat inside of your cave, if yk what I mean😏.

  45. Irene Beponis

    This is wired

  46. Louie Schwab

    These videos actually aged incredibly well, bitcoin, dogecoin, vaccines, masks, good work collegehumor

  47. paul kirkman

    Im not dating any girls, im gay.

  48. Megan K

    props to the foley work on this one

  49. SamStrake

    Not canon smh

  50. joseph bowman

    Rum: argh! I wants to plunder some loot! Sorry... sorry. It's the rum talking.

  51. Elp Smith

    I wear crop tops and just ignore the fact that I have a belly

  52. i’m a youtuber

    this used to be my favorite song when i was younger now i’m traumatized

  53. Pal

    Lol i watched this and looked for the movie lol some bad casting but this could work

  54. Tim

    Holy shit, I just realized the affirmative action lady is Lauralee Hickok from Onion New Network

  55. Andrés David

    "I've seen bigger"

  56. purplecatlover1825 randompizza

    we watched this in my sociology class

  57. gage

    i been looking for a video like this for years😂😂

  58. Bruno Gonçalves

    People say that you should fight against racism and all, but if everyone stopped thinking about racism, wouldn't it like stop existing?

  59. J Sae

    Everyone wants unions but not coo unions apparently lol

  60. Eli Jenkins

    They should honestly make movie about him that would be hilarious

  61. MrMouse 69

    2:01 GMM CREW

  62. HurriCrane

    what I feel being a Nascar fan.

  63. Person One

    nostalgia has always been really sad and tear-jerky for me even before i got on the internet...

  64. T bone

    Only if he kept his bitcoins

  65. Joelybean


  66. DigitProto

    Gin and tonic is boring?

  67. NotNathan

    when he started playing art is dead

  68. xo. Isaac

    does that chinese food place really exists and if it does what city is it in

  69. Geomeo Peoleo

    I just realized I’m the mom of my friend group, though none of them are babies. All I have are teens, help me…

  70. Gac Acg

    4:00 WOOOOooooh

  71. yu narukami

    im queer not rich

  72. Morgan Dusin

    Nice clock.

  73. Joshua Memes :D

    4:58 Just because I have it *DOESN’T MEAN IT’S TRUE!!!*

  74. noah broch

    Is that sarah cooper @ 0:57?

  75. Azonnald

    this is a prediction.. the old people asking for gmail/facebook are us from the past and we are trying to remember the good old days. but this is a world now with no internet

  76. Purple IsTheBest

    The name colonel custards crematorium is so good

  77. Cton Nation

    Did Jess say that Love Island is a crappy show...

  78. _ Anthrax101_

    I love the implication that the entire cast of CollegeHumor was a group of homeless people who now live in the office.