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  1. Liz P.

    The shorts brought me here. How have I not seen this before?????

  2. dajve bikinus


  3. Ronald Harris

    She had the best lines like I just care about the premise, and I love big babies

  4. new guy

    The torpedoes would have never hurt the death star unless they were using the force so kinda illogical

  5. Stop motion Maker

    “You don’t like cardi b” Well... yeah

  6. Kris 11

    Still watching in 2021

  7. --

    at 9:55, that sign with hand making " " actually means that if you search with " " (like climate change is "not" real), you can get what you desire to get even if there are millions of results and there is only one result you want just try it, you will know what I'm saying

  8. Ali Gaber

    بدي بنت وتشوف تبعي عالهانكوت

  9. little panda

    Who is the author? Wanted to read this at school by heart as a poem, but didn't find the author's name and surname

  10. AnnaDraconida

    I'm still waiting for Schindler's Fist.

  11. Abdulrahman Algharieb

    U scared me at the last part but I didn't yawn

  12. Federico Lucchi

    Except the Death Star wasn't an inside job

  13. Logan Sheppard-Scally

    Adam reminds me of me. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not.


    please, just do it. Make my dreams come true...

  15. yanir gesser

    Bet the breaking bed scene was so fun to shoot

  16. SuessLabs

    I feel his pain Miss the old T&T Hardware , it felt & smelled like walking into 1936

  17. John Dalzell

    Sad but true.

  18. Luqum

    Thanks Adam for being 3 minutes with me not ruining my life in Adam ruins everything

  19. John Dalzell

    Just couldn't miss the opportunity to let us know she prefers women. just wow

  20. contrafax

    Awesome genetics gave me mental illness which make it hard to function in this society.

  21. Shakila Wickramarathne

    Is that a brooklyn 99 reference ?? Like that Gina thing ??

  22. Ronald Harris

    That was cute.

  23. Avistew Teague

    When it goes "it's more time that humans have been on the Earth", you need to realise, it's not just slightly more times, it's sixty (60) times. The first every human working minimum wage up to this point would still only have earned 1.66% (recurring) of what Bezos's wealth was at the time of this song.

  24. Huyen-Tran Phung

    This made me sad. Comedy speaks the truth. Thanks Brennan for exposing our society nowadays

  25. Ratigan2

    Grandpa may look old and scruffy but he's still as sharp as a monthly nail subscription service...

  26. Ryuk Is god

    Lucas is just Ryan from The Office

  27. Abdiwaha cade Abuu


  28. SY Pallera

    1:31 when he put the lego it reminded me of the lego invasion

  29. Gork Skoal

    Funfact: In packs, when they need to travel. 2 wolves help keep things going. A (relatively week one near the front and middle who comunicaters with one in the back. The reason: when shit goes sideways a you had 5 wolves that knew the terrain and protect the older or just weeker friends. which is why it's fucking stupid to try to take on a frail wolf. his buddies are right their daring you to try.

  30. highwind6325

    It’s funny but also sad collegehumor does this too with dropout

  31. Utkarsh Awasthi

    I am already dead after laughing so much, my throat, it's in so pain, but I can't stop...😂😂😂🥵😂😂

  32. HexCodeFF

    the actual original statue of liberty is in paris on the pont neuf and barely a meter in height.

  33. Zoltán Antal-Kis

    Most basic glasses for 400$? They are on sale at supermarkets for less than 10$ for reading. And I have never bought glasses for more than 120$-130$, which has fetures like: darkening on bright light. The ones the doctor prescripts can be really cheap as well, 30$ or so. Of course they do not look that fancy. Is this only Hungary specific? And if you want to buy cheap sunglasses, you can buy them in workplace safety stores from less than 10$ up to 30 or so. Branded sunglasses are expensive at other places.

  34. Saphira1198

    Well... It got recommended to me after 5 years ^^"

  35. Oyeah884

    When are guys doing GameStop CEO?

  36. Alcor

    Those children have frighteningly poor aim.

  37. برهيم عبود


  38. Mukuro

    I'm never trusting a KUNAL and stickytits(dot)jizz ever again...

  39. Alper Mert

    Slm 05393024436

  40. Brux

    3:59 gotta love Asian Jim.

  41. Spiqaro

    Ah the Bechdel Test. The thing that proves nothing and doesn't help or harm any movie, ever.

  42. xdjames


  43. Any Wilking

    Sex video

  44. Clotted Scream

    One of these days Brennan is gonna do one of these videos and it’s JUST gonna be Repo: the genetic opera. Like it’s just gonna be the whole plot of Repo: the genetic opera

  45. Mark Smith

    My favorite grant characters are the ones that portray people he clearly hates with a deep passion

  46. Distortion Drive

    I’m so pissed that r/AmITheAsshole didn’t show up.

  47. Rafael 47

    The hot meat shirt adds so my to this

  48. Arfeen

    this hits home way too hard

  49. Noah Watson

    They can extend your life if they are prescription vitamins like my D deficiency that can be really bad

  50. Aimee Loftus

    Funerals should just be a comedy roast. They always say laughter is the best medicine.

  51. TheMusicalElitist

    What if you don't have friends? Or any social life at all?

  52. Akhil Madhunlall

    Trap: *quietly* mama mia

  53. Lucas Jones

    0:42 When he called for "Lucas" I was a bit scared

  54. RegelsMah K

    So is this where the famous meme came from

  55. Christopher Tooley

    No Midland for Old Men

  56. Darrow manlol

    I got circumcised for “hygienic” reasons. Hated my dad for putting me through that

  57. Two Very Good Pals

    I have such nostalgia for Checkers burgers and fries after seeing this

  58. Pandora Paradox

    5:40 lol this right here i love it

  59. Mutt American

    Lizard Fucker gets me every time

  60. im apollo bonnett in disguise yah thats all

    0:23 da wall is broken

  61. WinterSooz

    I would love Xbox to be an old grumpy guy that doesn’t wanna help you

  62. Archangel Michael

    Great.. thats all we need is woke Power Rangers. All they need to do is join forces with Captain Planet to complete the global warming angle... and you have the complete set of useless lefty idiots who will want to sit down and talk with bad guys about their feelings, instead of kicking ass.

  63. King Of Lee

    Jesus why is grant so scared I literally told everyone in my school that I’m bisexual because I wanted to lmao

  64. Satevo

    Never even been to New York but I respect this.

  65. Blitzkrieg

    The fuckin ending XD

  66. Magma Rock

    I guess you could say he had his mcfly down

  67. Christopher Teo

    Drinking out of a chalice is manly, its what fuckink knight used.

  68. M King

    I love and hate that the idea of renting nails is now out in the zeitgeist for some business to pick up. 😂

  69. have-ctrl

    yes you should have bought bitcoin

  70. Preder Nation

    *Mike is still a very good skit writer and actor*

  71. Mark

    I feel like that isn't even makeup, Breannan just looks like that now.

  72. Fanny

    I didnt know james corden is a smart guy

  73. Cam Adams

    1:01 we can make it class based whenever you want But naturally that would hurt wealthy kids and we cant have that

  74. Joshua Billie

    LMAOOOOOO took me a little while to understand but very funny

  75. Rosli Hanafi

    Put the speed on 0.25 dan pause at the 0:10. Not bad for a "boy"

  76. ctythanhlong02 a

    too relatable

  77. ryan productions

    0:12 what is that on that box

  78. Nicole Mount

    But straight men prefer marrying their video games , or homies over women lol . They actually don't care .