Death By Space (Troopers Animated)


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    When Dreadlord closes a door (leading to the void of space), he opens a window (also to space).
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    1. MShamir

      Warning: episode contains nudity.

    2. Celestael

      It's so hard to find good help these days....

    3. Tharush Somashekar

      I still miss the old ones.... Just 3 characters.... Good script.... Cheap production.... Funny.... Not boring

    4. George Gerardi

      The "private bathroom" bit was the best part!

    5. dseb99

      This is like China: you're so replaceable that if you don't comply or aren't bought out then they just get the next person in

    6. Prozy Studios

      can someone tell collegehumor captions guy to use exclamation marks once in a while?

    7. Blueberry Pitbull

      Make more furry force!

    8. NIKSOM

      only legends remember predator animation

    9. Blarnix

      Damn, CH is on life support.

    10. Tech Help Portal Extras

      Whens the sequel to this called death of CH by politics

    11. Donald Crumb

      With the new Space Force I heard America was building their very own Death Star...and the rebels are going to pay for it

    12. Cringlez

      wtf happened to this channel, bring back pre-2017 College Humour.,

    13. General Dropkick

      My job is to open and close doors

    14. Duke Jackson

      Way to kill a channel. These animations are trash compared to the writer/actor sketches.

      1. MrSeanfish

        I wonder if there’s maybe something happening in the world now that might make it a tad difficult for people to meet in person to do sketches for a IRvision channel.

    15. Gary Daelemans


    16. The Hound of Heaven

      It's so typical nowadays bit still dissapointing to see how a once known & respected channel fall from grace. 14 million subscribers and barely any views ever. For years and years now. It's objectively conclusively undeniably UNFUNNY. Bought by a woke legion of degenerates. Another one bites the dust. Get woke go broke is real.

    17. Gamer Quan

      1:03 General I am aghast 🤣😔

    18. The Mr.W Channel

      When you bring back Adam ruins everything please cover this topic:The 27 club

    19. Billy Norris

      This sucks.

    20. Monkeyman TL

      You can’t just keep ejecting all your problems away

    21. Xarcov

      Yall really fell off after you started getting political in your content. Such a shame, really liked you guys.

    22. Global Warrior

      Tik Tok CEO video plz

    23. Triệu Nguyễn SB

      Helo thank you

    24. Animated Stats

      As always on top 🔥 Are there sports fans here?)

    25. Connor Wright


    26. Brandon Wells

      Please can we get a Gorilla Glue CEO saying their products are not hair care products

    27. PineapplePeanutButter

      What are happening to Collegehomor ? Why there is no live shoot video / comedy sketch anymore ??

      1. Mysterious YouTuber

        I don’t know if you have noticed, but there’s a bit of a virus going around in the U.S.

    28. ShadowHumor

      When leftists make jokes. -failed channel lol

      1. Mynthon

        can't meme

    29. Wyndham Coffman

      It may be more expedient to kill them instead of healing them. But basic training alone is really expensive; it might actually be able to accomplish more evil, by not being evil to his own troopers.

    30. David Wilber

      this channel has gone way down hill. goodbye

    31. Andrew Hastings

      Vader be looking thicc 😳

    32. Ruben g

      This thing is not funny

    33. Mr Grimmbo

      Whoops. You got a human face in my non human face show

    34. Aviraj Pandey

      We need furry force back plz

    35. Extol

      Keep going you guys

    36. Traig jr's master channel

      Can you make dinosaur office session 2? Plz?

    37. Leroy Hayes

      Remember when you guys were funny and had millions of views per video within a week? Those were good times, huh.

      1. Bepino Stromboli


    38. litngfan4life

      Next video should be called "why college humor sux and their video watches are below people with 1/15th their subs". Punchline... because no one wants shitty "woke" comedy. You guys should really start a late night show. You already get the same level of views, but you could at least get a laugh track and built in Applause signs.

    39. Angel Adriel

      Lol this channel is dead

    40. Lorvick

      College Humor has more views than the population of earth

    41. YSN Clixš

      Who’s here after watching a girl get slammed?

    42. What ?

      Dam rlly miss the old videos

    43. 探险家李The explorer li

      Primitive tribal adventures are more dangerous

    44. Jimmy Owens

      Evil but efficient way to avoid debts and rule through fear Dread Lord is a genus

    45. Dominic Lenguyen

      Hey my name is Dominic

      1. Jimpa

        hey Dominic my name is Jimpa

    46. Ji-Woo

      Remember when CH was funny

    47. Meatball Man

      So is this what college humor does? They just reupload shit that they didn't make? And nobody cares?

      1. HokuCy

        They made this tho...

    48. Marcos Asis Rodriguez

      One of my favourite series!! Yeay troopers 🙌🙌

    49. Lia Noer

      make among us parody please😗

    50. The Anime Encyclopedia

      Can we start a petition to have this replace the throwing the guy out of the board meeting meme?

    51. Logan Allec

      plot twist: they all pull a princess leia and survive

      1. Triệu Nguyễn SB


      2. Mafic

        That event was bs anyway

    52. kauzey

      Among Us

    53. The Red Man

      So that's how he managed to make the death star (without going bankrupt)

    54. Nuparth Chaudhry

      Dafuq is with this channel and troopers wha- wha- what happened I mean wha

    55. dilblo fagbins

      remember when collegehumor was funny Pepperidge farm remembers

    56. Luke Enks

      remember when they did skits? this is just lazy now

      1. Riel O97

        Shut up luke

    57. gr8hax

      Either they depicted Dread Lord as Trump, "Your Fired!". In the office boardroom. Or as Steve Jobs, "Your Fired! ", after an elevator ride, cafeteria, walking by, etc.

    58. NYC Ruthless

      The officer flying out got me laughing Edit: General not officer

    59. RJ Ehlert

      Nice and funny.

    60. TheRMeerkerk

      You have to admit that it was pretty clever of Dreadlord to hire separate contractors, so he could eliminate both with trap doors made by the other. This is not Dreadlord btw. I definitely did not... I mean Dreadlord did not hack someone's account to tell myself... I mean to tell Dreadlord how smart I am..... I mean how smart Dreadlord is.

    61. tremor3258

      Dread lord has a pretty solid evil laugh.

    62. random person lol

      Death by Spa(ce)

    63. xrztn tine


    64. Jeremiah Hebert


    65. Famu


    66. Aran Samus

      I really miss the IRL skits...

    67. Willium Amadeus

      Click play all and read the URL by the way it might not work anymore.

    68. feqan


    69. 16 Frederick Hidayat

      I'm sorry to ask this, is collegehumor really dying ? I'm so sorry hear this

      1. Steven Sanchez

        Yeah, they collapsed hard. To be honest, their content was noticeably getting less mainstream.

      2. Dinidu Samaranayake

        From what I heard their parent cimoany sold them, and many people lost their jobs. Sucks

    70. Rae Rae

      Can you guys do a United Airlines CEO video? And a Corona Beer CEO video?

    71. Dominic Nardini

      I am a clever fox

    72. Galaxy 54

      Nooooo I’m done 🤣

    73. no

      1:51 middle

    74. Mighty Mapper Nation

      Can't beat the original. I still count this as the original. :) good work.

    75. crash cash kid

      These remind me of tomska

    76. Unknown Wilfred

      Rip college humor

    77. Dominic Jackson

      1:25 Hey! That's my name!

    78. Vellzi

      Spacing more people than rock-hopping Belters.

    79. Kamenrider Shaman

      I love the cartoon version, so much more fun.

    80. 00fendi franklin

      The hhh Holmes is heavy with this one

    81. lexxstrum

      A funny alternate ending would be Dreadlord needing to use the Restroom, and not sure if that was one of the airlocks or not.

    82. Zachary Erickson

      I expected the Spa to lead to space. Oh wait it does.

    83. jeremy fishcer


    84. jeremy fishcer


    85. SpiderSparta56

      Best episode EVER. Troopers is the my fav. I love you dropout gang

    86. Carlo Castillo

      Every goddam door got me HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    87. Sarah Whitehead

      I love the voices in this series, who are they?

    88. Anthony Thatcher Churchill Eden Rees-Mogg

      Officially unsubscribed after the disgusting and cowardly comments and actions of Siobhan Thompson on Twitter. Goodbye, and I won’t miss you.

    89. Zoey Cook

      We want wtf 101 season 2 please

    90. Dragomir Stijovic

      Hey CH, why aren't you mocking current POTUS? You literally have material for mini series for everything he said and done during his time in politics and definitely as president for the past month. I really like when you are making fun of politicians, it would be a shame to stop now.

    91. animeGurU

      Death in Space, well that Trooper went on a Space odyssey!

    92. Asomecraft55

      Right when i thought they wernt gonna kill the last guy he gets yeeted

    93. MissMatteoni

      These are so good

    94. retluoc

      Oh yes, I'll investigate...let's see... They were blown into outer space, where they froze, died, and exploded...probably in that order. 😄 Edit: Someone gave me a thumbs up but one of my stalkers negated it. Whoever it is needs to have a seat...have a seat right over there. 😄

    95. Traig jr's master channel

      I stinking love dinosaur office! Make more!

    96. Xd Naenaesan

      rip college humor

    97. ptlacour

      I like that Dread lord just wanted the last guy to have a trip to the spa. It was the last contractor who killed the last trooper.

    98. gijs J

      I missed this

    99. Matt Hay

      We need a Robinhood CEO video.

    100. David Gilmore

      Watching it here because Dropout isn’t working again.... :(