What It's Like To Date An Alien


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    Breaking up with an alien hivemind ain't easy.
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    1. CollegeHumor

      wow guess i'm early!! 😜 (ps sign up for dropout for just 17 cents a day - signup.dropout.tv)

      1. yuniarti dwiuntari

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      2. Roger Dodger

        My head hurts a little bit after that.

      3. Kaiser WENLI

        @Hexadecimal Good is too strong a word. More like "ok".

      4. Hexadecimal

        Wow College humor has good content again? What happened?

      5. Kaiser WENLI

        Suffer not The Alien to live.

    2. Víctor Báez

      Wait, is college humor doing more animated stuff to adapt to the pandemic?

    3. Flame Sakitama

      jesus i love her voice

    4. vimci • 5 years ago •


    5. Steve Lucky

      See, the no kids thing is kind of a deal breaker. But maybe Rich could clone a baby version of himself for them to raise.

    6. Nhiel Tesorero

      Iike star wars

    7. garon fang

      Funny I thought Rich already had a wife.

    8. PRoToTYPE iXT

      There’s the hidden joke that he himself is a clone.

    9. cody theemeraldminecart

      ok nevermind, thank you for explaining that in the video

    10. cody theemeraldminecart

      if they reproduce that way then does their entire species have the same original mind and the 37 years old thing only means when a body becomes 37 years old or is it that the mind is 37 years old in which case either the species reproduces in another way aswell or has only existed as long as this one being?

    11. cody theemeraldminecart

      wait, I decided to start watching your videos again and I see a flaw with this

    12. Sorcerersupreme007

      *A lot of Not-Its *new clone “Crap!”

    13. Syrus Angi

      A wacky dynamic but both r quite awesome people despite the situation

    14. Stera Sigma

      This sounds like a lot of kinky stuff in the making, but other than that, dating Delani is gonna be tough.

    15. Gab3 S0lan0

      Why Rick ran away from Unity

    16. Roger Dodger

      That was confusing, but pretty funny. That said, I think I learned enough about the negatives of this from Rick and Unity.

    17. Jill Henderson

      So Shes a hive mind in a way?

    18. Donald Thahale

      I loved it

    19. Dinh Nguyen

      "Hey babe, could you get the AI you're with to do this year's taxes for us?"

    20. The909Virus

      This is like a very wholesome, educational, and comical take on polygamy. I like it.

    21. Erdem Memisyazici

      Sounds like an open marriage.

    22. Mr Pixel

      If they are all one being but different bodies would that mean you could g@ngb@ng without a guilty conscience

    23. Dennis Thomas

      I would like to see more of this like to see how this relationship would go.

    24. Hexadecimal

      Am I the only one who would want at least 2 or 3 of them? I mean, cmon, she has an infinite number of her.

    25. TntHeadhoncho

      That not it part was my life in a nutshell

    26. kayla bowden

      Technically 37 is their puberty

    27. Spyro Fan

      This is actually a better discussion of dating a hive mind than that one Rick and Morty Episode

    28. Tarek Ali

      His responses are hilarious 😂😂😂

    29. Solids Liquids And Gasps

      Very Octavia Butler.

    30. Noc Quest

      With that many people consenting they could do some crazy stuff in the bed


      She's a pass for me

    32. Hot Chocolate D&D

      Bro in like a few months they could have a 87 some

    33. Colleywoodstudios

      Bro thatd be the hottest shit ever...

    34. FROST BURN

      Bro Jesus christ i was confused as much as he was like tf mate 😂💀👀

    35. gregoryvn3

      Okay this was kind of amazing. Also, funny.

    36. Logan Williams

      I wanna see more of these...there too funny

    37. Kris Kennedy

      This is quite clever writing.

    38. Dre Hansen-Chisolm

      Tht ending was perfect 😂😂😂

    39. Mckenzie .Latham

      This is incredibly clever and surprisingly wholesome.

    40. Videos Marco


    41. szczecin

      She They are soo lovely

    42. Sir JJ

      Imagine the secks

    43. qilorar

      this was brilliant :D

    44. 45 Potato

      This is interesting

    45. Caley you didn’t say that would you like Why

      The new Reminders and I am I just want to say good thing

    46. Nic Nacs GTV

      i love this show

    47. LiamR

      Wholesome, but a bit of a headache

    48. Mad Laugher

      Aww this is sweet

    49. Dajohnnie Sanders

      If they reproduce by budding wouldn't they be genderless, secondly wouldn't their be a original main brain hive queen that contains the original. the most of all wouldn't their be a genetic mutation and subspecies do to living on in different environment so long, also with adapted to those environments.

    50. Bukake Master

      Rule34 is inventible for this one.. run while you still can!


      This girl is like Rick if he actually gave a shit

    52. 60sto80s2

      This was really good last few episode been kinda boring not the same quality

    53. General Bill Nye the russian spy

      They mention Delana in one of the original trooper shorts This is top tier continuity

    54. Raja Ravi Varman

      Please please please make more of these.

    55. LÊ VĂN TRÍ

      i'm sorry, but why does the stormtrooper sound like CGP Grey?

    56. Trinston Michaels

      Trinston was here.

    57. vargen1414

      Wait a second, Would’t this mean that.....HOLY Ghost of Christmas!.....He gets infinite gifts at Christmas!

    58. Tailon Vuong

      Well the population of her planet is 1000 no wait 2000? I don't know

    59. Harry Kim

      He sounds like larry the stormtrooper

    60. FlatMattress

      never really liked the troopers stuff tbh

    61. Moonstar Chronicles

      Thumbs up if you thought this was gonna be about futuristic Mexicans

    62. Henry Nguyen

      Missed it when it was live action

    63. Daniel Martinez

      Not it not it not it, heyyyyy😭🤣😭

    64. General Jake

      Imagine him walking in the hallway of the dread ship and then seeing your best friend with a carbon copy of your gf

    65. peeginx boy


    66. s.j

      this is a good video

    67. Pan Peters

      did not expect it to be so funny

    68. lock'n load

      Wtf happend to college humor ?

    69. Johnwel Enciso


    70. Joe Swanson

      Lmaoooo I love this

    71. ArgieDude

      She sounds like Gillian Jacobs

    72. Venom H

      I love this series, Thanks.

    73. DorNob_ TM

      I like this harem

    74. Peter Parker

      Ch feels different ngl

    75. dope a meen

      Whoopee cushions???????????????????????????????? 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

    76. dabs tanur

      the "I'm kidding" was relaxing

    77. Marko Markovic


    78. Mars

      Is no one pointing out the fact she’s walking naked?

    79. Ethan Thompson

      Which definition of alien?

    80. Rico Shahin

      Is it gonna be a part 2?

    81. RDR _Z

      Stay strong sam

    82. Sobriquet

      I mean the more the better amirite?

    83. CrawfordShun

      I mean the more the better amirite?

    84. Seal Guy

      I mean the more the better amirite?

    85. Bamboozle

      I'm waiting for the episode about GME

    86. Nellyte122

      Ok, but where's an alien? It's totally my wife.

    87. AscendtionArc


    88. Sir Sir

      This was a good video

    89. RedArmySapper

      I'm waiting for the episode about GME

    90. Fredrik Ørvik Kaasa

      we need badman

    91. Anatoly Ivanov

      Ok, but where's an alien? It's totally my wife.

    92. wargamesmaster

      Do you think there will be a new CEO compilation? I think two or three CEO videos were made since the first compilation was released.

    93. SureWolf

      He himself is a clone...

    94. Keisu Federation Mapping

      I’m glad to see more rich

    95. Komz

      The esaest way to make a harem haha

    96. am the last guy

      Me as an alien, I can confirm this is very true

    97. LDS ramon

      I wish you guys could collab with the impractical jokers or rocketjump

    98. N3 4X


    99. Azeara Azymoto

      This was ingenious, lol.

    100. id k

      isnt that basically cheating