If Google Was a Guy (Quarantine Edition Full Series)


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    Every episode from the quarantine version of If Google Was a Guy, animated so that we could produce the series safely and without putting anyone at risk. Be well and stay safe!
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    1. CollegeHumor

      text us (310) 496-8371

      1. Levi Schaefgen


      2. When You


      3. E Louis

        @Anime Anime ASL. :-))

      4. Strong Box of matches

        But why are college humor and slipknot putting text us in the comment section on their vids

      5. oddboi23

        don't want to

    2. Gaming Geckos

      1:58 See, that _IS_ a real thing. Somehow.

    3. Michael Hall

      Yo that myan dyslexia thing seems legit

    4. SomeoneHumanMan ㅤ

      When Incognito guy

    5. Thepvpgod 275 Mc✔️

      7:47 me too, I was actually thinking that lol.

    6. Joshna Frank

      'Good News, I'm the Internet' - Google

    7. Alexandra Sashie TAUBERT

      Can google be my friend, he seems like a nice guy.

    8. ctythanhlong02 a

      too relatable

    9. Dimbutdark

      0:41 now this guy is asking the deep questions

    10. A Phsychopath

      The quarantine in Greece just a week ago ended

    11. mạnh đỗ

      Imagine if google actually talks to you like how he talks to the blouse

    12. ken

      Suprised they didnt make a 177013 joke

    13. I love loona and I forever will

      HEY , great news, Im the internet things change and so does google man

    14. LightLock

      how fucking accurate was that 2021 thing wtf. Like legit that's when quarantine ended where I live

    15. VidKris

      Myans dyslexia? 😂

    16. Matyt

      google translate: "with water wirst and then with soul"

    17. Gameknight

      pls help what are the songs at the end of the second and third episodes of this because I need to find those (they sound really good I don't like fancams or tiktok don't cancel me pls) (then again nobody cares about me either way lmao)

    18. Ihle

      3:12 Got some Sakura Miko vibes. Stay home!

    19. Micha Da cute cat

      oh well, this is kinda 12 minutes worth time of laughter for me tho. just before the end of the world. some of scientists predicts that the apocalypse begun in 2045 . but yeah , life is worth to be alive. i don't think i'll put up my ass on frustrating & sorrowful state of realms.Even if it is happening right now. Simply put, let's just keep pretending that we're all just fine :)

    20. Dominic Pizzuti

      Aged well

    21. Alghifar 1954


    22. Athenz Minz

      manz said sexy hazmat suits. I like, I likey much and I think he's on to something. Also, tiktok man go hard lmao

    23. Ryan Wood

      "this says 2 months... this says 6 months... and this says 2021..." oh god.... its been soo long... uugh

    24. Lexi Sena

      4:58 me when I get into a new series

    25. Jonathan Ingravalle

      We definitely need a part 4 with all the issues of the various lockdowns still going on, vaccine rollouts, 5G causing covid conspiracy, etc.

    26. Odd World Gaming

      Why does everything funny have to have a bias political view

    27. d'Altagnan

      ...Is he saying "Gambling on Marble Olympics" at 6:02? Is Jelle's getting a shout out from College Humor?

    28. Rizky Haykal

      That Mayan Dyslexia got me thinking hard at 3 AM

    29. pokeguy1p

      I love this series

    30. The gaming Seal

      My patients is longer than grain of sand falling longer than the deepest hold ever

    31. vimci • 5 years ago •


    32. Joel Norris

      Not as funny

    33. The EnderHunter

      "Mayans dyslexia?" "Ohhhhh shiiiiii-..."

    34. vimci • 5 years ago •


    35. Otacun Chuma


    36. Klipz _

      You should do if auto correct was a guy

    37. Brainhorn

      Somehow only just learning about this. At least I can marathon it

    38. E Louis

      By animating this, you've made it funnier than it could have ever been with a live person! Keep up the hilarity. Thanks!!!

    39. supriyo chakraborty

      disappointed can't nearly compare with originals that were great.


      omg there's more I loved this series so much

    41. Mohamad Ali Al-aaraji

      searcher: how to kill child with fork, FBI: 😎😎 searcher: how to kill child with fork git, FBI: 😪😪

    42. MantsLife

      I need how to feel normal, since I'm not normal help me!

    43. Shhs Shshsh

      Quarantine edition sucks why isn’t google screaming or going crazy he’s too calm

    44. h4lf_gr33k

      This is such a propaganda piece

    45. The Weekly Dose Of Gaming

      “Good news, I’m the Internet.”

    46. Deacon Ho

      The last joke was godly

    47. a liquid cat

      if wikipedia was a person or if brainly was a person

    48. Doiyi

      you forgot the refrence picture artists search on google, they're completly random

    49. Enrico Cvik


    50. CyanBrile P Torres

      They were right 2021

    51. Carbon Gaming

      COVID 19 real? NO I MEAN… To late

    52. Rin's Everything

      This is a perfect historical account

    53. Just Shimby

      green shirt girl is my "oh right its ok to [insert here] sometimes" reminder

    54. Rd Vijay

      The second google realised she somoned tiktok

    55. Thomas Gardner

      So............. 791 people who disliked this...... why?

      1. Username Here

        It ain’t funny

    56. Quinntus79

      We’ve never gone through anything like this before in modern society. 1918 would beg to differ.

    57. The Real Dark Shadow

      *Not that creative* -Google Guy, 2021

    58. Exitum

      $1200 for essentials like rent and food, what a laugh

    59. Shervin.J Doppler

      It would be better if it had subtitle.

    60. RyaN1T5R

      It’s normal to not feel normal Yes, the floor isn’t made of floor

    61. RyaN1T5R

      ! but for quiet

    62. Doomguy46

      "2021 I have longer" oh no

    63. Kittyfoxwolf

      what do you- oh shhhh-

    64. Matthew Ryan

      got me at gambling on marble-lympics... I have watched too many marble-lympics... jelles marbe runs are the best

    65. AndyGG1

      Did someone realize that Google looks like Vsauce? lol, i'm not surprised.

    66. Daniel Smith

      So how much longer are we gonna flatten the curve?

    67. daniel patterson

      2:03 this did not age well

    68. Senderbro

      2:55 I was dying when google went off on him😂😂💀💀

    69. Dat White Boi Player2

      Where's the joke in this?


      3:19 yoooo this got deep

    71. Daniel Lee

      3:14, 7:26 for those who wanted the more wholesome vibes

    72. Cobalt Prime

      This channel still exists?

    73. Hana Ahmic

      To be honest weit you all I only use google for school

    74. Steven Goold

      Green shirt lady is a bummer

    75. Tao

      “college fund for sourdough starter” LOL

    76. Ya boy Jeky

      Ever thought of making "If google was a girl"?

    77. King Treedede

      10:51 sus

    78. Google Homepage

      Haha :)

      1. Google Homepage

        Quarantine Really Does Suck! Stay safe everybody!!

    79. MystMicro

      but are they elephants?

    80. Doc Darlin

      May 2021, I've quarantined, social distanced and masked for over a year. Now fully vaccinated, and the we're still in precautions b/c atleast half of this nation are selfish, stupid pricks.

    81. Nordic

      Covid numbers are grossly inflated....

      1. Doc Darlin

        your brain is massively deflated

    82. Kamari333


    83. ctt61999

      poor green shirt woman

    84. Nero Longing

      I always go to CollegeHumor to remind myself that there are actually sane people on earth in 2021

    85. Robdoggierob

      Jesus christ I always knew CH was woke. But this shit is bad.

    86. Heath Doheny

      What will the 3WS during the pandemic Were are facemask Wash your hands watch your distance.

    87. Heath Doheny

      It's quite sad that no 1's following the flat Curb theory.😢

    88. ConorCL92

      So much for flattening the curve

    89. Anuruddha Ayesha

      You Don't know How muchI like this... Watch this via Facebook every day! Thanks CH!

    90. E C

      The hilarious thing is ammo actually did get higher demand and manufacturing ground to a halt because of lack of parts. It's not really a stretch.

    91. the banana ninja

      "hey, great news. I'm the internet"

    92. Jacob Watson

      Good news im the internet

    93. Zak B

      3 months later and millions of vaccines later: 60,000+ new infections, almost 1,000 new deaths. today. alone.

    94. Grace Carol

      This is boring and patronizing.

    95. Nathan0324

      Leftist virtue signaling at its finest, everyone!

    96. Sonic The Hedgehog

      So recommended stay home

    97. BNN

      People are so fucking soft and afraid these days. The pandemic is nothing to worry about. Humanity had to deal with all sorts of terrible shit forever. Only in our comfy modern world would we cower to this Covid and comply with these unlawful arbitrary lock down measures that have crippled the international economy and spirit.

      1. dobby caused the Financial crisis of 2008

        What do you think the real goal is

    98. Oleg Gavrilov

      First video where google guy is actually the dumb one. I mean, come on, did all that stayathome helped you with anything?

    99. Rai Fouts

      All the toilet paper... Google: looks theres no need to hoard anything anymore ALL THE BEANS... Extra refrigerator? Google: well that's not too bad TO HOARD VACCINES!!! Lmao this had me splashing

      1. Rai Fouts

        Screwed it up fck o.o

    100. peepee poopooman

      Wait a min did he say scp 500? 1:52