If Google Was a Guy: Quarantine Edition (Part 3)


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    2020 was the year we were searching for a little hope.
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    Part 2: irvision.info/home/qIe5Z3d_eZF7rJc/fy-lm-h-y.html
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    1. Gordon Sarratt

      someone give that woman with the green shirt a hug

    2. CosmicDoesRBX

      Myans are dyslexic..... OOOOOO SHEEET

    3. Trixie Cain

      jesus i just need a hug from google

    4. Rc Guy

      Myans end of world year 2012 Myans dislexia Oh shiii puts on tinfoil hat

    5. Steve Harris

      What happened to the crazy haiku man?

    6. F. Dout

      White terrorism ? Funny to hear this from Europe.

    7. HiddenTigerObviousNinja

      Notice the guy dressed in USA flag clothing was the only one not wearing their mask over their noise? It's a nice touch.

    8. Teag Brohman

      "Pizza-BagelGate" I'm dead

    9. Deinz_1024


    10. Nikoli Moon

      0:06 he’s got the right idea

    11. George


    12. Princess Galindo

      I ship Google and the girl in the green shirt

    13. x0311ofone

      Hate speech hidden in this little skit.

    14. Green potato


    15. Lambert Brother

      Y U No Colton Dunn?

    16. Armored Layers EXperimental

      “Report of pedestrian flatten by Zamboni!” Hilarious.

    17. Armored Layers EXperimental

      I actually needed to get my wisdom teeth removed recently. Yeah, wasn’t going to get that done by myself.

    18. Yash Thorat

      Stop milking it

    19. herman bean

      Why does google have a plant that looks suspiciously like.. ahem.. the devil's lettuce... I mean I dont judge

    20. Moadot720

      2:28 Song name?

      1. Moadot720

        It also reappears at the end.

    21. Kevin Duliesco

      2:51 too late google'

    22. Wilson Pooler

      how did "if google was a guy" just become wholesome?

    23. Elon Crust

      I was scared but im fine now 2021 isn't the end of the world its March 29th, quarter of the way done

    24. Roger Dodger

      I feel bad for anxiety woman. I have anxiety too..... The "Mayans dyslexia" part was pretty funny though.

    25. Oliver Gamer


    26. James O-face Charles

      The last one -

    27. Angel The AHiT smug lord

      The girl in the green shirt,it's okay friend We're here for you...virtually

    28. Belgique Ball

      3:09 listen to bob ross.

    29. edc2879

      Part 4 please

    30. KNY[恋の予感]

      2:30 don't mind the timestamp. for personal consumption.


      Did he mean 2012 is actually 2021??? Oh shi-

    32. Marcos Souza

      1:27 That's me every single day

    33. SISsy's Art's

      i just realized i could've googled what everywhere at the end of time was instead of asking on twitter

    34. Eric Bourque

      This used to be funny, under new management?

    35. Charles Smith

      For anyone not getting the ending joke, dyslexia is a disorder that can make someone see characters our of order. For example, they might see 1,2,3,4 as 1,3,2,4, or they might see "EAT", as "TEA". The Mayans calendar ended in 2012. The joke was, if they were dyslexic, they could have actually meant 2021.

    36. Texilated

      I want a bing alternative

    37. Amirr'Ah Davis

      Can we get a character that is a 8yo African American who googles alot about Obama and has horrible spelling and grammar

    38. Mr. Suspicious

      The truth: Santa has died of Covid it was a delicious meal

    39. Layla92 L

      What is the name of the song in the end?

    40. Bombalona

      The real Google watching this video be like: I mean... Hes not wrong

    41. Squids INC

      Mayans dyslexia On no Ooon noooo

    42. Solo Action

      you know when you play minecraft and you are in your survival world you go mine for iron and coal and then you get carried too much you found diamond, make a diamond pickaxe, make a portal, find the stronghold, beat the ender dragon and when you comme back with the egg you find your self in a cozy place you long lost forgot and that is your home SOOOOO all of that means your kind of humor is my kind of humor and I like it!

    43. Sebastião Alves dos santos


    44. Sebastião Alves dos santos



      I kinda wanna see google Easter eggs

    46. Sarah Glover

      Can't wait for part 4!!

    47. GarisMiring 14

      What is the song ?

    48. Matthew Chen

      hey i mean if it is dyslexia there is also a chance its 2120

    49. Sakura Nova Ryan

      I will not read out loud my search history. Not cause I searched lewd pictures of pandas. But cause it's too gosh dang depressing.

    50. GcDevz

      "dOnaLd tRuMp wOn eLeCtiOn??" "No." "oBaMa bOrN kEnYa?" "No." **puts on tinfoil hat** Most. Realistic. Shit. Ever. I love it.

    51. Madara Uchiha

      lady: bad news near me google: every second wednesday students must appear over zoom in uniform at 7:55 really a bad news

    52. C J

      Nancy Pelosi is the imposter 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    53. Superkoopacharles 43

      Chess is easy

    54. суaйхsнad影

      I feel stressed for him just watching this video

    55. Jaiden

      I just noticed that the only person who doesn’t have the mask covering their nose is the “hOpE iN aMeRiCa” guy. Nice touch

    56. tre vaxes

      xaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxa mayans dyslexia with kouli as president this will happen

    57. Karidu Animations

      Lol I really love how this was animated in the same style google stuff is animated in I actually really like 2d motion graphics like this

    58. Ben Smith


    59. Constantinos

      Wtf is with CH making fun of conservatives. I'm as liberal as the next guy, but I don't like political bullshit injected into my comedy. No wonder this God forsaken channel has gone downhill. Burn in flames, CH, you're not what you used to be.

    60. raja rani895

      Here is the beautiful Solar post lights I like so much: amazon shops sogrand

    61. Soup Time

      "Mayans dyslexia" alright boys time for 2021 to end with a bang, literally

    62. Jay Deez

      What happened to this channel? As a red blooded American, this whole channel is leftist, communist crap! It’s sad 90% of people bend the knee and say stuff they don’t even believe just to placate.

      1. ChuChu

        you sound like an awful person

    63. Jemerem Mazza


    64. dash The hidenleaf

      What's the name of that song

    65. Pastor Nezuko

      I stand Fauci

    66. Lunar Nightshade

      So Google is a female is what ur say in?

    67. matt bla

      Everyone Gangsta till that one man that searched "1444"

    68. DaBakonAder

      "Myans Dyslexia" "Wait Wha.... Oh God."

    69. Noob_GuardianHD

      "Connect four online"

    70. Wong Pentel

      petition to make dr fauci real.

    71. Sage Spaeth

      The Trumper's got his mask on under his nose, nice touch

    72. raja rani895

      Here is the beautiful Solar flame lightsI like so much: amazon shops sogrand

    73. Carzman 35

      This is the greatest content on IRvision. Hands down Mayans end of the world date? 2012. Mayans... dyslexia? What do you mea-... oh sh....-

    74. Calvin Gillespie

      I just want things to go back to normal

    75. domskiyy


    76. Super Sauce

      getting extremely political here friend

    77. Angel King

      Green shirt girl: Ocean Spray Skateboard Guy. I love this. I watch that video too when I need a little bit of encouragement.

    78. Aly K

      I’m sad curious guy wasn’t in this one. Love that ending though...oh crap!

    79. Gamer

      The woman with the green shirt part hit harder than it should've

    80. Samantha Langford

      Mayans dyslexia was the best part

    81. TheBeanHunter

      I would have simply searched "Free gun" I would then get said gun. i would return back to google with the gun and point the barrel at my neck. I think you get the idea of what i would do.

    82. yosh

      i like how the american has the mask over his mouth but not nose

    83. Nishika Prasad

      not me looking up young dr facui after this-

    84. Reina Nijinsky

      Brilliant 👏👏👏 shared on Twitter 💕💕💕

    85. The Anime Encyclopedia

      Are we sure myians dexlyxia would see it as 2021? Why not 1202, 0212, 0221, etc etc XD

    86. Imperial Chips

      Part 4 pls

    87. Forest Assassin

      1:45 "In uniform"? My ass. What makes you think you can enforce that?

    88. billy perez

      why tf is it a cartoon

    89. JUST A GAMER

      Where is the one black guy who asks are rhinos elephants

    90. Matt Miller

      covid 19 real? NO!!!!!!!!!... i mean.... Too late

    91. SkoomaDesu

      All the toilet paper All the beans Extra freezer To hoard vaccines

    92. Gold Ingot 555

      "Nancy pelosi is the imposter?"

    93. Corky Thatcher


    94. Anubis Gaming

      Teeth hurt what do?

    95. CodeXCDM

      So 2102 is the end according to dyslexic Mayans, right?

    96. MattHplays -

      Can you make it not cringe

    97. Mary Whipple

      Mayans... dyslexia?

    98. Spikey Sings

      Does anyone know what song did they use for the dr fauci fancam

    99. JAD Studios Official

      I wish future episodes of this series looked like this!

    100. The Endernal

      Incognito mode............ That would be much more horrifying for google