Every Dinosaur Office Ever (Compilation)


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    If you've ever wondered "What if dinosaurs had boring office jobs?", here's your answer.
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    1. Eomer Van Dyck

      for some reason that particular stop motion animation style gives me Aardman vibes.

    2. HT4

      I remember this on 3Ds

    3. RalseiPlayz DE

      Their voices are a new way of torture they're testing on us

    4. WantedApple14

      I'm gonna be on my death bed, and the last thought that'll cross my mind will be. " Man sure wish I didn't spend 33 minutes and 13 seconds watching this IRvision video."

    5. KoroKoro Void

      These were always good.

    6. Orange Creamsicle

      he straight up murdered todd in cold blood

    7. Kriptic Lunar

      lmao never remembered this to be so violent

    8. Mikey’sHairStraightners _

      It seems everyone watched this on their DS but me.....

    9. jayden ea sports fan 2021

      Oh my sos story 3

    10. Kawliga Branson

      I remember watching this on my old 3ds, I miss those days

    11. LeKinq


    12. AquabotStudios


    13. Pascual Figueroa

      MEMORIES 😀

    14. keith epicc

      I watched this back in like november and me and my bro and cousin were playing our own version

    15. william white

      Who else came here from they're 3ds

    16. Logan

      Bruh I haven't thought about this shit since I had my 3ds

    17. Traig jr's master channel

      32:06 don’t you mean drinking coffee and eating candy?

    18. Traig jr's master channel

      You forgot about volcano drill.

    19. Turian Hustle

      The older Dino’s talk like THIIIIIIS cause it’s so OOOOOLD

    20. Spoopaz

      The only reason why I bought the 3ds

    21. AscendtionArc

      surprisingly fun, thanks for this.

    22. heatherc744

      You now what, I just went on my 3Ds today and I saw this when I was a little kid and I was like...damn...memories...I also found Animal Crossing New Leaf but that’s besides the point. Anyways, I went on to IRvision and searched dinosaur office and I don’t regret this at all. Thank you 3Ds

    23. Traig jr's master channel

      Shela is my favorite character

    24. DemiTheVampireKing

      I used to watch this before my 3ds...

    25. Random Otaku

      Wasn't this on the 3ds

      1. Raptor Daptor47


    26. Avinaba Mandal

      POV it's winter and it's 2013. You are on in your3 Nintendo 3DS

    27. Jaycen Rosario

      remember when collegehumor was funny? me neither.

      1. Lucas Buonopane

        this is very funny wot you mean?

    28. TL

      CollegeHumor made this?!

    29. Larry Southern

      I am going back to work...On noooo..I have to take a flu shot fiu shot first.. Never mind...yipeeeeeeeee!!!


      I H A V E D I A B E T E S

    31. e2her

      anyone remember this on the 3DS?

    32. Red Circle

      My 3ds broke :(

    33. BrokenLimit

      This was my favorite show to watch on my 3DS

    34. Certain People

      "Men are such ANIMALS!" Love this line

    35. tibba r

      I’m CrAig!!!! *DINOSAUR SCREECHES*

    36. Len Aga Rossi

      Wait what? WHAT!

    37. champ vasquez

      Hey CollegeHumor, You Forgot These Following Episodes. 1. Volcano Drill 2. Valentine's Day Special 3. Halloween Spooktaculrawr 4. Thanksgiving Special

    38. champ vasquez

      Hey CollegeHumor, You Forgot These Following Episodes. 1. Volcano Drill 2. Valentine's Day Special 3. Halloween Spooktaculrawr 4. Thanksgiving Special

    39. MDMister

      It could never have been done today despite not even being 10 years old.

    40. dearrisbegaming

      One day i was thinking about dinosaurs and i said "OMG BRO DINOSAUR OFFICE"i never went sk fast on youtube because i remember i used to play on the 3ds and i would watch it over and over again

    41. Zolan 0501

      Dinasour Office Fan Fiction : After Terry eats the sales department he rampages into the Craig’s office. With the utmost cannibal irreverence, Terry excretes his slain subordinate unto the floor- it smells like morning blueberry dysentery. The terror of witnessing carviverous massacre and denigration of their dead, sets into Craig and his coulleges. Terry says “keep up the hard work”, and wipes his DEEPLY his own ass with his tail, LIKE A BOSS!!! :p

    42. Angry BirdsRedberto / Universal Animation 2016 ///


    43. Angry BirdsRedberto / Universal Animation 2016 ///


    44. Angry BirdsRedberto / Universal Animation 2016 ///


    45. Angry BirdsRedberto / Universal Animation 2016 ///

      23:34 I NEED 4 COFFEES!!, HAZELNUTS!!

    46. Dashie Dash

      Nintendo video I saw this on my 3DS In 2012 in January

    47. Owen C

      Who plays these characters? I feel like the actors are on the tip of my tongue

    48. Rex Wrecks

      You’d think this series being a big advertisement for the 3ds video function; it would’ve gotten at least one 3ds game.

    49. sabotabo

      can we all agree that Nintendo video was a really strange idea, let alone showing an office comedy to kids?

    50. WiggletonTheWise

      Why is this sooooo funny it makes no sense

    51. Kalicosu

      When a new season?

    52. Vilma Martinez

      Omg i wasn’t expecting to find my childhood on IRvision today

    53. Renni


    54. Dr. heims

      Dam this gives me nostalgic I haven’t watched this since my 3ds.

    55. Summah The *Vegan*


    56. Danny Westbrooks

      Pure Nostalgia at it's finest

    57. PanDorA

      The "rawr" in the captions sounded differently

    58. Lindy D

      Not every episode ever. Where are the Halloween and Xmas specials?! They were the BEST... been looking for them for years. Plz plz plz post them!

      1. Lindy D

        Sorry my bad it was actually a Thanksgiving special... I accidentally typed Xmas. Anyway those 2 episodes were hilarious! Does anybody remember Craig being dressed as a pumpkin & Shiela calling him a handsome gourd?🤣

    59. Blade/animeKING

      .....emm.. Season 2?

    60. Cool Guy

      They left out the holiday specials and that one episode with a volcano.

    61. Giovanny Caballero

      If you watched this on your 3DS, you won my respect

    62. Prod. Lil Reaper

      3DS days...

    63. tac

      I had this on my 3ds

    64. JoeL

      Most honorable nintendo apps: Dsi shop Wii shop channel Nintendo video Flipnotes hantena

    65. TV AwesomeParodys

      You guys see the game last night?

    66. Traig jr's master channel

      Who is the main character in dinosaur office

    67. HAA Studios

      Dinosaur Office The Movie

    68. Kingpinn02

      I almost never find College Humor's videos funny, but man does this make me nostalgic for those days when I had my 2DS.

    69. Skybound

      I forgot about this show! I LOVED it!


      Me and my 3ds

    71. King 117

      "i hope everyone has insurance!" Lucky I do

    72. mtndewmlganimations and gaming

      i had all of them on the 3DS

    73. The puppet house Show

      Why is everyone screaming

    74. Alano Eckiwardy

      Ong I remember watching this, it’s been like 6 years since I’ve seen this completely forgot about it

    75. purityknight3D

      I can't believe this made it into the Nintendo f****** eShop...

    76. ThatDudeWithBoobs

      I'm glad I wasn't the only one binging this on my 3DS

    77. Dreaming nightmares

      I chuckled not even in college This is lovely

    78. Scandal Central

      I only had like one episode that i’d watch over and over again on my 3ds

    79. Zindrae

      im gonna tell my kids this was Jurassic world

    80. Roblox_blueberry 1234

      This is so funny I can’t😂😂

    81. Tracy the Tasmanian Tiger

      I just noticed the dinosaurs laugh like Tidus from Final Fantasy lol.

    82. NotWithout Consequence

      That red dinosaur DEFINITELY sounds like the video game agent Greeeeeeaaaaat

    83. NewBlueMario1016

      I saw this on my 3DS! Back when Nintendo Video was a thing!

    84. Dragonsareback

      They were eating each other for no reason lmao

    85. NotBen

      Does anyone else remember the Thanksgiving Episode on the 3DS?

    86. Kate Elliott

      So much nostalgia

    87. Moose Ears

      I’m just scrolling through the comments. Please explain how this video was on the 3DS

      1. Moose Ears

        Okay, thanks

      2. Roy

        There used to be a program on the original 3ds called Nintendo Video, these shorts were available along with 3 others, a new episode every week until 2015

      3. Obese Rat Man MC

        The shorts were exclusive on the 3DS awhile back, along with other cartoons.

    88. Mark Campos

      The calendar says triassic

    89. Boyfriend FNF

      I remember watching this on my 3DS.

    90. Ian Stuart

      How on earth was this preinstalled on the 3DS?

      1. Kitty

        Fr though, I watched this when I was 7 but- this was like 5 months ago- lol

    91. Joseph Sanchez

      My childhood series’s

    92. Khaotic

      this is great re-watching this forgotten memory but as a child this gave me slight trauma to open up my 3DS and see this LMAO

    93. Grenade Buss

      This was on my 3ds

    94. leannakar

      the triceratops Craig is kind of hot

    95. Danger 2007

      Man I miss my 3ds, anyway off I go to play on my switch

    96. Daud Ahmed

      Holy shit I remember just watching all this on the 3ds brings back so much memories

    97. A Monkey

      I’m stupid, when it said the end on the tv, I went back 5 seconds

    98. Lyrical Wheat

      I remember this on the 3DS

    99. chloerogers

      I wonder if the secretary and nester are related

    100. Skibot99

      I wish the series didn’t end