When Your Friend's Weekend Plans All Sound Terrible


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    Put me down as a "Maybe."
    ALLY: agbeardsley
    GRANT: grantob
    KATIE: katiemarovitch
    LILY: LilyD
    TAO: tyang209
    TRAPP: mikewtrapp
    RAPH: chestangraphael
    REKHA: rekhalshankar
    BRENNAN: brennanlm
    RYAN: ryguyguyry
    CAROLYN: jacuzzitubbs
    SAM: samreich
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    تاریخ انتشار پیش 8 ماه


    1. King Of Lee

      I miss Siobhan. Ya know? That girl with celiac disease

    2. Confuddle Leg

      Honestly the first idea sounded unironically really good.

    3. Bennett Sanderson

      Of everything she said, the concert sounded the worst

    4. Emily Duff

      Yo that concert sounds great

    5. Ethan Burnell

      Is it just me, or would you actually willingly do all of these things just cuz it seems like it would be hilarious?

    6. James Luong

      As someone with long legs and a short torso, I approve of this sketch

    7. Ben Kenobi

      This is the most recent sketch thats about the cast of college humor working in the office. Theyve had a few animated shorts and one short with the cast in a different scenario but other then that zip

    8. Belisarius Cawl

      Cocaine Katie is never really this low key

    9. EM M

      Yummy dumpling festival

    10. Jordan

      i would ask if you can ride the broken rides at the amusement park. And just how good is this one ride?

    11. Jordan

      I am also interested in slow computers. I would spend hours in that museum.

    12. ReiSaotome

      katie you okay?+

    13. Benbot

      This would be funnier if it was half the length. Cut out the joke fat, so to speak.

    14. Wombat Person

      "competitive human centipede team" almost sent me into a panic attack.

    15. DustyDamsel

      Why are Katie and Grant still not on SNL??? They would be some of the best cast members of all time.

    16. JoJo

      For the first time ever, I agree with Katie! They are all assholes! 😂

    17. Tauva TV

      The final Hardly Working episode.

    18. terriberri87

      They all dump on her ideas but don't put anything forward themselves. I'd go with Katie to those things :)

    19. Mishkafofer

      OK, now I understand why IRvision doesnt recommends new College Humor videos to me. Yep, I looked intentionaly for new stuff and saw this. Hhmmmm

    20. Aoiwaffle

      These ideas seem like great time to me ngl and hang out with Katie😃

    21. Ibrahim Özgür Sucu

      They say there's a category in modeling called "strange", I think that best describes my attraction to Katie😂👌 Upvote if you feel me

    22. sam W

      katie pretending to be a child freaks me out cuz like in my head she does not register as an adult and it just looks like a freakishly oversized little girl to me

    23. TheCreeperTrack


    24. Rachel Rachel

      I'm so afraid that we may never learn a satisfying amount of information about mr vegetable now

    25. Peepiss RealLastName ISwear

      The diary one sounded fun this is bs justice for Katie

    26. Christopher Jaynes

      The concert sounds dope

    27. Puginator

      Who these new ppl

    28. Voiced Thoughts

      I don't see anyone else coming up with ideas 😒

    29. Bryce Evans

      I love how Katie doesn't get offended

    30. Bryce Evans

      I would've killed to see that show with the bands

    31. Hernando Vallejo

      All of those things could be fun: if Katie is involved. And maybe some cocaine. 🤔

    32. Pyre

      POV: You actually know Jason Mraz and love his music.

    33. Sarah Hutchins

      What's wrong with reno

    34. Ian Visser

      How to fix - Add beer, get meat, have a grill and add dank for good measure.

    35. TotalWeirdo

      It's been almost a year since I've seen anyone. All of these sound incredible.

    36. Dave S

      I live in a crappy little town a million miles from anything. I would love to have so many choices.

    37. Flower

      We could try on bicycle helmets for 12 hours.

    38. Torque

      I kinda went to a slow computer museum. Retro computers are neat.

    39. Juicy Beast


    40. blue sansball

      This sketch is only 4 minutes but it feels like an hour

    41. Mark DiBuo

      What hell’s wrong with Katie?

    42. Alphakill777

      Katie is soo adorable as a child actor

    43. LDS ramon

      Katie is adorable

    44. A K

      15-year-old’s public reading of her 13-year-old sister’s diary sounds like it could make a pretty good skit

    45. Elliot Standridge

      I’d go to almost everything she suggested 💛

    46. Tobias Berger

      Some of her ideas low key sounds fun

    47. K0PSTL

      This an old one in the vault?

    48. LargerOyster !

      I like how it’s made to make Katie the weird one but instead she’s just the only one suggesting

    49. MIKEY VEE

      i think its the touch starved side of me but a human petting zoo sounds therapeutic and fun...don't worry Im gonna start going to therapy

    50. Matthew B

      Me though out the whole video: just go to a movie!!!

    51. Rahul Baba

      I don't even have a Pla

    52. Seth-Ezra The God of Bread

      Katy got real boring after she stopped doing all that cocaine

    53. Vinayak Gupta

      I think all of the ideas by Katie are like the things only "White People" do...

    54. Torbjorn Lindholm

      This is a rehash of the Hardly Working sketch Dan Does His Own Thing.

    55. Shivapriyaa Sengupta

      I just watch college humour and pretend I have friends.

    56. Nicholas Nicklebee

      I love how expressive Katie is when she’s not on Breaking News ...

    57. FlightUseles

      Mr vegetable I don’t hate you

    58. John Fritz

      That concert seemed like a banger

    59. Chris

      Can someone send me friends to sit around and argue about doing stuff we won't ever do?

    60. Teuku Richard

      To be honest, i wanna try all of that tho.

    61. Nicholas Coleman

      I don’t like the new office I have watched college humor for four years and the new office is so weird to me

    62. Kara Cake

      Who else is turning 13 in February :D

    63. Esa Khwaja

      not gonna lie I think a *competitive human centipede team* sounds pretty dope

    64. Rizka Auliana

      I'm the Katie's friends who never like the idea of my coworkers but have no idea whatsoever lol 😂

    65. Muzi Tshabalala

      This should be funnier.

    66. Adelaide Watts

      I’d join a competitive human centipede team with Katie

    67. Shiftless Lazycrat

      Almost everything she suggested sounded like a fun time to me.

    68. Shiftless Lazycrat

      Wtf @ them pretending a secret concert with Maroon 5 and Jason Mraz wouldn't be awesome.

    69. Luci Achlys

      When you go to the parade for people with long legs and short torsos, and you see 2d

    70. Tina Yu

      human centipede... like the movie... definitely a katie thing

    71. Abdul Basit

      What was wrong with the bands?

    72. Gxrome

      Call me boring or wierd but I actually find katie's plan fun.

    73. Trash_O_Fish_Al

      Side note: human petting zoo is a pretty great artist. Check them out on spotify

    74. A F-4

      I chug motor oil on my week ends

    75. Purujit Pradhan

      I'm interested in some things like, museum of slow computer or unfinished quilts

    76. David Rose

      "We can go to a dumpling festival..." "Yea, that's sounds great we love it!" "It's in Reno..." "NOOOOOOOOO" Me watching this living in Reno: "Understandable."

    77. Adrian Mei

      Katie sounds so aggressive

    78. the boss

      damn they really replaced the ogs with just kinda shitty actors huh

    79. BlurBerry Creative

      Some of those sound interesting

    80. Zandaroos

      Hey what’s wrong with going to Reno? Tahoe’s basically LA’s winter home anyways

    81. Wrangler

      Jesus collegehumor views just keep declining

    82. Video Taper

      Museum of slow computers? I've got a few machines with 1 MHz processors. Is she coming to my house? :-O

    83. Just some guy with a Sword

      1:22 Nazi confirmed🤔🧐

    84. TheQuyman

      Why not just go to ikea and build love seat out of meatballs

    85. Nyaa M

      Liked for "The Fray" alone 😂

    86. N K


    87. Raul /é nois e vois\

      What about weed?

    88. joeymendes

      Competitive human centipede team? I don't even wanna know..

    89. The MARIO Masher

      They should do a skit where one of them is wearing a mask with the nose out of it and everybody tells them why they are an idiot

    90. Megacon

      *COVID-19-Regulations.exe has crashed*

    91. WOLF FLOW

      I wish Katie was on SNL

    92. ermegurd

      This feels like a personal attack...

    93. Tem-sama

      The latex fashion show sounded interesting

    94. FurrySunny

      Oh. I have been to the museum of slow Computers too. It was kinda strange. They just had normal computers, but all had Windows installed.

    95. theabsoluteworst

      So do they still work at CH? Or is it like a Ryan & Shane type contract deal?

    96. Douglas Harley

      pre-covid: THESE IDEAS SUCK! covidtimes: *YES, PLEASE!!!*

    97. ethanAndThomas

      when your trying to suggest a food and they all dont care, but they still reject your ideas

    98. TheHenriGame

      The new cast members always have a hard time being at the same level of acting as Katie, or even Raph. Even the other guy is starting to get it

    99. Billy

      Why is every modern college humour video just jake and Amir but with more Amirs

    100. Timothy Robert

      The concert sounds Bomb, why the hate? Jason Mraz, Maroon 5, and The Fray are the best!