Troopers vs. Performance Reviews


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    Dread Lord gives Larry and Rich a performance review...from the future.
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    1. MediumBoss Eazy

      Their adorable now and hilarious

    2. Victor Cheng

      Plot twist: The death star weakness wasn't an exhaust port, it was the hole Larry and Rich blew with the laser gun.

    3. anime lover


    4. LubDubLub

      Yo man the writing on this is hilarious

    5. KamarTB

      What is the range on those blasters?

    6. Nigel Ip

      That reference to the original Troopers was PERFECT!

    7. Naronkrit

      I thought he would say no spoiler.

    8. Ba Ba

      That hole on the spaceship created chili dogs nooooooooooooooo

    9. cool stuff

      Fixed point in time

    10. Charlie Aspillaga

      Dread light savings ruin everything

    11. Mudklip

      Logical time travel

    12. Vinicius Queiroz

      Ok, this series is now officially awesome

    13. The Noname Household

      Why isn't this on the animated playlist? 🤥

    14. SeekerPsycho1

      This is one of the best ones. Troopers keeps delivering

    15. Jason256 -

      1:33 Oops

    16. Jake Sandland

      It did sets off a series of events that saved the galaxy like episode 4 5 and 6.

    17. Nico

      "NO GIMME" "NO YOU GIMME" "oh no its predicted"

    18. Mysterious YouTuber

      They should have destroyed the gun

    19. Anonymous

      Yay troopers is back

    20. Venom

      Fun to watch

    21. Dabo 90

      Troopers is back :) The good one, I mean...

    22. squallcloudzell

      I want one of those. Who or what am I talking about?

    23. Devine

      Every time I watch this video, a small part of my brain expects that every time Rich or Larry suggests a way to stop the hole being shot into the spaceship, Dreadlord Sinister will "thank" them for their suggestions...

    24. Joshua Graham

      i miss the live action troopers but oh well

    25. Deku 11

      Troopers is my favorite series

    26. Coolman227

      Give me, no you give me

    27. DIY Hamster World

      Hello I love your video so much🔰🌻🌺🍎🍍🐹

    28. maulerXX

      Bring back the Princess!!!

    29. ElevenTwelveFifteenTwentyFour Esoteric

      🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡Star Wars😂✈Ob1 knobi 🐺🌙🌌

    30. Shibu

      This doesn't have enough views

    31. Preder Nation

      *Grim is that you?*

    32. Nitrosus

      I get it. The hole in the spaceship is like the hole in the Death Star. That’s how Luke destroyed the Death Star

      1. Jake Sandland

        The hole was more important then we could possibly imagine, it sets off a series of events that saves humanity from the deathstar.

    33. Zain Rustom

      I prefered it when troops wasnt animated 😭

    34. David Dunmer

      Live action was better

    35. cat manson

      Bruh 😂

    36. Dark at Hearts

      So this is the state of CollegeHumor, animated skits over again. I mean I know that they can't really do live action butt jeez.

      1. Billy

        They literally can’t film live action, either animated content that’s still really funny or no content at all.

    37. Random person


    38. Indigo

      Troopers became Looper

    39. Nitrosus

      This is the best series college humor has made, I’m so glad they brought it back

    40. Cody Allen

      Wow. Great video College humor. Keep these coming!

    41. Joseph Maller

      This reminds me of Larry the Stormtrooper.

    42. Xtroyer1594

      This channel is dead 14 million subs and only 73k views per video Ik people like the godfather blame truth qho hase less than 400k subs and gets 100k views on his videos every day MrbeastGaming has 11 million subs and gets over 12 millions views on his videos

      1. Knight Trooper

        @Xtroyer1594 maybe the algorithm or just that not many people visit College Humor

      2. Xtroyer1594

        @Knight Trooper yeah i still don't.know how this channel almost ded

      3. Knight Trooper

        of course MrBeast Gaming would have 12 million views per video because College Humor hitted it's prime time during the 2015 era. But mostly this channel kinda dying but it still has viewers who are loyal fans.

    43. Moien M

      What happened to the old cast. They were brilliant. Why.....why....😭😭😭

      1. Oka

        Parent company sold collegehumour to Reich

    44. Josh Creator GALAXY

      Bring back ‘Dinosaur Office!’ ROAR!!! 💻🗄🗑🦕🦖🗃📄

    45. Yuh

      Remember the good videos

    46. Maui Randall

      Why do you need to go to the Future to stop yourself from doing something isn't the whole point that you just decide not to do the thing?

    47. ZyLiSt 1337

      Hi you skatch is very nice you have 2 for Xbox and wat is with the next Gen and Crossplay to Ps5 and PC? Is comming new Video???????

    48. Cooking_ Templer

      Pleas make ist as a reality video Like in 2011

    49. Pie Guy


    50. La Nguyên B Tòng

      K. This is actually good.

    51. Madrose XX3

      Troopers has got to b one of my fav series.... Really wanted a trooper costume for Halloween but couldnt get one bummer... But i watched the whole series tho so thats a plus...

    52. S D

      How far the mighty have fallen... RIP college humor. At least you lasted longer than Machinima.

    53. FireDoctor


    54. Technically Speaking


    55. Rickshift

      2:43 and 2:53 Gimme! No you Gimme! *destroys ship* Oops! I mean, this is all your fault!

    56. CurlyHead E

      Dino office ?

    57. Daymatrian

      What if and I'm just spit balling here what if they put the gun into storage? *Presses future vision button* Me: Oh wait they're fictional character that I cant actually talk to and I doubt collegeHumor is actually going to see this comment..:(

    58. ULTRA

      Plenty of time!

    59. Izana Hoshijiro

      Not sure which channel is the best one to post this on. So I'm.posting it on multiple. Idea for a video concept. What if Cinema audiences were more like WWE fans.

    60. 02 creeper dude arts

      This video was more self explanatory than most things I know

    61. Ayo gaming and amv' S


    62. Skinned, fried and cut up potatoes

      I like how college humor does old stuff like they used to but I’m also sad because of the reason there doing it

      1. norakmaaini muhammad

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      2. Bruno Delmastro

        @Brandon AndresThanks a lot. Sad indeed.

      3. Brandon Andres

        @Bruno Delmastro Collegehumor practically died at the beginning of 2020. They had a ton of layoffs, and the company downsized to the point where they couldn’t financially continue to put out what they planned. Lots of factors ranging from IRvision, Facebook, Dropout, etc. and it reached a tipping point. Collegehumor is likely doing old stuff because they know it worked. This is more evident in their Dorkly channel, where they just continue their literal Pokédex series instead of branching out or even doing other series. Drawfee, on the other hand, became independent and no longer associated.

      4. Bruno Delmastro

        Care to elaborate? I would like to know

    63. Brodacious

      Project Zorgo is going to delete IRvision on December 31st. Spread the word

      1. Agent Sus

        If you actually cared you would tell that to the people who could stop it, not random people on the internet.

    64. retluoc

      Vader: Oh great, now you morons just ripped the time continuum a new one -- you guys are SO demoted!

    65. Cheese and Onions

      I love how idiots try to comment on the pinnacle of art...

    66. Skrubey

      Bring back college humors all nighters

    67. Mr Pixel

      I wanna know which one was Actualy raphs dad in rise of the budget CH EXPLAIN

    68. randimation

      Constants and variables.

    69. Thomas Kite

      Since Rich saw how he dies, his older self knew he was going to die. That was a suicide attempt on older Rich's part.

      1. Mr Pixel

        Omg your right somebody get rich some mental help calls dread lord Dread lord: easy solution can’t have mental issues if your dead *pulls out the gun* *shoots the hole in the ship* Rich: oh it WASNT predicted



    71. Jay

      Love that you guys brought back troopers

    72. Divil22

      LOve these series!

    73. Night Shade

      This looks so cute like a mix of south park & Legos.

    74. Geostomp

      Animated Trooper III: Troopers in Time

    75. lord buss

      2:32 The perfect proof why the only thing that makes you temporally doomed is your own stupidity.

    76. Enrico Lombard

      Best series ever

    77. Halotree06

      Bleep Bloop: Too Late Message Erased :End

    78. normie twice removed

      Animated troopers totally works!!

    79. Manish Yadav

      Hands down, The best series ever. Keep'em coming guys. ❤️

    80. Jawad alsulami

      what happed to adam ruins everything

      1. Mr Pixel

        Idk I’m sad now that you mentioned it

    81. Léo Marbacher

      I really love the série but honestly I prefer it in live action, is that plan to have another season in live action ?

    82. vazak11


    83. Fabienne Selinger

      If the gun shot cuts through all that metal I'm sure it would still do that after hitting a human or lizard monster. Having a gun on board that you can't fire without destroying your own ship is a horrible idea from the get go

    84. ShadowGlitch204

      I wish we had that future

    85. shastapurpledaisy

      I love this series but there’s just something not right about it being in animation form. Still good tho

    86. Aairo

      im so glad this series has come back!

      1. Jeremy brightenburg

        And now it’s gone forever college humor is canceled

    87. XxunoriginalgamingxX

      Their aim in a nutshell

    88. Henry O'Henry

      That was actually really funny

    89. 8meterwish

      College humor should have looked into their own future to avoid making this monstrosity.

      1. Agent Sus

        You know, if you don't like it, you could just find something else to watch, right?

    90. Gavin Berns


    91. laggy explosions

      Love troopers!!!!

    92. Jason Bryant

      Yessss! Animated Troopers is perfect.

      1. Andrian Vivo

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    93. Kryten

      I don’t even care its a cartoon, this still is beautifully stupid, i love it

    94. finas croatia

      Troopers what happend to you :(

    95. Eliel Legarreta

      where is grant?

    96. T_WARRIORS

      I love this series it kinda reminds me of storm troppers

      1. T_WARRIORS

        @the shy guy animations SHhh I don't give away my secrets

      2. the shy guy animations


      3. T_WARRIORS

        the shoow they did

    97. Ordog123 123

      Yay new stuff

    98. Caitlin Broza

      This was my first time watching this cartoon, really funny!

    99. Metal-Max1991

      Again, demoted. Oops. I mean this is all your fault! Gimme! No you gimme!

    100. partyjams

      Technology for the future travel and this is what it’s used for