Voter Registration Drive LIVE!


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    Live in the US? Eligible to vote? Register to vote or confirm your registration here:
    ALLY: agbeardsley
    GRANT: grantob
    KATIE: katiemarovitch
    LILY: LilyD
    TAO: tyang209
    TRAPP: mikewtrapp
    RAPH: chestangraphael
    REKHA: rekhalshankar
    BRENNAN: brennanlm
    RYAN: ryguyguyry
    CAROLYN: jacuzzitubbs
    SAM: samreich
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    1. vimci • 5 years ago •


    2. Kair Hatchet

      Indias taking over youtube btw

    3. Chris Heraldo

      Big tits, dick small Sam Reich, Sam Reich He is no foot tall

    4. rylan schumacher

      I’ll vote for trump thank you

    5. Blizardstar1200

      A “quarantine shave” may refer to the practice of impulsively shaving your head to cope with quarantine, as I did.

    6. Rahmi Bunga Anggraini

      POV of grant: Silence

    7. Creative Designation

      You can actually tell who in the comments votes for Trump and who doesn't. Those who do will tell you, those who don't are actually here to watch the stream and will comment about that.

    8. Emery KJ

      Nice to see they can still joke about the unfortunate stuff that happened, plus being absolute heroes for doing a stream like this. We need more like you!

    9. max Headroom

      wow people actually watch this crap?

    10. RAS

      BREAKING: Joe Biden is the subject of an active federal criminal investigation into his role in the counterintelligence investigation directed @ the Trump campaign during the 2016 election, incl the former vice president's activities in Ukraine.Ukrainian witnesses are cooperating

    11. Grace Wilson

      2:44:50 LORE TIME

    12. _Frixx_

      Now this is comedy gold

    13. Herman Wong

      College humor reunited(fully clothed)

      1. Creative Designation

        Yes! Josh doing the seagull made me insanely happy for some reason!

    14. Herman Wong

      The team still trying to make a difference after the company went down. Great job guys

    15. Herman Wong

      10 comedians walk into a bar. 4 of them got kicked out, the rest laughed it off

    16. Zoltan

      I turned 40 this year and for the first time in my life I will be able to vote. I also decided this year, not long after I registered to vote that I will never be part of this corrupt governments schemes. I will never vote, because I don’t trust anyone that willing chooses sides against any human beings. If you choose a political party then you are choosing sides and that in it self makes you unworthy of having that job. Don’t forget that it’s just a job, I don’t care what job you choose, it’s still just a job and you don’t have to keep it if you refuse to do what you were hired to do.

    17. uppcl /puvvnl

      Music is my world, I love love unknowingly, I forget I am told

    18. ricky roach

      This is awesome! Trump 2020! Remember to vote!

    19. Neel

      Trying hard to stay relevant...

    20. Nataly Cotes

      Raph's Christian rap was the highlight of my week tbh

    21. GeeBri

      This entire stream was chaotic good

    22. alg11297

      I live in NYC and NYS. My republican vote hasn't counted in years. It's so bad the GOP doesn't even campaign here and we never even see any ads. Wait till Trump wins the state this time.

    23. alainart

      It starts at 4:45

    24. Sam King

      Grant taking people for a word off screen was so painful and hilarious to watch.

    25. Bailey Belfer

      i really want that Kalina lore

      1. {dillion}

        Bailey Belfer ooooh damn hopefully we’ll get more during fantasy high junior year 👀👀

    26. •Bea•

      Vote for what?

      1. •Bea•

        Oh I live in the UK thought I might be a college humour thing

    27. Gray Samsung

      Its seriously fun to see them all goofing around like this.

    28. Running Wild

      Trump 2020 kids

    29. Jem Jones

      I’m already crying laughing from “Ryan calms Katie like a horse” so congratulations Ally

    30. nutcase

      Im trying to guess who votes who but it seems everyone is on board on the Trump train, or else they would not be laughing but crying

      1. Ian Brobin

        @Jubilee Brenna's Dad worked in the Obama administration.

      2. Jubilee

        brennan,ally and grant are all hard-core socialists

      3. Jubilee


      4. nutcase

        @Jubilee hah hahaha hahhahahahhaha noo they might say that just for the money and cuz they know trump supporters are not jerka and we won't give them a hard time for "supporting" creepy old Joe biden

      5. Jubilee

        no, they are all voting Biden and if you vote trump they all hate you.

    31. DasBauer

      Greetings from Germany while I am shaking my head about something like voter registration...

      1. Creative Designation

        From a German perspective many things about the US voting process are just strange: having to register, having to wait at a polling station, not automatically being eligible for mail-in voting, having basically just two parties to chose from and so much more.

      2. Richard Feather

        @Gustavo Fernandes registering here is mandatory, but voting is not, abstaining is a legitimate choice. It's interesting how different countries organise :)

      3. Gustavo Fernandes

        @Richard Feather Well, in Brazil we have to get a special ID. But you do this once you turn 16. And you don't need to do anything else. Also, since voting is mandatory here, everyone will have to get it.

      4. Richard Feather

        @A B We register here in the UK too! seems such a strange thing, though here it's just an issue if you change address really.

    32. Stefan Nagy

      First time registeree here. Can't wait to vote for trump!

      1. Dexter Douglas

        minitumen He said he’s in support of a certain president. It’s only bait if you’re a fish. 💁🏼‍♂️

      2. minitumen

        Obvious bait

    33. Bailey Belfer

      do u think they knew that every time the messaged in their chat everyone could see it

      1. Co Ma

        Yeah cause now I have the rap

      2. JACKATTACK847

        They mentioned it once but I think they forgot

    34. Jadude 37

      Wow jess got the bisexual bob

    35. Sarah

      Lily's lighting is so good throughout this whole stream

    36. {dillion}

      everyone acts wild but it fully feels like katie and grant are really crazy sometimes,, and i love that

    37. Bowlnmike

      TRUMP 2020! VOTE - Get out there people!

      1. Wesley Teng

        @Thomas H Actually Trump's demographic is mostly white middle-class people with no college degree.

      2. Wesley Teng

        High voter turnout works against GOP fyi.

    38. Kevin Broderick

      Trump/Biden 2020!

      1. Fauzan Ganesha A K

        I'm still Kanye 2020 tbh

      2. Fauzan Ganesha A K

        @A B I dislike Trump too but damn dude, what do you think you'll gain from this hate? COVID got Trump. Believe in Darwin and the natural selection. Just stop these comments.

      3. Babes & Board Games

        hail trump

    39. Seo Park

      Katie saying "that's flirty!" Is so on brand

      1. D. N.

        Amy Park hey you, stop flirting with Katie

    40. Transmedal2

      Trump 2020. You know it's true

      1. Running Wild

        A B wow you go comment by comment hating. That’s a new low for biden

    41. Eowyn Gordon

      I live in a vote by Mail state 🤟🏻

      1. Khu NoPie

        I can tell by your photo

    42. Meow Milev

      Katie looks like she haven't been sleeping "~"

      1. D. N.

        Meow Milev you don’t need sleep when you’re on cocaine

    43. Nabil

      Tip: If you chew gum when you study a subject and then chew the same flavour when you take the test it can help you remember. I am very close to my first 150 a little help will do❤️✅❤️🥺❤️🥺

    44. Brown Munde

      Tip: If you chew gum when you study a subject and then chew the same flavour when you take the test it can help you remember. I am very close to 1800 a little help will do❤️🥺❤️🙏🙏❤️🥺🥺🙏

      1. Rivendel


    45. Jeremiah Sutheim

      Goofin' starts at 4:42

    46. name here

      I smoke my reused tried coffee grinds with dried banana peelings😏 in a fat blunt

      1. Creative Designation

        @Rivendel So you clearly have nothing else in your life. I hope you find something interesting to do with your life, good luck to you :)

      2. Rivendel


    47. Hans Schmidt

      Trump 2020, to bad he can't have more than two, 4 year terms

    48. Slushi Simcambi

      Trump 2020!!

      1. Running Wild

        A B I’m sorry to hear but no one will vote for you bud.

    49. D G

      I vote for covid to be president

      1. Jonathan Palma

        They'll always stick around

    50. Kace KTV

      What a WILD Stream this was!!! Seriously tho how did you guys have the budget for all those Ryan Creamer dunks? Unreal!

      1. Chubnut 3

        @stacybedi r/youngpeopleyoutube

      2. stacybedi

        Pop 000q0 ph llp00 pop 00 po] ⁰ZQ'Z2Z2S0 km ia¹