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    1. 3Dor2D

      Sadly buying followers is basically a common practice.

    2. Dukky

      "No toenails" wtf

    3. lilyorlili

      Has it been long enough that i can say this was inspired by Caroline Calloway?

    4. decent gaming

      Mmm crouton salad, yum

    5. Ravenwing W

      How do you buy followers? 🤔🤔

    6. Lee Woo-Jin

      I thought this is how people always act on social medias?

    7. Nick B

      Literally got an ad for a "Instagram growth" consulting firm on this video, lol.

    8. Conclave Cabal

      ...no toenails

    9. Sam Laufer


    10. George M

      she wants to eat your lizard

    11. decent gaming

      Crouton salad

    12. Thabo Baloyi

      You did get pics?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    13. White Skull

      These sketches are coming out when the general public is more 'aware'. I hope they somehow make a major comeback because this is a great time for these highly produced, and while sometimes off, thoughtful and self aware slice of life sketches.

    14. Dd S-k


    15. Will C

      2:33 this only applies for creatives???? Learn other marketable skills????? And maybe you dont need to rely on your personal brand????

    16. Mic k

      Bitcoin and feet pics lol

    17. L B

      Wow, this is pretty relevant today in the election cycle...

    18. BEMW Kodiak

      Imagine paying for health care

    19. Series Consideration

      "...crocs..." *shudders*

    20. SIStefanov

      bitcoin and feet pics XD XD XD

    21. Megacon

      *Social_Distancing.exe has crashed*

    22. DaweiDawei Bljat

      i will never understand people who r on instagramm. Ever.

      1. Grace

        It's actually useful to talk to people but influencers are weird

    23. LoLunicorns Aj

      why are they being mean about it? i would just support her and be like yes that is what i would do too

    24. Cybernoid200

      bring back putting the writer, director, etc. in the description. I need to know who to blame

    25. Noodle

      Why does allie have a deeper voice than me

    26. brett Smith

      So are people cults now? Followers. Content for the followers?


      My lizard died on my 10th birthday ;-;

    28. Jay R


    29. Consciousness


    30. alZiiHardstylez

      I can't believe I'm about to say it but this was an alright sketch. I usually just hate on Collegehumor because of how much I loved them before like 2015 but shit, this wasn't bad.

    31. purplecatlover1825 randompizza

      My mom blocked my phone over the weekend. I am able to briefly go on tik tok and I come back to 99+ notifications HOW I LEFT WITH LIKE 134 FOLLOWERS HOW DID I GET OVER 99+ NOTIFS OVER ONE WEEKEND

    32. Talia Kellegodonoko

      she was talking about the present, but then said she was describing a dystopian future. weird. i don't mean too much offense though

    33. Talia Kellegodonoko

      oh shit that's a way of making money

    34. Candid_Vegan

      yup. pretty much

    35. Brandon Wilcox

      Pesto is made of basil in case anyone thought Lily was the only one eating a normal salad

    36. Scott Hendricks

      Wow. This is violently American

    37. SuperWonderBat

      that woman is my sister in spades

    38. speedybine

      girls: OMG why don't i have 10k followers when i post something me gets 1 like on a comment: YEEEEEEAAH BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOY

    39. chihuahua bently

      A storyteller like me... Never a more true statement was said 😂

    40. Pawan Sharma

      Oh bullshit we have more than 100k people between any two points in India 😂😂

    41. Aiden Aidenen


    42. Sage Akporherhe

      Guys! IRvision stopped recommending your content to me and I stopped getting notifications as well for almost two years now I think. I just randomly saw your video on my homepage after I had scrolled way down the page cause I was bored. Anyways, I have the notification bell turned on now. Gosh, I've missed you guys.

    43. LuciusFilmex

      ‘dystopian future’. No, stfu.

    44. tessfishy

      Okay but that last line of the vid from Ally made me do this like guttural laugh spasm and I cramped my lower abs, I love them so much 🦎

    45. Clotted Scream

      She’s definitely serving Moira Rose in this skit

    46. Paxton

      But Allie I don’t want to see videos a week early o want to see a hot babe in the city!

    47. Н. Д.

      Dunno how to laugh at sex slavery jokes and don’t want to learn how to do it.

    48. Aldo

      I don't have a pet lizard or a bag of crickets for a pet lizard... so I guess I can't sign up for Dropout 😢

    49. Frost Sparks

      3:21 And please send me a picture of your lizard I want to see her, I want to see her dance.

    50. Simbot34

      does anyone else see the pictures themselves moving

    51. Captain Hero

      I will take my real 100 IG followers over 15k bought ones any day of the week. People that buy followers are beyond pathetic

    52. mejai israa

      I have really nice feet if anyone is interested

    53. kammutube


    54. Dallin Grimm

      "where jobs are unstable" WOW GUYS, PRETTY ON THE NOSE DONCHA THINK?

    55. Isaiah Harris


    56. Vince Atumac

      This some real sht about personal branding. Brilliant CH! 💯❤️

    57. Rory Christel

      Okay but seriously, don't do crickets. Crickets are disgusting. They shit in their food. They shit in their water. They shit on each other. Get Dubia roaches for your bearded dragon. They can't survive in most households (sry Florida), can't climb, can't jump, and don't do the aforementioned shitting on everything and everyone. They smell SO much better.

    58. sdw1717


    59. scumbag shitposter

      She pisses me off

    60. Edvin Aleksandrov

      thought these man closed?

    61. NoveltyNathan

      I need to buy some of those pics

    62. Leith Gorias

      My first reaction to hearing about foot fetishes is "Ew, weird and gross" but then I remember that I like the shape of tight abs, collarbones, that little divot where the armpit meets the tiddy, certain nose shapes, and that slightly nasal voice tone that both stoners and lesbians tend to have, and I realize I have no right to judge. All these MFs out here fawning over blue hair and it's not even natural, but we go crazy if someone likes feet, which are natural. Social norms are weird and probably not healthy.

      1. dsjgfx xkhrx

        you know I learned at some point in my life to stop judging people to get to know them better I still struggle a little bit here and there but I'm getting there and if I a 17 year old can get there I'm pretty sure you can do that too

    63. Ninja Nerd Student #69

      Has anybody else noticed Lily Du in an Ikea ad?

    64. the reason


    65. ThePsychoMessiah

      Where's Katie when you need her?

    66. DeanRendar84

      The sale's pitches did creep their way into the various campus quads when no one was recording anything, they really were trying to hype brands as people, thats where my reality realized Nothing was why I thought it was. And here we are.

    67. Theo CHENG [10C13]

      i thought lily quit???

    68. i commented

      Ngl we like lily feet pics

    69. Dani Coulter

      ...no... toenails.

    70. Slippy On wii

      Ya thanks Obama

    71. Thisara Hewamanne

      We live in a society

    72. Fixer Upper

      I bought followers but they're all mocking me.

    73. Gabriel Sabourin

      Can I pay for Dropout TV with actual bags of crickets?

    74. Arthur

      remember when CollegeHumor did humor?

    75. Flamena

      I wanna get dropout but can somebody help me out. The price of the subscription on youtube and on the app are different so can someone explain me the difference between the two?

    76. Mr. Jamster

      lets try to get this channel to 15M!

    77. OnlyrushB

      When you simp for Ali but know itll never happen

    78. J. S.

      "personal brand" is code for "I'm probably going to die from an overdose at a young age".

    79. Muyse

      American humor I do not understand .. is it supposed to make me laugh that he has bought followers?

    80. Giacomo Campanelli

      Ending: world is strange

    81. Max

      Wait wasnt collegehoumer Like dead

    82. Alexander M

      I think if this video was shown in 2003 literally none of it would make any sense

    83. Host

      Why does lily look like doja cat tho

    84. Luke Faulkner

      1:34 why will no-one buy my fire products 😭

    85. Jason Gastrich


    86. Infinitas

      Huh, I didn't know people that like feet pics would be so specific. Not judging, just genuinely kinda surprised.

    87. Lady Shikibu

      And here I thought it was going to be a socially cogent skit about how people of color on insta suddenly have tons and tons of new rando white followers because of the last month of protests!

    88. Liam Sanborn

      I will pay 1 box of crickets. Well I eat about 80% of your crickets and return your change.

    89. FisforFenton

      that's gross I can't believe she sold feet pics, where would she even have done that at like what is the name of the website that would buy and post those so I can not go to it.

    90. Feed Backing

      I wish this was me... or wait... no.

    91. David Roland

      Bitcoin and feet pics. The true currency

    92. Tiedyed Owl

      “Because we live in a craven, transacting driven society where jobs are unstable and you are only worth as much as your personal brand, so if you can’t sell yourself then you might not be able to afford health insurance.” Damn. True and depressing. Best comedy is mixed with tragedy. 😪

      1. SeanEee

        @Prism Volt well yea, the world sucks, but its not like everyone's out to get you

      2. Prism Volt

        @SeanEee It's been six months since you last posted on this comment section. Yeah, so, anyway, the world actually sucks much more than you think. We're lucky we get to live in the west but even then.

      3. SeanEee

        @Prism Volt good you?

      4. Prism Volt

        @SeanEee Ey my dude, how have you been?

      5. SeanEee

        @Prism Volt and?

    93. Ben Wiseman

      "Toenail no toenail"

    94. firstname lastname

      Mmm soup

    95. cesar rangel

      This sketch sucked

    96. Blue Star

      RIP college humor

    97. Vollmond


    98. xvp08

      Oh I have like a ton of followers on insta 90 yr: what's insta

    99. #justyoutube youtube

      good info the channel cplet cooking....tq...

    100. قناة الرشد

      He entered a IRvision channel and my abbey Monastery