How To Fix Our Climate (So That I Can Take Long Showers)


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    تاریخ انتشار پیش 9 ماه


    1. DEC

      Come gang, its time for us-NOT ME-to do our bit to save this fragile world we call home.

    2. JetTheGuy

      I'm in this video and I don't like it...

    3. Elise

      This is why I only shower once a week. Then I can afford a single nice long 15-20 min shower 🤯

    4. christos papaioannou

      Goddammit if this isn't me. Really though I think the idea of citizens taking ownership of environmental protection rather than corporations and local governments is some bootlicker BS. I do feel the responsibility and try to do the right thing but long baths are my shameful vice

    5. Lennon F

      This is the onion

    6. Club 6

      You guys(not me) should clean the oceans so I can get better seafood dinners and eat less fish so I have more food

    7. DW Washburn

      That guy must have one incredible water heater!

    8. lynn ; ;

      "each of you- not me-"

    9. Joe Colder

      seems like every American activist ever

    10. Victoria Le

      This guy is lile the child of Vincent Van Gogh and Ned from The Try Guys 🤔

    11. 黑龍 - Hắc Long

      I haven't showered for weeks, I hope that he took really long showers.

    12. Radium1950


      1. Cleo B

        Ok this is like the funniest joke ever if it's a joke

    13. Skylar Hansen

      This is bs I will not sacrifice anything for this selfish jacka$$ least of all my shower time

    14. Leather8Glove

      I love global warming!!!!!!

    15. Dino Dare

      I mean, I take 40+ minute showers, but I also don't shower daily, so on certain weeks, this can still be less than most people shower. If you want 70-minute showers, I'd consider just moving to a weekly schedule. This calculates to 10 minutes per day. Lifestyle and body type matters though. If you're physically active, lengthening time between showers probably wont work for you.

    16. Bérénice Nieto

      It's like when I was living with a partner and he would take showers for 45 minutes each day and I would not be allowed to turn on the heating in winter.

    17. Jeremy Anderson

      I'm pretty guilty of the ac thing he talked about. Making my room cold just so I can wear a blanket. Man I need to fix that

    18. Yuval Nehemia

      No one's gonna talk about the fact that this is Ryan Creamer?

    19. Matt Scott

      I’ve had to wake my cousin from his drunken shower many times.

    20. Stephen

      its not real bro

    21. DatRealAndrew q

      Well now I'm gonna leave the shower on all night

    22. bharathi Yadav

      Good and nice vedio.👍

    23. Robert Kidd

      This is so americian.

    24. Samrat YT

      Don't worry, I will stop showering today so that you can enjoy your right.

    25. Tyler

      Just take cold showers instead of hot ones. No emmisions.

    26. White Rabbit

      I will make billions of people start using electric cars... Only so they can substantially drop the demand for gasoline and consequentially make the price of Oil drop so everyone can continue profiting with the volatility of Crude Oil as a trading Commodity. And have fun with my petrolhead hobbies telling everyone that I'm burning liquid dinosaur on my Ferrari while most people cannot drive a gasoline-powered car!!!!! That's gonna be sweeeeeeet... Gasoline to the rich and batteries to the poor!!

    27. Dylan Brady

      This sounds alot like a threat

    28. Jake Dragon

      Gotta do a "honest climate change psa" video where they say we are all f'd and too lazy to do anything that would actually make a real change

    29. RhinoBlock Gaming

      Cut your shower time by 10 minutes. I guess I cant take showers anymore

    30. Marginis

      This video has old CH vibes.

    31. Skadood Skadad

      A merely 30 minutes

    32. Into Something sometimes

      I didn’t know people do these things. My mom would freak out if seeing me letting the water running while brushing my teeth

    33. Ierf Rednalyb

      Don't you wanna slap him do baddd!!

    34. Hirdesh Bajwa

      Hahaha i already take 7 to 8 minute showers

    35. Jonah Kirk

      I only shower for ten minutes, so you don't want me to show? Sounds like a plan

    36. bikingcat

      Every global warming fraud pushing a-hole that gives themselves a free pass.

    37. VOiD

      Can we acknowledge that RYAN FUCKING CREAMER is in the video? No? Just me? Ok fine.

    38. Rainbow Demon

      Glad to see Ryan is still doing vids on college humour haha!

    39. Blackshep

      My shower is 10 minutes

    40. noods dood

      this is so fricking hilarious and i cannot stop rewatching

    41. Jose Pio

      I hate you

      1. Jose Pio

        Yeah I was just being entiteled sorry

      2. Cleo B

        @Jose Pio erm... you do know this is sketch comedy, right?

      3. Jose Pio

        He wants us to use ten minutes less than our normal time while he doesn't

      4. Cleo B

        ? What did Ryan ever do to you?

    42. Isaiah Harris


    43. Chodester

      I like this guy he should make a PH

    44. Ian Rivers

      0:07 That's not climate change that's a dinosaur!!!

    45. I'm_not_ silly

      Your supposed to shower ?

    46. Sebastian Davies

      electricty bill be like:

    47. Splashstorm04

      This reminds me of the time I took a shower late at night at around midnight and I legit just lay down in the tub & closed my eyes for a MOMENT, resumed my regular shower, and after I got out it was 6 am.....

    48. Doug Walkey

      This level of entitlement sounds just right for the Canadian Liberal party under Justin Trudeau.

    49. Slippy On wii

      So I did a new study dog versus libers see when dogs grow up they stop whining but when liberals grow up they wine a lot more

    50. bearclaw the great

      Think he can golf course are a ton of water

    51. The Presitator

      Darn it CollegeHumor! You gave away the joke again. Why didn't you cut off this title before the parentheses? Now I know what the joke is and the video isn't as funny. Part of comedy is surprise and you've taken this away. Look at your older videos and see how they're titled. It really feels like this title is more of a tweet than it is a title to me.

    52. niharika

      why was this convincing though

    53. Chronic Randomness

      Its funny cause I actually completely switched to baths for the environment. But also because: -Soaps settle on the surface of the water and slowly swirl into continents -You can make half of the water cold and half super warm by turning on a tap for a bit, and then move between the two sides. -Bath bombs look amazing

    54. فاء بن ألف'

      I take 40 min hot showers and idk how to fix it😳

    55. Strange Thingz

      boomers be like

    56. Edi Callier

      I've just gotta say, I'm so thankful for the CH MTV show. I mean, I know it's like a million years ago now but without that show, I probably wouldn't have had CollegeHumor in my life to watch and grow with for over 10 years now and... oh shit, I feel old...

    57. LGamer4040

      Ok the A.C. one is ok especially in summer its practical impossible to sleep without a blanket

    58. Great Frigo

      2:08 What if I ain't American, can I continue to take long showers?

    59. ArnV Panda

      This is what developed countries expect developing countries to do. When they pull back from their responsibilities they expect us to grow more forests obviously we are doing this too because we need to do that but Ireland, England they don't need to have forests as they have chopped down it during industrial revolution, countries like US will continue to build oil pipeline in the forests, polluting the environment they didn't had any environmental rules during their industrialisation as we had huge forests but when we need industrialisation we become the villain, they call us coal burners as they never used coal, they call us dirty countries ad they never were, Thames never was a dead river and it used to be clean and green as today. It is our planet so please take part to save it.

      1. Pyared

        As long as I don't have to give up my standard of living.

    60. TrueREAL

      i agree

    61. Colby Surrett

      I agree I will cut my shower times 10 minutes to negative 6 minutes. So I now will roll in dirt 6 minutes a day in place of my showers.

    62. Space Goose

      This is basically “America should take everyone’s gun! Except my gun!”

    63. MrAB2357

      I am ready to make sacrifices so that this guy can have longer showers.

    64. Foxy9865 YT

      Well I would do that if you first let me do my every other day 5 hour shower.

    65. Lost Boi

      Americans finally acknowledging the climate change might be one of the biggest twists in history lol

    66. Joey Wu

      With quarantine, I now lack selfcare so I shower once every 3-5 days. When I do shower, it's for 30 minutes. When I did care for myself and went out, I showered twice or once a day every day for 15 minutes. So, in the span of 4 days, I shower for 30 minutes as opposed to 120 or 60. Therefore, I'm doing much better for the environment.

    67. GG_Kage

      Well TBH long showers are good but I ain't American so he didn't say I should follow this so 2 hour showers for me

    68. British Four

      2:11 im british, not american

    69. soloseraphim Heartsong

      You only poop from 5 minutes? Do I need to see a doctor or do you?

    70. Happy Face

      I feel like this is attacking my past self and I hate it 😂😂😂

    71. Stalin Papi

      As someone who hasn't ever taken longer than 5 minute showers, I honestly can't understand this

    72. hayden holmstrom

      randome dinasour picture tho

    73. N T

      Is this the polite pornhub meme guy?

    74. noneyah

      I didnt shower as a teenager, I reserve the right to use that time now

    75. ishat

      This man's whole life could be changed by switching to baths and filling them while he's on the toilet

    76. Tony Lone Fight

      I know this is a comedy site/chan but I was moved by the people saying their were laidoff or fired by CH on Twitter and that only two people remain? But this site seems to keep going? Using some of the same people? I feel like I'm eating a Wonka Bar after everyone was let go. Sure the chocolate tastes good, but how are they being made?

    77. byw

      If CH didn't become MenopauseHumor they probably would have been financially stable enough to handle these times. Not that they should even be effected by them. The most atrocious thing is they're still trying to sell subscriptions to their service. This is the type of scam that will result in lawsuits.

    78. CØLAB

      I love this channel but I have been less interested since Adam left and it maybe getting kinda worst

    79. Jase Nantes

      People keep thinking collegehumor is as dead as my dad lol

    80. Joblessknight 72

      Almost every time Katie is on college humor I want to punch her

    81. Clams

      So wait, who is still at CollegeHumor? Are Brennan and Grant still around? I’m so confused.

    82. eduardo

      shut up man the shower is the only place where i can cry

    83. dronescanners

      I thought this was gonna be a bunch of silly nonsense but I actually do some of this shit. P.S.... I said some of this stuff, but now that I got a few ideas......

    84. Herman Wong

      anything for the all-wholesome ryan creamer. climate change has dropped to 0%

    85. Dulio

      Is that the dude from PornHub?

    86. I Stole Your Jams

      Well I mean I take long showers but I don't really use water that much if it makes sense, like I turn off the water while I'm shampooing and doing other stuff like questioning my existence.

    87. Juan Estrella-Martínez

      I feel seen

    88. Average Chowcow

      Shit I feel bad for taking a shower for 6 minutes

    89. MyNameIs

      "You should all take 10 minutes shorter showers" Sooo should i take a shower that is -5 minutes long(i take 5 minutes shower) I am sorry for my bad english(it is my second language)

    90. Ben Tv

      DAMN you guys are really REALLY good at making me hate your cast members and characters

    91. Yeonki Min

      Me that is not an American: Well, I like to stay in the shower as well...

    92. Ian Nunez

      It’s insane how a channel can survive for so long while being so unfunny

    93. Sean Lefevre

      Industry and power generation are the lion's share of the problem though, not individual citizens' habits

    94. ChuSandre

      I feel called out. XD

    95. Jason Galiao

      So many good ideas to improve your showering experience. Thanks selfish first world man in a coat

    96. Lars Antonsen

      I really hope this guy doesn’t actually do this

    97. RealComp5

      I feel attacked.

    98. Jacob Constance

      Don’t worry I will do 5 minutes showers, for your sake

      1. Jacob Constance

        And also so you should be quiet about your shower problem nobody cares about

    99. Quirijn Langedijk

      Why do I know this guy. I’m watching this for the first time.

    100. Petrichor

      Wanna save water ? Go vegan . Buy going vegan one year you save enough water to take a shower for 50 years straight