If There Were Fashion Shows for Exercise Clothes


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    The hottest show in town for ugly shoes and too many straps.
    ALLY: agbeardsley
    GRANT: grantob
    KATIE: katiemarovitch
    LILY: LilyD
    TAO: tyang209
    TRAPP: mikewtrapp
    RAPH: chestangraphael
    REKHA: rekhalshankar
    BRENNAN: brennanlm
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    1. vandama0mossadegh


    2. Wombat Person

      All jokes aside I would like info on how to find somebody that will exercise my body for me.

    3. Machiavelli Does Stuff

      Winter Soilder and Falcon is GARBAGE

    4. choco coco fudge

      Honestly does anyone find these skits funny? I feel like I'm watching for the cast but it's not funny. Are they hiding good skits behind the paywall?

    5. Kim M

      Lol these videos are funnier than Saturday night live. Snl skits go.on too long and are too over acted.

    6. Airahar

      was that first guy ify nwadiwe?

    7. Tuh Mater

      Wow Katie, congratulations on meeting the chancellor of Germany!

    8. Linnea Kocher

      Oh my god, is that Ryan Creamer?

    9. Ok

      Katie like semi whipping at 0:23 always gets me

    10. Those Badonkadonk

      Got called out on them neon shoes

    11. Erik Uden

      Now we know what Angela Merkel is doing after the next election

    12. xydoit

      What about the girls who wear exercise clothes just so their boobs will be huge?

    13. renu verma

      The introduction music reminded me of The Sketch Show.... Is that what it's inspired from???

    14. SA

      Ok but Katie and Lily have amazing chemistry. They should do more sketches together

    15. Pixel Pudding 39

      If you don’t work out in a fur suit you clearly have something wrong with you

    16. Trencher1375

      Funniest in a long while.

    17. Sean McDonald

      Willow was far too buff to be called Willow . . .Willows are usually skinnier, blonder and have smaller muscle bums which CAN be attractive but the Willow on this catwalk was definetly fuller figured and svelte. . . . . . consequently, sexier. . . . .

    18. Matthew Serda

      I wish I could say “EGGSTRA” like that

    19. LindseyCamille Nanz

      I haven't heard the word "bae" in a hot minute! Made me smile

    20. Asiya Khan

      Timothee is me

    21. Max Smith

      What happened the runners with SHORT SHORTS

    22. Play Station

      Youre Old Videos Were Much Better.

    23. You tube Love


    24. Francis LeStrange

      The last guy looks so fucking hot

    25. Jason Atkins

      Will never sign up for Dropout!!!! Glad them went banksy

    26. Donny Reisch

      Love the Characters, let's see more like this

    27. Alex Davenport

      I love the two sports bras Easter egg

    28. Lianne A.


    29. Rona World عالم رونا

      nice 👍👍🌹

    30. Elli Rigby

      Bruh love ryan creamer

    31. Dan The Lion

      I feel like this channel is slowly dying :(( the views are getting lower and lower

    32. Eli

      When lily starts to out katie katie

    33. Sketching Studio

      katie in the thumbnail has the same chaotic aura as brian david gilbert and for that i am thankful

    34. Syed Arslan Rizvi

      Why are you making this dumb video work on wtf101

    35. Keegan Fisher

      Lily is doing a pretty good Moira (Schitt's Creek).

    36. Akin Turhan

      Is that just me and my girlfriend or does the 2nd model the one straps on straps on straps look remarkably like Amy Adam's like is it Amy Adam's.

    37. Adam Oseas

      Was this the best sketch ever or am I just on shrooms

    38. Memo Memo

      "extravagance" is what you would call extra lol

    39. Music boy


    40. macmac

      I see high fashion in the Capitol has moved to a more vintage vision

    41. Ether

      I legit did not know how ripped ify was

    42. Shivangi Krishna

      I love Lily's eye makeup 🤩

    43. Vanilloia

      denim Lüük

    44. Totally Real Not Fake Life Advice

      Love the fashion series! Outfits get weirder from hosts each time!

    45. Frank Odongkara

      Timothy is me. I just wear old clothes.

    46. Lauren Tabour

      title: me, having watched countless athletic wear fashion shows for my major: 👁👄👁

    47. Will C

      Paul is so sexy

    48. Zee Jay

      The sketches are getting better again... What's happening

    49. Cryptic

      Why did I watch this .. ...

    50. SS A

      Lily is giving "Moira rose" vibes...

    51. Rendesputible

      Collegehumors Backlog is Amazing!!!

    52. Adam Wise

      God I wish there was more of these two together. They're hilarious.

    53. Habeeb Khan

      looks like Lily channeled her inner Moira Rose for this sketch

    54. Donteatacowman

      The camera flashes hurt my eyeballs but this is fun!

    55. ЛевМЭХ

      these two are wonderful together

    56. ThereAre 4Lites

      God the host characters are so insufferable... I LOVE THEM

      1. Natalie 19 [f.u.с.к мe] ТАР 0N МY РIC


    57. Renoir Namo

      i remember when you guys made actual good content

    58. Kuro Bara

      Katie’s (crazy?) laugh is the cutest thing ever

    59. Mag Magnet


    60. Isaiah Harris


    61. myshoeisjuan

      "I'm Angela Merkel, NO RELATION."

      1. Erik Uden

        This is what Angela Merkel's doin' after 2021

    62. Yankeezcap

      this show is actually cool!! I'm stealing that "fashion is literally Bae" shit. that's godlike!!

    63. Spine Grinder

      ok but you girls actually look fashionable, and i love Lily's top uuugh and yes I noticed you pointing to the best hair accessory in the known world Katie

    64. MiracleWhipIsNotMayo

      I'm the guy who spent hundreds of dollars on safety gear because I'm terrified of injury

    65. Cradle Hey

      "The shoes you wear the least often should attract the most attention." I feel so attacked.

    66. WSCP

      Katie and Lily are so perfect in these roles my God.

    67. Annie Marianne Jane Perkins

      I miss when college humor was good. Humor was the one thing that should have gotten better this year but clearly not the case for this channel 😔

    68. Linina Crowne

      This doesn't live up to the usual quality

    69. tomme le homme

      1:20 Why did I immediately think of binding

      1. Robin Stephan-Engdahl

        War flashbacks.....

    70. michael zhang

      Shroud is that you?

    71. Renato Corvaro

      So that's where all my clothing went.

    72. noel hutchins

      wtf there's literally no nudes for Katie, not even a deep-fake; that's conspicuous, she must have a security firm constantly scrubbing the images from the web in real time: good for her either way.

    73. Chicken Nugget83

      Thank you for your service

    74. Seth Haycock-Poller

      She's what you might call EXTRA

    75. Dylan is a Memelord

      How is this about college

    76. Danielle Hunter

      Why do I know the 1st model from buzzfeed🧐🧐

    77. Aliyu Abduljalil

      Fashion 🤝 Cocaine

    78. Melissa Lee

      Hey, it’s Ify!

    79. Rougarou

      Exercise? I thought you said extra fries!

    80. yaara gerchman

      Thabk you for letting it rip on tapee

    81. Shannon Caldwell


    82. Richard N

      Davies' glasses is clean 👓

    83. Đeath Vader

      Why does Katie have to be so fkn HOT. gad dayum

    84. HippityHoppity ILikeMyPrivacy

      When did this channel die im confused

    85. MISSed Bandwagon

      College Humor could get a little bit of money if they sold Quendelton U merch.

    86. R T

      Well... Okay.

    87. Jhosep Munoz

      I've been going for 2 years and I'm still drew

    88. Burak Alparslan Kaya

      The neon shoes were actually, pretty good

      1. Евгений Увин

        If you run in the dark they can be helpful so noone runs into you. Sports wear has practical dimension.

    89. Levi Edds

      Your Kim jong un shorts are trash even the Christmas one. I wish Kim jong un lost

    90. ExopMan

      0:36 How meat heads at the gym actually walk tho...

    91. potch.

      Ryan looks... ready to exercise

    92. Out of The Hat

      Why do I genuinely want to own the crazy mesh with pompoms shirt though

    93. Ari Bones

      I think this channel is kind of dying, I love all of their videos, but 21 hours in and only about 200 something comments

    94. Vilmos Palik

      Does shrowd work at college humor now?

    95. Castor Alpha

      God, I love these

    96. Tia Alex

      I really want to know how many of those lines were written in and how many weren't

    97. TheTruthSetsFree

      _Open up your heart to Me beloved child. I'm coming soon ~ Jesus_

      1. nikolas c


    98. shenbaga1996

      Katieeeeee my cuteeeeee child actress the legend I missed you here

    99. Robert Head

      I found this really amateurish.

    100. Thanksfor Thesub

      What do you wear to the gym? Katie: s**ty pants Oh, like terrible lookin pan- Katie: I mean literal shitty pants