Troopers vs. Social Media


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    Rich and Larry explore Parallelogram, the galaxy's hottest new social media app.
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    تاریخ انتشار پیش 6 ماه


    1. CollegeHumor

      compare and despair folks

      1. Ruth Soriano

        Compare and despair

      2. Michael Said

        @Vasu Balamudi same dawg

      3. Vasu Balamudi

        @Michael Said ...............:...:.......................

      4. Nox Amillion

        Can we see more of Klaus from the Experimenting in College Video? He was a good character.

      5. Marcus Jackson

        I would really like more animated trooper shorts pleasr

    2. WolfTonic

      Wow, shocking ending.

    3. Wumbooper

      Oh, what a fall from grace this channel has undergone.

    4. Jacob G

      You know I feel like the first Larry, ie the Larry we are most familiar with, was the best Larry because he was satisfied with his life until Rich made him depressed about comparing himself to all the Larrys that were faking it.

    5. JustusLM

      "Compare and despair" goes perfectly together with "fake it till you make it".

    6. Sampuran Banerjee

      Is devin 11 a nod to kevin 11??

    7. Pingus Dingus

      0:38 He is his boss in a parallel universe?

    8. Just some guy with a Sword

      Imagine being the WORST version of you among an Infinite amount of parallel universes lmao

    9. YEAR2000 Zero

      Plot twists at its finest

    10. Mark346533243

      I didn't know that there was a Troopers reboot. Nice. I should have expected them all to be faking it...

    11. Jake Sandland

      0:38 ladies and gentleman. *J0T4R0 THE DESTROYER DROID* NOW WE GOT 2 JOJO REFERENCES WITH D10 AND NOW J0T4R0

    12. BoRaiChoWins

      Troopers is amazing..... I love these so much

    13. Owl

      That's legit true 😄

    14. Brock Broughton

      Larry is Dreadlord in a parallel universe. I would pay money for a series where that happens.

    15. XYcat

      2:26 I can't be the worst Larry

    16. Bill Barker

      phantom of the opera

    17. YeetMC

      I feel bad for ruining this but. 421 comment

    18. Connor Lonergan

      Well one of them is correct

    19. Shamali Wijegunawardhana

      Soooo...every Larry is the worst Larry?

    20. Keshav Srivastav

      I love this one like the orginal ones!!...HOWEVER I DIDNT LIKED THE REBOOT LIVE ACTION

    21. Cosmic Element

      I wish it was the originals😭

      1. Spoodermann

        One of the voice actors is the original one but larry isnts the original i think

    22. Blue Collar Men Productions

      What fantastic ending twist

    23. Alfred Christanto

      Basically Larry is just worst.

    24. Noah Russel

      They all where the worst larry

    25. Victory does Stuff

      Just found out troopers came back, kinda

    26. Perry Cave

      I just started watching this series and I freaking love it

    27. Billy Morgan

      Wish this would come back in live action. Didn't care for the bigger budget reboot.

    28. Catherine

      This is actually super reassuring. All my alternate "better" selves are just fucking liars

    29. H.yYo0h [ex-infamous]]

      do power rangers version 😆🤣

    30. C M

      The Next Mandalorian episode lookin' good!

    31. Just one Tree


    32. Jay

      Love that this is back.

    33. Jett


    34. Nitrosus

      I’m so glad you brought this series back

    35. DocMedCraft

      did they change the actors

    36. Jacob Nelson

      This channel feels dead

    37. NewhamMatt

      Who is playing Larry? I think Rich is Brennan.

    38. laggy explosions

      Larry is the only constant between multiverses

    39. John Woods

      “Deven Eleven” Kevin Levin

      1. Sampuran Banerjee

        Kevin "ETHAN" levin

    40. BizKwikTwist

      I love these

    41. Tate McArthy

      They brought in cartoon, Yes!

    42. Adrian Fuentes

      It just isnt the same unless sam and josh is the voices of rich and larry

    43. Blackishsheep91

      I’m picturing this in live action

    44. Frosty YT

      Larry: I DONT KNOW THOSE PEOPLE!! Other trooper U r ThOsE PeOpLe

    45. lee jay Funk

      So does Vader find the di@k in a bag? Lmao

    46. ExtremeTM


    47. Technically Speaking


    48. Robert Patrician

      Was a generic sketch up until the end, and then it became gold.

    49. Gandalf der Graue

      And thats why I m not on social media. :'D

    50. Chamath Lakmal M Jayasundara

      Oh....where where ur channel this all time....😎😎😎🤭🤓🤯🤯....i found this type of youtube channel all of my LIFE...THANKS BROS....😍😍😍😎😎💪💪🤙✊👊

    51. builderdude9

      this is the type of videos i want to watch then change mymind and watch something i wanna watch

    52. Garfield Sans

      Wow it rly has been 8 years

    53. IAJ MEDIA

      Poor Larry 😂

    54. Ivan Petrov

      Am pretty sure Larry want to screw himself.

    55. 꿀잠꿀잠

      Do you know Redd Coin? Red Coin is a community coin that tips good works on social media.😘😘

    56. Phoenix

      did college humor.... die?

    57. שר הביטחון של אורי ורד

      "corporate needs you to find the differences between this picture and this picture: A. CollegeHumor opening B. the you know what hub opening "there are the same picture

      1. שר הביטחון של אורי ורד

        And i'm not saying sorry

    58. Álvaro Kadeem

      What a good way to learn English! I'm glad the channel's videos has subtitles😀 I love the content, this channel is AMAZING

    59. true6

      why is this channel still a thing

    60. Stranger Danger

      Really good! But slow it down. The pacing in OG Troopers let the jokes breathe like a real conversation. Excited to hear my second favourite space soldier idiots again.

    61. HomeboyDino

      So he’s jerry?

    62. Tyreece Baker


    63. It's Devin J.


    64. King Blöb

      I think this channel is botted

    65. Zachary Aparicio

      I thought I wasn’t subscribed, then realized I was. Where the new videos at? Two in one month? Wow

    66. Herman Wong

      troops... is BACK?!?!?!

    67. unlivedsoup

      Was watching dinosaurs office and realized the trooper on the right is Terry

    68. Churki Tudu


    69. Trav Pots

      Good job

    70. Jason Bryant

      More, please!

    71. ikonik morgan

      Ok then

    72. Mike Rodriguez

      (Me halfway through realizing that this is a parody of Larry the Stormtrooper) wait that's illegal

    73. Kcrash

      i miss troopers

    74. Double C

      Your freakin hilarious

    75. Riley Marsh

      Guys I’m desperate what is the name of the sketch where (i think it’s Zach) moves to an apartment for college and theirs demons in the closet and his roommate paints at night to try and stop them from escaping but then he hangs himself so zach takes up the job

    76. Rapscallion

      Is this channel dead?

    77. donovan blake

      rip in pieces

    78. Liquid Serpent

      "The Least Successful Larry in the Multi-verse" Man I felt that.

    79. Kai Park

      0:30 did he just scratch his helmet

    80. Mohamed Khan

      I miss troopers. Make more of these please

    81. Devin

      They are all the worst.

    82. Rizal Albar

      Compare and Despair. We asian already do that with our parents though. It just, we divide the part. Our parents do the compare and we do the despair.

    83. Ian Rands

      how tf yall support multiple employees and animators for so long when this channels not touched a million views in like a year yall work for free?

    84. Vee

      Imma just say it, “Parallelogram” is the ultimate wordplay

    85. n1ko

      I just love these two. Especially Larry. Thanks guys.

    86. Josh Creator GALAXY

      Make Google Guys in Space.

    87. 12th Commerce Fun

      Why 80k views but 14 million subs?pls explain.

    88. Robbie Keen

      Love seeing new posts from you guys

    89. Riess Anderson

      Star war I like star war ! Star war funnie !! Star war

    90. SirMiguel328

      Wonder what it would be like if they did a Warhammer thing??

    91. Jackson Slocum

      That was... shockingly deep

    92. Treble0096

      *Expands the video information and sees FOLLOW THE CAST* Oh! Did everyone get hired back? That would be awesome!

    93. Eliel Legarreta

      love the idea of animations coming back, yet i hated this particular one. Nice?

    94. Simon Meadows

      a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one

    95. Technically Speaking


    96. Tyler Kloever

      This series was one of, and still is, my favorite IRvision series of all time. It's going to take some time getting used to it being animated.

    97. Cole

      Someone forgot where they heard the name “Devin eleven” and committed accidental mini plagiarism against ben 10

    98. Pedro Rosa

      Glad the They are back.

    99. Nour Shokr

      Yes you guys are doing anime again.

    100. NinjaBearFilms

      Just remember, there are 14 million other universes where the avengers didn’t defeat Thanos.