Why I'm Voting For Opposite Man


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    Note: everything in this sketch was filmed following COVID-19 health and safety protocols to ensure the safety of the cast and crew involved.
    VOTER - Grant O'Brien
    WRITER - Dan Gurewitch
    DIRECTOR - David Kerns
    PRODUCTION COORDINATOR - Sophie Horwitz-Hirsch
    EDITOR - Matthew Pollock
    ANIMATOR - TJ Gonzalez
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    1. Jack R

      He tells it how it isn’t

    2. Mugsy Dee

      The Ayn Rand books😂

    3. Bryson Hanefeld

      i love that it is ALL Ayn Rand novels

    4. Jesse Harrington

      How am I only finding out about this video now in 5/21!? I'm subscribed to this channel! Farging algorithm.

    5. DotDot


    6. Eyeclops

      The Ayn Rand Bookshelf made me laugh so hard.

    7. Darth Hatchet

      Lol this is the logic of every Biden voter 😂

    8. Wylie Tharp

      the ayn rand books are such a good touch

    9. Guilherme Teofilo Cachich

      Amazing video, guys!

    10. TonkarzOfSolSystem

      All his books were written by Ayn Rand.

    11. Magix Johnson

      Damn. I remember when this channel was clever and funny. How times have changed.

    12. Flamith Aka Remy Harmon

      I kinda feel like this didn’t age well.

    13. J C

      How’s Biden doing?

    14. claudio chavez

      Damn college humor fell off hard haven’t gotten a video recommended in forever and there videos aren’t funny anymore they just seem like PSAs that would actually be on tv

      1. Adeganel

        42k likes 2k dislikes u know u are wrong

    15. Samuel Brewer

      Oops, this didn't age well.

    16. BRobMorris

      It really tickles me that every book he owns is Ayn Rand

    17. Isaac Roberts

      I like the stories that the view counts tell. Uh, stick to politics guys, why does every comedian think they can do apolitical humor.

    18. Squids INC

      It took me until he said “pillow man” that i figured out he was talking about trump

    19. HhifiX

      And The Opposite Man’s Name Is Joe Biden.

      1. Adeganel

        @GhostlyBoos agreed

      2. GhostlyBoos

        Nah bruh it’s trump. Get over it your political daddy lost

    20. Orange Creamsicle

      It’s funny because it’s true

    21. Thomas van Kampen

      The bookshelf with nothing but ayn rand on it is an amazing touch

    22. Bob Osik

      Well i thought biden until you got to russia....

      1. the frawger dawger

        Trump's niece made a fucking book on why she hates him lmao

      2. Bob Osik

        @the frawger dawger which one?

      3. the frawger dawger

        His family likes him at least

    23. The Silent Shadow

      Trump is opposite man, *thank the lord he is out of office*

    24. Dr. Wecer

      So, you like your political bias?

    25. WeAre Harbinger

      No, it isn't because he's bad, its because he doesn't do what the establishment and media want. So they constantly lie, provably so. As for the opposite of what is happening: Joe Biden: Antifa is just an idea.

    26. Mostly ForYT

      I'm voting for the man who makes funny sketches instead of political sketches

    27. Narfi Bjarnason

      Is Ayn Rand an Opposite Man thing? Pretty much the only thing I know about her is that her books are thinly veiled political ramblings, but I feel like Tr- I mean Opposite Man supporters wouldn't have mental capacity to read them, but also I'm not sure they would agree. I guess they do tend to hide behind a similar philosophy, but most opposite men aren't hiding at all anymore

      1. Crowe3717

        Yes, it very much is their thing. They're books in which greed is good, charity and compassion are considered weaknesses, and the only way for society to progress is complete and unregulated capitalism.

    28. Jaidin Low

      The real opposite man is the one who sniffs little girls hair or can't even say a single sentence

    29. Anufenrir

      The sad thing is the mental gymnastics are pretty spot on here

    30. Lennert Van Dyck

      I feel like they are implying something...

    31. Noellelovespandas

      That’s why I voted for Joe Biden

    32. Joseph Wilson

      Wish the audio was slightly quieter or made use of ducking so I could more clearly hear the dialogue.

    33. Polly Pockets

      Well done

    34. Edgemaster72

      And the gold medal for for Comedic Mental Gymnastics goes to... the character in this video!

    35. No Games No Fame

      Soooo, opposite man said everything is fine?

    36. Zachary Stephens

      Opposite Man lives inside us all, some just let their inner Opposite Man out better than others.

      1. Turtle Turtle

        That’s deep

    37. Sayyid F.B.

      I love how Ayan Rand wrote everything on his book shelf

    38. vineela

      Not the ayn rand books, god I love ayn rand slander

    39. Ryan Bosch

      at least he can talk

    40. Meat Balls

      I like how it’s very clear who this is about

    41. Nick Huggins

      But russia isnt communist, and hasnt been since 1991

      1. Joe The Eskimo

        Some people don't seem to know this though. Especially supporters of opposite man.

    42. xx_epic_gamer_ninja_xx

      That’s racist, why can’t it be opposite woman

      1. Boaz Bolhuis


      2. Generic Channel Name


    43. Dutch Messiah

      Atlas Shrugged is a great book though.

      1. Kate N.

        It reaaaaally isn't. Look up "ayn rand knowing better" on youtube. Really great dissection of the book

    44. D Bartholomew

      Hey I’m from the future, Biden won. Hopefully someone else from the future will say that Trump actually went to prison!

    45. Frick you

      I like how he has an entire Ayn Rand shelf. And multiple copies of Atlas Shrugged. That little detail made me laugh.

    46. Tony Skeptical

      Did he just say... A PILLAR MAN? AWAKEN MY MASTERS.

      1. GD frostbyte

        W o w

    47. lol logfd

      There's only Ayn Rand books on the shelf.

    48. Jordan

      i have that plate in the barbeque grill shot

    49. Disc Reet

      I can’t believe he was able to describe both trump and Biden without ever saying their name lol

    50. Emmet Logue

      The AYN RAND BOOKS!!!!

    51. Music by A.D

      I 100% agree. That's why when he said "vote for me," I did the opposite.

    52. WagOne

      I get a strong feeling that most of the people saying how funny the Ayn Rand books are don't really think that and just want to seem intelligent.. but that's just a theory..

    53. adv

      What's funny is that this applies to biden more then trump so far.

      1. Generic Channel Name

        It applies to both pretty equally I’d say

    54. Ethan Alspach

      Trump in a nutshell

    55. 22.Caliber Master

      hahahaahahshha.....you explained every american president.

    56. Dayton Coates

      In what universe is trump an objectivist??

    57. Shredded Cheese

      Opposite man said the election was stolen and was fraud, it wasn't but he said it was so it must be true.

    58. KaregoAt

      The Ayn Rand bookshelf... 😭😭😭

    59. INFJ 4w5

      This kid is never leaving

    60. Mr. Donald Trump

      Why do I feel like hes talking about me...

    61. Calvin Heath

      SO. MUCH. AYN. RAND.

    62. Sleepy Doctor

      oh so how you liking Biden anyways? remember that time he said that he wouldn't judge China's camps where rape and killings happen because it is a matter of culture. what a great man. or how he changed laws for the CCP so teachers didn't have to report when they are working with China, or when he pulled a bill making sure Chain isn't on the Us power grid for no reason.

      1. Sleepy Doctor

        @Generic Channel Name what has trump done?

      2. Generic Channel Name

        @Sleepy Doctor I have and I hold my opinion. Trump had done plenty of bad things, Biden has, yeah yeah.

      3. Sleepy Doctor

        @Generic Channel Name I guess so but I would rather suggest looking into both men and seeing what they both have done

      4. Generic Channel Name

        @Sleepy Doctor I guess its a matter of opinion

      5. Sleepy Doctor

        @Generic Channel Name I would say biden is really bad and there is little to no reason to pick him over trump after all he has done, Trump was a good leader and got a lot done while Biden has boomed people who we had a peace, trying to take gums away, has done a lot of orders to help Chian get into the US as well as not being able to talk or think anymore.

    63. Sleepy Doctor

      oh wow I didn't think this kind of IRvisionr would talk about Biden like this. what a strange place the world has become

      1. Sleepy Doctor

        @Marília Freitas that was the joke. try to use your head next time bro

      2. Marília Freitas

        Bro who tf said they were talking about biden?

    64. Michael Rumsey

      I genuinely believe whoever wrote this sketch is a genius in logical fallacies

      1. Lord Odax

        Lol cope

    65. Eggverse Offficial

      This is modern day political humor, ladies and gentlemen. They aren't that good at commentating on what is happening, and even if they are, there is no nuance or subtlety. Why? Because at this point, no satire could possibly match the ridiculous clownshow that is reality, and so they don't even see the point in trying.

      1. Lord Odax

        You must love opposite man LMFAO

    66. Dirty Blue

      I didn't even notice that all his books were Ayn Rand until now lmao

    67. Tarek Mtawej

      Why can‘t YOU actualy analize why someone like him has won and some people actually voted for him? It‘s distrust in the System and not the rhetoric or fantasies that made people vote for him, any other Point in history he would‘ve lost spectacularly

      1. Lord Odax

        I don’t trust someone who doesn’t know how to spell analyze to tell me to analyze things

      2. SeanEee


    68. Abstellkarma

      The Ayn Rand novels are a nice touch

    69. Alec Kunkel

      LMAO THE AYN RAND BOOKSHELF 😂😂😂 that's a nice touch

    70. Matthew Antis

      cringe. so cringe.

      1. Matthew Antis

        @Kokichi Oma yup. thats it.

      2. Kokichi Oma

        ur mad hes right lols

    71. paranormal lazivity

      he said nothing but said a lot at the same time

    72. Rex 32

      So. Many. Copies. Of. IAN RAND!

    73. Theatric_Musician

      If you have that much Ayn Rand on your bookshelf I’m immediately considering it a cry for help

    74. Mark Allen

      Totally love the Ayn Rand bookcase. Nice touch

    75. AceTriggerz

      1:30 this really got me, this is my parents view on things, and not specifically with the Opposite man either, but basically they figure they are good people so people they listen to are good so the other people are just all bad.

    76. 664 TheNeighborOfTheBeast

      0:36 lmao all the books are Ayn Rand

    77. IB SL

      I love the shout out to the book

    78. Funny Dad

      after knowing what happens in January, this is........odd

    79. Fuzzy The duck

      The book shelf full of Ayn Rand really ties this video together

    80. Frank Clark

      that bookshelf killed me!!!!

    81. Big Sybel

      just noticed that the bookshelf is 100% ayn rand 💀 0:30

    82. Prozy Studios

      0:33 the bookshelf of JUST ayn rand that is fucking hilarious

    83. Farmland USA

      Grants last sketch 😥

      1. Marquis Candelaria

        Wait really?

    84. Kegan Kendall

      wait. a pillow man? pine vinyl?

    85. Thicc Brick

      the positive man told me that China is our friend and Russia is a lot worse. He told me that the opposite man was the reason people have died due to a virus. He told me that the war with the middle east was good and that it was okay he is sending American troops back into the middle east. He told me that it was okay that my brother got restationed in Afghanistan after he was away from home for five years and came home under the opposite man. The positive man told me that all of his racist remarks were jokes and I believed him. The positive man told me that he was okay with a high unemployment rate that will rise with a 15 dollar minimum wage and so I am okay with it too. The news that never gives their sources told me that orange man is bad and I agree because I have a group mentality. The positive man never denounced Antifa for burning entire blocks and displacing the lives of people that don't agree with them. He said that Antifa was an idea, not an organization when there were clearly organized riots. He said to me that he wants to take away fracking which will cause even higher unemployment rates when we are already higher than the majority of Europe. He says we should be friends with communist china even though they harvest organs and have over a million Uighurs in concentration camps so I think they should be our friend because.. "equality" China wants to invade democratic nations like Taiwan and India but it's okay because they are not us. I love the positive man and I am going to vote for him.

      1. SeanEee

        What so do you like Biden or Trump

    86. Close

      Why does Grant look like that guy from the Epoch Times ads? I can't be the only one who sees it

    87. Eric Velasquez

      Come back here in 2021 to see the brainwashed kids getting triggered by their chose dear leader who can't even remember his own name .....lol!!!


      Pearce likes opposite man?

    89. Sofia Acosta-Mikulasek

      The funny thing is that Ayn Rand would HATE Donald Trump

    90. mahendraryaw

      U r special

    91. Rob25AZ

      The fucked up thing is in life grant is most likely a republican

      1. Zev Feitelson

        @Supported Living Network *bi

      2. Supported Living Network

        He's making fun of Trump, and Grant is a gay white liberal

      3. KarlG


    92. Philip Harris

      stop hating on trump

      1. Nehriim

        @Philip Harris well are you going to post the evidence or what?

      2. Jelle Van Eijk

        @Philip Harris so found a poll watcher yet?

      3. zqus

        also, there are no names in this video, so u associate trump with lying already?

      4. Jelle Van Eijk

        @Philip Harris name one of them.

      5. Philip Harris

        there has been lots of proof they literally showed by pol watchers

    93. Gabriel Last name

      He’s not saying trump because he doesn’t want to Be bullied

    94. Wi3rd0tr0n

      February/March of 2021. I don't think this is aging well...

      1. Rund

        You have to choose between a dog or a wolf biting you, what do you choose?

    95. Sam G

      it is insane to see people act as though this was a bipartisan sketch, or that maybe there were subtle hints toward trump. brainworms.

    96. Jimbodiah EU

      So he's voting democrat?

    97. Marcin Łukasz

      I hope that next voting will go for third man. No right or left just all foreword

    98. Sjeskey

      forever gonna use "This Politics Day" instead of polling day

    99. Asha Irobe

      All the ayn rand books were a nice touch

    100. Aleksandr Rakowski

      Back in feb, three weeks after Jan 20. So.....everyone saying who is good is doing wonderful! common man!