Livin' Mask-Free (Music Video)


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    A country anthem for our doomed country.
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    MASKLESS MAN - Michael Gabriel
    DOCTOR - Pisha Warden
    PATIENT - Rommel Rodriguez
    WRITER - Mike Trapp
    DIRECTOR - David Kerns
    COMPOSER - Nick Lutsko
    ART DIRECTOR - Ashley Kron
    PRODUCTION COORDINATOR - Sophie Horwitz-Hirsch
    ANIMATOR - Chad Reininger
    EDITOR: Matthew Pollock

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    1. CollegeHumor

      While shooting all sketches, we are abiding by strict COVID guidelines, minimizing crew, shooting only single cast members at a time when shooting in person, wearing appropriate PPE and socially distancing the whole time. Stay safe out there!

      1. David Delasko

        This is a funny video

      2. Little Mac Is underrated

        @David Delasko 1. It’s 2021 2. Trump lost Get over it

      3. David Delasko

        Trump 2020

      4. Little Mac Is underrated

        @2Circles you’re a paid actor by r/facepalm to drum up more content. I won’t feed into their lies

      5. Mighty Mapper Nation

        The government officials doesn't wear their masks etc most of the time, went in public not doing 6ft etc. News reporters are not even wearing masks while telling you to wear masks etc etc. We being played. A test not testing for a virus that's deadly you need a test. Come on man.

    2. Stoodmuffin Personal

      Canada has some of this, too. Lol.

    3. Void Caron

      this is basically how america looks to non-americans rn

    4. Edward Thompson

      Haven't worn a mask since last summer.

    5. Zak B

      oh hey look this is still fucking relevant

    6. HeroSM

      I like how the nicest thing college humor ever says about Donald trump is in the same sentence where they call him the dumbest human on earth

    7. Brooks Faucette

      I get it if your against masks being required by law but that doesn't mean you shouldn't wear them.

    8. Jason Beasy

      true liberty is the ability to chose tyranny

    9. coffeeismy boyfriend

      We need more sketches like this!

    10. atlasman53

      MASK FREE!!! ...I'm with that guy!

    11. Amnesiac

      shouldve said "im not frightened, just enlightened"


      I'm the only one who thought this was gonna be a "live and let die" parody huh? Ok

    13. The Media Itch

      To be fair at this point people can be trusted to do two things make the stupid decision and die

    14. Troy Devol

      Hi it is illegal for the government to tell you to wear a mask You can read almost every state constitution correction every state constitution and you can read that and most of the governors pass that bill illegally

    15. Jack Dempsey

      wearing a mask is just a savior complex tbh.

      1. sid shid

        @JackOfSomeTrades if u couldnt tell my "teen wrinkles and acne" comment was a self deprecating joke lol, not bashing people for wearing masks

      2. sid shid

        @JackOfSomeTrades that too

      3. JackOfSomeTrades

        @sid shid actually it's just not spreading disease, believe it or not

      4. sid shid

        no it's "i dont want people to see my acne and teen wrinkles" complex

    16. Multi Mason

      I think the dislikes actually get the irony. Truth is that you cowardly order- followers are the minority. 90 % of the people I've spoken with don't buy the mainstream narrative at all, but they each think they are alone so they keep their mouths shut. Increasingly they are realizing that they aren't alone though. Before you even know what hit you, your absurd medical police state will be rubble and ash.

    17. not kerry stolcenberg

      "from sea to sea" CDC brilliant

    18. Strom Clark

      you used to be funny. so sad

      1. Grievous

        @Harry logozar Better than if we didnt

      2. Harry logozar

        @YaBoyBeanut how is 14 months of mask wearing working out

      3. YaBoyBeanut

        @Strom Clark wow making fun of people who are literally killing and ruining not only our country but the world at hand because they pull some bullshit about how the mask is "suffocating" them

      4. Strom Clark

        @United Nations Global Occult Coalition this isn't humor, this is low-ball propaganda

      5. United Nations Global Occult Coalition

        I used to have faith in humanity. I lost it because of people like you.

    19. Dilly Bars

      Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

      1. Grievous

        @Praying Handtis exactly

      2. Praying Handtis

        @Grievous lmao exactly!

      3. Grievous

        So you dont wear clothes i presume. I mean, the government forces you to wear clothes! They are taking away your liberty, right?

      4. Praying Handtis

        Liberty... putting a tiny piece of cloth over your mouth removes liberty? Would you stop wearing pants if people decided that removes liberty? How about shoes?

    20. Quentin Ford

      Oh shit I thought this was Fox News

    21. JustSomeArtist

      Ya know... Moving to Europe doesn't seem like such a bad idea after Covid-19 reaches the endemic phase

    22. Caleb Costrini

      It's depressing how many idiots there are in this comment section.

      1. Praying Handtis


    23. Robert Ahart

      Mask don't work 🤷🤷🤷

      1. Praying Handtis

        Ok sure. Your lungs would be a balloon and a bent straw is your windpipe and mouth. Put something in the ballon to show a virus, maybe dust or dirt? Then fill it up with air and connect it to the straw. When the balloon deflates, dust comes out and floats around the room. And the thing about your breath not containing a virus, how do you think the flu spreads? It spreads in a similar way. Exhaling and touching things spreads it. Have a good day

      2. Kaan Suman

        ​@Praying Handtis The whole idea of face-masks is based on three assumptions: 1) Our breath contains viruses; 2) These viruses can float through the air and enter other people's bodies; 3) These viruses cause disease. How would you carry out experiments to prove these assumptions? Have these experiments been carried out? Could other factors (besides viruses) be causing illness?

      3. United Nations Global Occult Coalition

        This is a collaborated message of the SCP Foundation and the GOC: A dangerous SCP hazard named stupidity has spread out. Please report any instances immediately! Hold on...It is here! Deploy the MTF and PHYSICS unit!

      4. Praying Handtis

        Ok here’s an example. Put some dust in a tube and put the tube in front of a fan. Turn on the fan. See how the dust goes everywhere? The dust is Covid. Now, put a mask over the tube. You should be able to figure out what happens next!

      5. The FBI

        @Robert Ahart du... dude I don’t think you are wearing your mask right.....

    24. Darren Skjoelsvold

      Look at this song from 2021 all I can say is, "Things haven't changed. These people are still this stupid." The thing now is though the vaccine. Except the vaccine protects the person who gets the vaccine. So all these anti maskers have become anti vaccine and now I'm fine with it. Look if they kill themselves now I don't care. I actually think it would be a good thing. If they die they can't vote is they can't vote the Republicans don't win if the Republicans don't win then we can actually fix a few things with the country. So, all I've got to say is, "You know what, the vaccine is a Liberal plot. The reason why the J&J vaccine was causing blood clots was because the chip was too big. Just go ahead and don't get the vaccine. What's the worst thing that could happen? Oh and Screw you too.

      1. Praying Handtis

        Holy shit you’re right!

    25. Universal Space Expeditioner

      Medical Physicians aren't Doctors, to be a Doctor you need a PhD, so your propaganda is stupid too.

      1. United Nations Global Occult Coalition

        @The FBI Apollyon.

      2. The FBI

        @United Nations Global Occult Coalition is it safe, Euclid or keter?

      3. United Nations Global Occult Coalition

        This is a collaborated message of the SCP Foundation and the GOC: A dangerous SCP hazard named stupidity has spread out. Please report any instances immediately! Hold on...It is here! Deploy the MTF and PHYSICS unit!

      4. Kaelix

        Ok boomer

      5. The FBI

        Shhhh the adults are talking

    26. Marq Hill

      It's hard to laugh at this because this is actually just a song about literally what these people think.

    27. SSmokin2010

      This whole comment section talks about follow the science when all the “science” done is flip flop on their own guidelines.

      1. Grievous

        Because science is a flip flop field. At any time new research could come out that could disprove anything, or change it.

      2. United Nations Global Occult Coalition

        This is a collaborated message of the SCP Foundation and the GOC: A dangerous SCP hazard named stupidity has spread out. Please report any instances immediately! Hold on...It is here! Deploy the MTF and PHYSICS unit!

      3. Hunter Huffman

        they originally said not to wear masks because there was a shortage, now there isn't.

    28. petrolhead1987

      So many Qanon believers in these comments, so scary to see that so many people are so stupid. Hopefully they won't reproduce and the next generation won't be infected with their lunacy.

    29. Samuel Davis

      F**k Joe Biden

      1. United Nations Global Occult Coalition

        @Comrade Catu Why cringe? I am Dr. Bright. All my jokes are funny.

      2. Comrade Catu

        @United Nations Global Occult Coalition bruh did you just make an SCP joke? Cringe

      3. United Nations Global Occult Coalition

        This is a collaborated message of the SCP Foundation and the GOC: A dangerous SCP hazard named stupidity has spread out. Please report any instances immediately! Hold on...It is here! Deploy the MTF and PHYSICS unit!

      4. The FBI

        How come?

      5. Comrade Catu

        Who won?

    30. Lord of Monkeys

      As a mask wearing American this is what’s bad about America there are lots of dumb people

    31. Carter Phillips

      There’s a male Karen in the house

    32. Gingga Ningga

      Could this be put on Spotify and Apple Music? It’s so outrageous. similar to kurtis conner’s “Blood Related” (which is on Apple Music and Spotify).

      1. Kooby

        a fellow member of Kurtistown!

    33. Soda Pull Tab

      we should be like canada, fine people for not wearing a mask. its like training a dog!

    34. Thine Holy peanut

      Don’t mind me just lookin for political comments

    35. Idris Justin

      I love this song 🎼🎵🎵🎵💪😊🥱

    36. MacFion

      The sad part I saw this shared by a anti-masker, it completely missed them it was satire...

    37. Jackattack

      I will see you all when this blows up

    38. Gas

      i actually dont give shit about other people health

    39. dG Heem

      U can make fun of us idc😂 I’m living mask free😂

      1. sid shid

        i heard your wife's pregnant :) tell your sister i said congrats on the baby

      2. United Nations Global Occult Coalition

        Ok boomer

      3. United Nations Global Occult Coalition

        This is a collaborated message of the SCP Foundation and the GOC: A dangerous SCP hazard named stupidity has spread out. Please report any instances immediately! Hold on...It is here! Deploy the MTF and PHYSICS unit!

      4. Israel Overman

        Good job

      5. The FBI

        Ok boomer

    40. Lost on Earth

      Wait till there is a super infectious outbreak of a virus that is multiple times more infectious than SARS-Cov-19 and that is just as deadly as it is infectious and also you should know it's not a question of if but when this will happen.

    41. ZogYechiHamelech

      With such heavy censorship, "comedy" happens to be the only way to actually express the truth, Joe Rogen speaks about it, that's why South Park is not banned.

    42. Raymond Nguyen

      if this aint a joke im dying

    43. Atomic Satan

      Facebook challenge. Post it as what's on your mind lol time to clean house

    44. Tomix Kin

      living mask free doesn't mean you'll go and cough at people's faces. there is no universal advice by doctors to wear a mask. .. this song.. arghh.. it's just stupid and FULL OF BAD TAKES. but I get it.. it's funny for "normal" people (morons)

      1. United Nations Global Occult Coalition

        This is a collaborated message of the SCP Foundation and the GOC: A dangerous SCP hazard named stupidity has spread out. Please report any instances immediately! Hold on...It is here! Deploy the MTF and PHYSICS unit!

      2. Kooby

        @Tomix Kin You said masks are ineffective against COVID-19. Let's try something. 1. Draw a few parallel lines on a piece of paper a few centimeters apart. Now grab a thumbtack and try to push it through the paper without touching the lines. Easy enough, right? 2. Now draw some parallel lines in the opposite direction, like a crosshatch. Try pushing the tack through again. It is a little harder. 3. Repeat the process. Draw some diagonal lines and push it through. You can see it gets harder every time. This is how masks work. The lines represent the layers of fabric. Every time you add another layer, it gets harder for the virus (the thumbtack) to get through. If you’re looking for some cold, hard, scientific evidence, I’ll cite some studies. 1. We already know that viruses travel in microscopic droplets. These droplets are transferred from your mouth and nose when you sneeze, cough, talk, or breathe. In a study with a high-speed camera, one researcher said a simple phrase while sitting next to another person. Hundreds of tiny droplets ranging in size flew everywhere when he spoke. However, the second person blocked almost all of the droplets from entering his mouth and nose when he covered his face with a wet washcloth. 2. Another study found that people with the influenza virus (the flu) were much less likely to spread the virus to people around them if they were wearing masks. When the District of Columbia made masks mandatory, it saw a 2% decrease in cases in just 3 weeks. Another study found that countries where mask-wearing was a cultural norm had fewer COVID-19 deaths. 3. The size of the droplets that the coronavirus travels on is between 5,000 and 10,000 nanometers in diameter. The size of the pores in a mask is between 10 and 6,000 nanometers. You can see that masks are not 100% effective, but wearing one is well worth it. Here you go buddy.

      3. Kooby

        @Tomix Kin lol sorry. I was busy when I typed that.

      4. Tomix Kin

        @Kooby .. and so I wait ..

      5. Kooby

        @Tomix Kin You're in luck. I did hours of research and wrote a whole essay for another thread. Let me see if I can dig through my notifs and find it.

    45. Leo Keularts


    46. George Salisbury

      Can we have a version of this for anti-vaxxers?

    47. Addison

      As somebody who is sitting in bed feeling like death and waiting for a covid test, this hits hard (Plus I have super weak lungs and a pretty crappy immune system)

      1. Sergio Rubens

        @Addison pog

      2. Addison

        update that nobody cares about i got vaccinated!

      3. Addison

        @Sergio Rubens haha yeah, i got super lucky, i hope that everyone who does have covid recovers safely!

      4. Sergio Rubens

        @Addison you have achived the good ending

      5. Addison

        @Raptorrise Thank you! I tested negative (it was just a flu)

    48. azier

      its so perfect because the likes are from people who know it is satire as well as the people who know it is satire and don't care.

      1. Kooby

        and the extra dumb people who think its not satire.

    49. Zul Amy

      Never had a fever or flu ever since I started wearing masks in public.

    50. Chason Keele

      Trump for next election!!

      1. United Nations Global Occult Coalition

        This is a collaborated message of the SCP Foundation and the GOC: A dangerous SCP hazard named stupidity has spread out. Please report any instances immediately! Hold on...It is here! Deploy the MTF and PHYSICS unit!

      2. Kooby

        keep dreaming bub.

      3. Galaxy Pedestal Fan

        Trump is the fourth worst conservative president the US has had. The only ones worse than him are Buchanan, Jackson, and Hoover, which means he’s essentially the worst conservative not counting the obvious worst ones.

      4. Mathew Ajo

        He's the reason this video had to be made.

      5. CapyBaeRa


    51. conservative but not for trump

      I wouldn't be surprised if the us had a referendum and chose this as their new national anthem

    52. nabil ghaisan ridwan

      0:52 that smile was soo akward...

    53. Wolf-sama

      Literally every trump supporter. MOVE TO RUSSIA TRUMPERS!!!!

      1. SeanEee


      2. Star

        hey in fairness, while it took him a while, trump DID eventually tell his supporters to wear masks

    54. 123carol321

      If the USA was a song, this would be it

    55. Joseph Wolfson

      I sent it to a Republican and he loves it. He doesn’t see the irony lol!

    56. A Goth Named Wednessday

      Gods this is kinda harrowing now

    57. Jehu

      We should have the freedom to not wear a mask. The constitution gives us the right. But the video does overeact why people dont wear a mask sometimes.

      1. United Nations Global Occult Coalition

        I can do what I want because of the Constitution! F*ck common sense! *American anthem intensifies

      2. Kooby

        @Jehu That his rebuttal to you buddy.

      3. Jehu

        @Galaxy Pedestal Fan wait who are you relating to?

      4. Galaxy Pedestal Fan

        The Constitution gives us the right to kill people via air-born pathogen? Who knew!! The Constitution does not give you that right at all dumbass. It actually tells you to not kill people.

      5. Jerry Seinfeld

        @SJDOrange bull if you take one freedom you’ll take more and you by law you have to send your kids to school so then what? Home school? What if I can’t? Your gonna force me to take something I don’t want? Every other country is doing this why don’t you go there. Leave American free and if we all die that’s the cost of freedom and it’s the only place you still have that

    58. mafiacat88

      Jesus, the US population is showing a shocking lack of empathy during this pandemic. Which, to be fair, is depressingly on-brand.

    59. Ticked Talker

      Fauci and the WHO both said not to wear mask if you're not sick because most ppl will constantly touch their mask and use the same old dirty one. Now they are telling you to wear two or three mask and you say okay Masta I'll be a good slave just let me watch my Netflix inside while I deprive myself of sunlight and friends.

      1. Kooby

        @Ticked Talker I believe they changed the guidelines for children to 3 feet.

      2. Ticked Talker

        @mafiacat88 that's not true though. Countries that didn't do mandatory social distancing and masking are doing just as good as the Countries that did. Plus the cdc just changed the guidelines to 3 ft instead of six. When will you stop listening to fools and think for yourself?

      3. cooper

        the who claim that I think youre talking about claims that masks dont prevent stuff from getting into your mask... which they don't because masks are designed to keep stuff in. thats why doctors and stuff wear them during surgeries and the person getting surgery performed on them doesn't. also fauci litterally retracted that claim lol

      4. mafiacat88

        Yeah, that's because information tends to get more accurate as more testing is done. So while at the beginning it was educated guess work, by now proper research has had time to happen, and it says not wearing a mask is a dick move.

    60. Gina Ellinger


    61. PoorlyDrawnFace

      Is that pewdiepie?

      1. SeanEee


    62. keen *

      I agree the masks are bad I died in them

    63. Luis Ferdinand

      "Nobody as brave as me" Change it to "nobody as idiotic as me"

      1. Luis Ferdinand

        @Numbertaker thanks for the info I will change it

      2. Numbertaker

        You really shouldn't say r*t*rded it's a slur for neurodivergent people. It used to be a medical term but now it's extremely offensive. Just thought I should let you know

    64. Susic

      Basically Trump and his supporters

    65. Tarzan Appleseed


    66. Noah Hardwick

      This perfectly describes the jerks who refuse to wear his mask

    67. George Salisbury

      Can we make a version of this for Brazil?

      1. Kooby

        @Little Mac Is underrated People are all over me at parties.

      2. Little Mac Is underrated

        @Kooby you must be great at parties

      3. Kooby

        @Little Mac Is underrated 1. That's not how the caste system works. Castes can interact with each other to some extent (intercaste marriages and friendships are still taboo), but Untouchables cannot interact with any other caste. The caste system is not like segregation was in the United States, it's more societal. 2. India got hit by the pandemic because of overpopulations and misinformation. I've seen videos on WhatsApp with all sorts of miracle cures by people wearing lab coats. Everyone thinks that the lab coat means the person is a doctor. Also, India is hugely overpopulated.

      4. Little Mac Is underrated

        And India, although I wonder how India got it so bad, I thought the caste system forced people to stay apart

    68. Eli Rocket Storm

      I agree with everything this says also I reminds me of that far cry song

      1. Little Mac Is underrated

        Hey man the song is ironic, it’s an example of an idiot.

    69. Jaden Stiles

      I don't know why I have to say this but not every single person who is country or republican or even hick hates masks and ignores science. It's only the dumb ones. Most of us are good.

      1. Numbertaker

        Yeah but it's a stariotype. But I do understand how stariotypes can be annoying especially when they can be offensive

      2. Jaden Stiles

        @Little Mac Is underrated also little mac Is underrated

      3. Jaden Stiles

        @Little Mac Is underrated I'm just saying you don't have to portray everyone who is republican or supports trump like that

      4. Little Mac Is underrated

        That’s why we hate those people so much. They make everyone look like an idiot

    70. george floyd gaming gfuel

      no one: democrats:

      1. Star

        @george floyd gaming gfuel well while most republicans are reasonable, the ones that stand out tend to be the crazy ones who dont wear masks

      2. george floyd gaming gfuel

        @Numbertaker ya see its not a depiction of either my problem is with the democrats who try to make masks political or pretend like republicans dont wear masks this political partisan bs is part of the problem

      3. Numbertaker

        This is a stariotypical depiction of a republican? I'm just confused democrats and liberals tend to want people to wear masks

    71. Little Mac Is underrated

      How much you wanna bet there’s people in the comments taking it unironically

    72. Colton Crowley

      This did not age well

      1. Little Mac Is underrated

        How so

    73. p baum


    74. Kimberly Wiederhold

      Mssks don't work. It only lets people know you've drunk the kool-aide.

      1. Given Picar

        Eh at least this vid supports your view point.

      2. SeanEee

        You better be jokin

    75. TeamManic YT

      austraila is going good

    76. Edward Rahl

      More relevant today

    77. Chris Klein

      wearing a piece of cloth over my face is so smart I have decided to slap on my car's tailpipe to do my part to prevent climate change. IT'S BRILLIANT

      1. Galaxy Pedestal Fan

        Your brain is probably smaller than your beard.

      2. Numbertaker

        ...are you breathing out flammable toxic gas?

    78. Chris Klein

      if only mask wearers get tested . who do all the positive cases come from?

      1. Max Milella

        Yeah, and if condoms aren't 100% effective I refuse to use them too

      2. Doctor Rodman

        So your logic is masks are not 100% effective so why use them at all? Maybe you should reconsider your position.

    79. Chris Klein

      1:10 lotta good those masks are doing

      1. Galaxy Pedestal Fan

        Wow, you also put in the time stamp for what I was gonna say to you!

      2. Star

        while masks give you a little protection from others, they're mainly for preventing YOU from spreading it to other people.

    80. 123idreamjeannie

      This channel is on its way to being view free😀

      1. Some one

        I mean it clearly attracted your attention

    81. Milo McMahon

      "The freedom to look at all the shits I give." Brilliant line.

    82. Kirsi Naidoo

      Oh... this aged very well.

    83. Davin Jones

      Yup thats texas.. also I just remembered why i hate california... im texas by the way


      1:11 damn dude you nail it!!

    85. Caroline Martin

      The dislikes are from the Karens

    86. Gio Samayoa

      Love it! Now my fellow Americans, live mask free! Enjoy your fresh air. :)

      1. Alexander Edwards

        This is my 55 year old far right extremist mom she found out how to get on IRvision

      2. Galaxy Pedestal Fan

        The air in America wasn’t even close to being fresh before the virus.

      3. Numbertaker

        ..this is satire

    87. Derek Stinson

      We will have to double mask it till mid 2022 now.

    88. Lai Shun Chan

      Guess I am not going back home to the state this year.... not that I want to with all these free folks

    89. Just Meep

      I'm actually anti-mask but I still think this is funny!

      1. Star



      It's scary how easy this could exist unironically.

    91. Jacob Smout

      This is how we all view America in europe

      1. SeanEee

        @Jacob Smout okay good ':D

      2. Jacob Smout

        @SeanEee sir, this was a joke

      3. SeanEee

        Just for reference, im a slightly Republican American, people here arent that stupid, its a very vocal minority, most of us are kind and not retarded You can ask any questions about obvious things like flat earth if you want, ill answer

    92. Luke P

      Even I as a republican found this funny.

    93. Lucifer Morningstar

      Where's the *"COVID-19 is a hoax"* part?

    94. Zacharion Tab

      hey people in charge at college humor, how can I be a part of your cast... I'm 18 now and I watched all of your vids since 2008

      1. SeanEee


    95. Unofficial Election Analysis

      Does the main guy in this video appear in any other College Humor skits?

    96. Moose Ears

      Plot twist: He actually died of Covid 19, and injecting bleach was just icing on the cake

    97. Steve Loeschke

      Funny thing is that our leider expert here in germany told us at the begining of all this bullshit that we should not wear a mask because they donth do nothing, and the Media made funn about people wearing maskes and gloves, and only a few weeks later its mandatory. I love it when they pee on our head and tell us ots raining

    98. Dirk's Life Advice

      Introverted thinking combined with introverted sensing and extroverted intuition. Gross... just gross.

    99. Lukas Raynor

      This is very classic College Humor. It makes me happy

    100. James Clarke

      Why must this song be so catchy?? I don't even like country music.