Troopers vs. Teleporter


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    UberEats in space doesn't work quite as nicely.
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    1. Zachary Mines

      This reminds me can you do tf2 parody pls

    2. Sorcerersupreme007


    3. Idiots Reviewing Stuff

      Bugsnax much?

    4. Mattox Kurtz

      Do fish have genitals? If so, what happened to Anchovy-Larry?

    5. anime lover

      Can we agree on the fact that youtube is getting real easy with these in between video adds

    6. Trinston Michaels

      Trinston was here . .

    7. DracoNick

      He asked for a pizza but what he got was what he needed the most...a helping of a hand

    8. Sir JJ

      Why not teleport the food first, then yourself after?

    9. Legionaru Emanuel

      2:10 captain sauce

    10. Mr. Fevicol

      Hey! There must be something else if there is no cannoli 🌯

    11. Pingus Dingus


    12. tetrofita178

      Bugsnax in a nutshell:

    13. Miguel Hernandez

      Use it by sending food firs then yourself

    14. fenix9922

      Anche un orologio rotto segna l'ora esatto se lo dico io😂😂😂

    15. AscendtionArc

      Yes. Thanks for this.

    16. Dirty Dail


    17. The Ell Train

      question, I teleported bread

    18. Olu Fasoro

      Bugsnax the minishort

    19. Nela Domingo

      I love the series So far I hope more would come

    20. phillydopey productions

      man i hate when they forget the cannoli

    21. Mark346533243

      The cannoli punchline was amazing.

    22. redhoodman 007

      Bruh, all they did was rip off the cofee run from the original troopers series and throw in a teleporter

    23. Alkis Mexis

      This animated series looks like some funny and nostalgic animated videos from the early 2010s.

    24. JoJoTVG

      Why didn't he just send the food in the teleporter lmao?

    25. Tooterbooter

      Don't worry! This doesn't affect combat; only every other aspect of your life.

    26. Renny D'Amico

      When did this channel get fun again?

    27. Dabo 90

      THANK YOU! This is how Troopers should feel like!!!

    28. Waluigi's Bizzare Adventures in Smash Ultimate

      I didn't know that there was a bugsnax crossover.

    29. The Shween

      Are the voices the same actors from the original series?

    30. Emmanuel ugbor

      Define "do"

    31. Justin and the Chingoos

      If only he had this when he got the coffee all those years ago

    32. Ethanosp

      2:10 captainsauce lol

    33. flower 317


    34. Deku 11

      Troopers is my favorite

    35. Line Fro

      this is a copy of larry the stormtrooper

    36. ElevenTwelveFifteenTwentyFour Esoteric


    37. Dank Ice King

      Yay its the old series again!

    38. Club 6

      The dread lord got junk food

    39. ChxckyVFX

      Oh my god this is so funny

    40. Onibyron

      Its is fu'king back? The troopers!

    41. aperture AI#2020

      What's better is that this is not the first time the ceiling has been shot or pierced.

    42. Zax Four

      Captain sauce Camino

    43. Captain Fordo

      I.. Need.... MORE!

    44. steve Jones

      teleporter going up

    45. Mara Dunn

      indirectly honoring Rick May

    46. DEVIL WOLF

      I want that cannoli... give me the cannoli... I want that BWC in my mouth... ( Big Wicked Cannoli )

    47. unlivedsoup

      “What have you been doing soldier” “I’ve been teleporting bread for three days”

    48. Random person

      P i z z a

    49. elecric

      put pizza in teleporter first and then dreadlord takes pizza and then larry goes in

    50. PatootiASMR

      If trump was darth vader

    51. Lilly Dudley

      I ment bugsnax o phacking dammit

    52. Lilly Dudley

      *me seeing the pizza hand:* B U G S A X

    53. Bigbad54

      Teehee teeheee ooga boogaa booga funny spaceman make me laugh

    54. Zain Chupacabra

      Why doesn't he just put the food in by itself?

    55. Father Kratos

      WHY'S IT-... oh right... covid

    56. Kenneth Betancourt

      More of these or bring the originals!!!

    57. Deadlyish

      And worst of all, it just kills you and materialises a copy of you and your pizza at the destination.

    58. Crazmuss

      Why don't they teleport just food without trooper?

    59. Brayden Latrella

      The rise of the budget was not good in my opinion I prefer these

    60. Elizabeth Hays

      Who's playing the troopers who aren't Sam?

    61. Herman Wong

      return of the trooper

    62. Michael Bowens


    63. Jack Gibson

      Put the items in before yourself so you don’t mix

    64. DJ Maysonic

      I'm so happy they brought back the original troopers

    65. Jaidan Brashier

      Wait... Wouldn't that mean that his ding-dong is IN THE BAG?

    66. Sebastian

      Talking 'bout Bugsnax

    67. Parsa Farzinfar

      Creat next episode please

    68. ANGEL S.R.

      Finally you do something funny again

    69. E2B2

      Wait, wouldn’t the cannoli swap...?

    70. jazz

      Who tf puts anchovies in a CAESAR SALAD?!?!?

    71. Teh Bo Jing

      'Before you go, remember these words.' 'Yes, sir?' 'Pasta puttanesca." u got me

      1. Penggaris Stabilo


    72. Halah

      anyone came from the i dare you to watch this vid- just me ok

    73. GREENWOLF 1337

      he didn't teleport bread, and I am highly upset

    74. Parsa Farzinfar

      Next episode please💜😄😅

    75. Ethan os

      Bring back deep space 69

    76. DefiniteMink

      I bet if they teleported cake nothing would change ...

    77. Katherine Grebenc

      Imma watch the whole series now

    78. Music boy


    79. LeCatization

      Why not just send only food through the teleporter.

    80. The Noname Household


    81. Melonoire

      Would he eat it though?

    82. Cosmicdust560

      I feel like the live action component really added a huge level of comedy to the trooper series

    83. Arthur Shaimukhambetov

      Remember back in the old times? When college humour would make decent content? (Batman, Google guy, Adam ruins) Ah, good times

    84. 100k Subscriber with 100 videos Challenge

      Great video loved it Keep it up Good work sir 🌹🌹🌹👌👌👌

    85. El Q7

      Remember the prototype video?

    86. Alkis Mexis

      This series is so funny. Make more videos like that.

    87. Antonio F. Diaz

      Collegehumor reboots the old Troopers to a crappier one Also Ch:Okay let's just animate the old troopers

    88. Lilly MAGOR

      Please make more ceo videos there so funny!

    89. Broke and Caffeinated

      PLEASE make more of these!

    90. Chris

      while I enjoy the fact that they brought this back in some form, I will be honest it loses a lot of the same feel without seeing their body language in the clunky suits. Half of the fun of the show was reading their body language to everything going on. Plus the voice is sound too crisp, and the live version you can hear distortion in the voices from the helmets. I don't know It just doesn't have the same feel for me

    91. Super Splint

      "Question" "What's your question, Trooper?" "I teleported a cannoli."

    92. BizKwikTwist


    93. Jango Yifftail

      I wonder how many people are going to want to suck the cream out of that cannoli.~ OwO

    94. Oli

      Dreadlord would like the bogosort algorithm.

    95. Alexander Bila

      "Troopers. Now, that's a name I haven't heard in a long time. A long time."

    96. Dork Storm

      Nice i havnt seen troopers since the live action ones.

    97. thewrench01

      Brings me back to the coffee run episode

    98. OGCobra

      68k views in 2 days? what the frick happened ch?

    99. S1L3NT KN1GHT4

      im getting big god creates stuff vibes

    100. TrueREAL