If Character Stats Worked In Real Life (Troopers: Animated)


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    Larry and Rich try to minmax themselves, which goes about as well as you'd guess.
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    1. CollegeHumor

      +1 (310) 496-8371

      1. Milk-Senpai

        @MrCakeJake worked for me lol

      2. MrCakeJake

        Well that didn't work

      3. Dusssss

        @Santhosh Ravi Raj this is done years ago as well.

      4. fuckin hell

        I put this in my contacts as ???

      5. Milk-Senpai

        @Isaiah The Gamer I sent a cursed picture of me XD

    2. Toilet Sponge

      This is better than the shit remake Atleast.

    3. Glen Senecal

      So they changed Rich's voice actor but Larry stayed the same?

    4. Mika McDonald

      There is a simple solution to all of the problems in this episode, just remove the skill points from others and add them to your own. The strong shall devour the weak. uwu

    5. Landen Willard

      More than 4 on awareness breaks the 4th wall

    6. Rizal Albar

      Is the stats points is same for every troopers or is different for every trooper? Because i think see rich have 12 point and larry is 11.

    7. Delphy

      and thats enough for today lol

    8. Rendom

      Yeah! Old troopers are back!

    9. That Sodding Gamer

      I'd totally want something like that for myself. Situational use. Though I'd like it to be more points with less overall value with each point; makes for better fine tuning. But you know, in that sense couldn't you train stats? Like, work out to add extra points to strength, which you could then transfer over to something else? What if you kept transferring points off and setting strength to low numbers. Would that make gaining points easier? Or would it be like in most games that allow you to enhance stats by doing things, where even if your stat is nerfed by external factors, the training requirement remains as if it's at full base value? Could be a total cheat if it wasn't.

    10. Bayu Aditya H

      3:07 - "We're animated characters in a series…" Wow, fourth-wall!

    11. TheJokesOnYouProductions

      Pretty cool to see Josh Ruben back, even in animated form

    12. Eric D'SOUZA


    13. pan cake

      Awarness:*know the​ truth​ of​ their​ reality*

    14. Batman Barlow

      I guessed he would figure out that he was fake but it was still hilarious 😆

    15. that guy

      Why do I like this more than the original?

    16. Hust91

      With only one intelligence, it makes sense he would think high charisma translates to "being nice" as opposed to extremely effective social skills to convince someone to do what you want - for good or evil. And hey look, he put the loyalty way down, would that include his loyalty to his friends? Did he accidentally a charismatic monster for a few seconds?

    17. kittens R cute

      Is anyone going to mention the extra intelligence that appears for Lary when Rich resets the scores that wasn't there before.

    18. Abyss Paradox

      Somebody please lower my awareness please! At least 100 points down is too high

    19. Logicat


    20. AniEncyclopedia


      1. AniEncyclopedia

        Anyone want me to keep going XD

    21. Trinston Michaels

      Trinston was here.

    22. Nathan Hendricks

      So glad troopers id back

    23. Guywithacamera13

      3:10 to be honest this reboot and first version are best versions ever

    24. Nuke Flower

      fallout lol

    25. Slickrider739

      They know too much

    26. AscendtionArc

      Great sketch. Thanks for sharing it.

    27. just commenting

      What happens if you take away all their awareness?

    28. Super Splint

      I love how they all have 1 Intelligence and 1 Awareness since they're Stormtroopers.

    29. Rebel Greninja • 69 years ago

      we can exploit the system spend all skill points on intelligence except for 1 per bar then we now know how to spend our skill points smart

    30. Stevie A

      How are these animated? I've recently started doing vector work in illustrator and see that after effects plays nicely with vector animation

    31. Vinicius Queiroz

      10/10 Rick and Morty episode!

    32. Nathan Gordon

      This is like West World XD the little control pads which they can alter a host's personality with.

    33. lord mauron Dominator

      I need more Troopers

    34. Blayn Allen

      Not gonna lie the whole time I was waiting for the awareness meter to be brought up and when they finally realized I thought Dreddlord Sinister was going to be standing just offscreen waiting to do something

    35. leo song

      I have found the better Studio C.

    36. So Soft


    37. Simulated Created

      Funny, informative and beautiful.

    38. Brandon Hardesty

      420 comments, I can't ruin that can I? Self awareness - 1...

    39. Udit Barman

      Bring REAL Rich & Larry back please !!!!!

    40. maggPi Prime

      "... in an _animated series????"_ " And thaaaat's enough for today."

    41. TheVegArtist

      Hey, College Humor, your layers for numbers are hidden.

      1. TheVegArtist

        Oh! Never mind. Was kinda hard to tell at first it was number or object based.

    42. It's Mr Grizzly

      Yeah its back

    43. Isaiah The Gamer

      Only aliens know our real stats.

    44. hawk james

      Omg this was sick

    45. The Reprehensible

      Max awareness and suddenly it's Bloodborne.

    46. Pyranders

      Is it just me, or has the writing quality been improving substantially as of late?

    47. Trone Carretero

      I called the number. The dudes name was Sam on the voicemail or whatever you call it.

    48. Anakin Vader

      Gosh, I missed these troopers

    49. Frogsplusdogs22

      They called out the old reboot lol

    50. Xarcov

      You've lost half your popularity because you talked about politics. You guys aren't very bright are you.

      1. SmashMas Yoshisarus

        That is not it they got bought by a new company and lost popularity. When they were in there prime they talked about politics a lot too.

    51. Herman Wong

      The high loyalty keeps them from dropping loyalty bars, while messing with the other stat bars. But at all times, that one intelligent bar drives the human curiosity that makes them wonder what would happen if they put all loyalty into intelligence and become the supreme being. Day after day the human curiosity nags at the back of their head, as their loyalty stops and suppresses all thoughts on the matter. Until one day, they could hold their curiosity no more and dashed all points to intelligence, taking over the starship and usurping dreadnought

    52. Robert Cline


    53. Brett Baker

      Holy shit, glad to see this series back, even if it is animated. My favorite college humor series since Jake and Amir

    54. Jordan

      I dear you to watch this entire video

    55. SletchE

      I hope these stay around!

    56. Markli Moreau


    57. cmd1095

      I really need that tablet to balance out my stats lol.

    58. computernerd1101

      I can't help but notice that the total number of bars doesn't add up to the same number for each person. Some people have a higher allocated total than others.

    59. Sleep Ninja

      Damn animated troopers? that’s the shit I’m into

    60. strathmore

      The return

    61. Barkeeper Kvoth

      The higher you charisma the more high you are

    62. bea cool

      Thaaats enough for today

    63. andyman aus

      I think the entire world needs more intelligence and awareness stats. It wouldn't be pleasant but it sure would fix a lot of the bullshit.

    64. doomguy 900

      I love this animated series of troopers

    65. Raka Maulana

      Wow you never lose the touch huh. Always make me laught

    66. TIMI KING


    67. NewhamMatt

      Isn't this the premise of Hardly Working: The New Girl?

    68. ida


    69. LOGOS non grata est

      Awareness Level Omegaa

    70. LegacyOfABronzePlayer

      Wait couldnt he have changed darth vaders stats?

    71. The Last Prince

      Anything similar to this

    72. Yoda The

      Were the bad guys?!

    73. Shane Taylor

      I really thought increased awareness was going to zoom out and the dread lord is just watching them like "huh"

    74. akash garg

      Beautifully scripted

    75. Pie Guy

      “We’re animated characters in a series that’s been rebooted already?” No, I don’t remember a reboot. A reboot never happened. This series never got rebooted. It went straight from live action to animated. Nothing in between. Nothing in between.

    76. monkmasta eq

      I like how on low int high charisma he became matthew McConaughey

    77. gregoryvn3

      The Meta is strong in this one. I laughed.

    78. Zo2zxV

      1:21 atemberaubend

    79. john loper

      man i love these animated series!

    80. Twelfthman 51

      I love this 😂

    81. Santhosh Ravi Raj

      This is copied from doraemon(Japanese anime) episode

    82. Delvin09

      West world in a nutshell

    83. travis newman

      DAmn ch tanked hard. I believe in u tho

    84. damp song

      Press the like button to say sorry to god

    85. Totally legit YouTube moderator

      I would have stolen the other guys bars in a heartbeat and become a super human.

    86. Fisho D

      The second I saw the avareness bar I though that they will look at the screen and notice they’re cartoons as a 4th wall break.

    87. Maximiliano Shelton

      it's been 2 years and grant hasn't died under the couch

    88. Cool Man

      Where is the next episode of oh no why is this trending

    89. Owen WILLIAMS

      “Wait am I smarter than you know?” “Can’t have that” LOLZ

    90. Xxpenguins912xX

      A nice comment💜

    91. Gummy Grenade

      Wait, I thought you went bankrupt last year? Was the staff rehired and I just can’t find anything about it?

    92. Jeffrey Charbonneau

      I hope you guys don't get canceled I've loved watching ch for years I just found dorkly and love that. I'm praying for you guys

    93. Profanity Andy

      When your character in fallout becomes self aware

    94. like a hero

      I was expecting Dreadlord to appear behind them just as they'd lower their awareness

    95. G AB

      This was the most funniest thing back in the day with to actors.

    96. Slow Poke

      Looks like someone at CH saw the Auralnaughts "existential troopers" sketch

    97. L1FE_L1NE

      Best sketches of 2020????

    98. Zachary Erickson

      3:07 4TH WALL OWNED!

    99. Bayden Hiscocks

      So rebooted twice already...........huh neat

    100. Elion

      I love this series