A Message From the Skype CEO


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    The CEO of Skype is here with a message for all you "loyal" users.
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    1. CollegeHumor

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      1. champ vasquez


      2. Cham2009 Oregano pie

        This is the one time I really want to get dropout

      3. champ vasquez


      4. Red Panda

        Nope 14.

      5. champ vasquez

        U Can't Wait 4 It?

    2. RuoXuan Xia

      1:02. 😂😂😂😂

    3. Jon T

      Yo Discord is better than Zoom and Skype

    4. Notti DAD

      This dude is RAW!! Hilarious! 😂 😂

    5. KyotoxKai

      he is so mad about it LOL IM DYING

    6. Alyxer Fixer

      I’m gonna say Skype every time I open a can now

    7. Sr. Salgado

      Would anyone be so kind as to explain the DiCaprio thing? It's a reference I've never heard :(

    8. Deadman34768

      i sent this to my teacher 'on zoom". now we are using skype and discord..

    9. NOBODY

      He's got a point tho

    10. DarthLetalis

      Skype still exists???? Weird lol

    11. CT-3187

      Personally my favorite part of the video 1:03

    12. Snr. Froggy Mooopew

      Nobody: Ilhan Omar talking about Zoom: 4:50

    13. lostone

      skype is microsoft trash. you're lucky we still use teams.

    14. Educatiøn

      Skype is best.

    15. Artisan

      I use discord and google meet

    16. daniel waruguru

      Let me know if we can set up a zoom later......F**K.......Skype.....This made me laugh my heart out

    17. Kevin Skinner

      I use Skype

    18. Opiniononion

      What is Zoom? We're using Teams =) But seriously I miss Skype kinda.

    19. S K

      Gf left me for another dude and I’m really feeling 1:14

    20. HDH 0105

      “Are we gobots?” Is the best line in the world

    21. seaf tuc

      Discord ceo just fights with Skype ceo for 20 minutes

    22. Niko

      Ok we might have zoom but Skype paved the way for zoom and FaceTime

    23. Hype Machina

      A Japanese vtuber channel brought me here

    24. Carlos Arellano Conriquez

      Top 10 villains who weren’t evil, just broken

    25. Tico vargas015

      1:19 best part of the vid 😂

    26. Parkdum

      the man is the ceo of everything

    27. Aron Man

      Brennan is the CEO of this big companies and can now compete against Johnny Sins.

    28. FRgames


    29. Zurtle Bojangles

      Zoom🤮? never touched the stuff!

    30. LightLock

      Honestly if teachers could figure out how to use discord it would be so much better. especially for students who are struggling with school. Imagine a day where you could join a call in a server and @ your teacher and ask them to join the call to help you out.

    31. ilia katritch

      The fact that Skype, Google, and Facebook all completely dropped the ball on capitalizing on video conferencing market boom and got outmaneuvered by this random company is insane to me.

    32. BopBopAugust

      We need a IRvision CEO video

    33. ChildGamerKool


    34. EZORZ

      Me when my girlfriend like kpop rather than me and left me alone "YOU UNGRATEFUL F**KS I WILL HAVE MY REVENGEEEEE" 1:15 Well..poor skype.. : (

    35. Adam Garcia

      The fact that he winked after he said "It's the crown in your hand."

    36. michaelflash123's stuff

      He went from mental breakdowns to literally going ballistic

    37. ShadowGamer 1650

      you need friends for skype to have a purpose...

    38. Ethan Medrow

      While I don't blame the Skype CEO, I see zoom as more of a group video system, which is good for schools and businesses, while Skype is more personal. I took high school and college course through zoom, but video call my family over Skype. Just my view

    39. peter siri

      Okay, we are skyping no more. We are zooming.

    40. Delia Arrivas


    41. Not Tom Brady

      The real teachers use discord

    42. Ygdfhhgdhhd Ttturrut

      This is why Cisco's Webex is the best

    43. Svience


    44. Kidd Sol

      Brennan looks a little like Elon musk here 😂

    45. Kaizen

      1:18 Perfectly cut screams meme

    46. PaddyRoon7

      Landon Bablandananavan reminds me of Peter O'Hanrahahanrahan

    47. Arctifein

      wait till he hears about google meet

    48. Nonno

      This is for all those times your stupid notification popped up at boot making it impossible to close the Skype app. Zoom FTW.

    49. Empty Soul

      1:17 someone takes the last mountain dew from the kitchen.

    50. Nick Thorp

      Skype meetings even in 2010 sounded (sometimes) like 1960s space astronaut recordings. Even without video. Maybe due to wifi quality to be fair. But was good to leave skype due to the memories!

    51. BHTD

      1:17 i will have! MY REVEEEE!!!11!1!!!!!!-

    52. HelloItsKebu


    53. Plasma

      my teacher shouting at me litterally every day 1:16

    54. Jacksucksatlife

      I will have my revengeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    55. TORnado gaming

      Who us here after perfectly cut screms vids

    56. da93one

      I like the sounds of Skype. Hopefully that helps. :)

    57. justakidplayz

      Not gonna lie skype is so buggy that is why i dont like it also zoom mesenger google meet discord is so much more convenient to use i know gou arent actualy the ceo im just stating my opinion

    58. TheRealF.B.I

      2 years later Skype buys Zoom

    59. Keller weskier

      tbh. The downfall is when Skype got bought out by google i think it was... then they started DELETING MY FUCKING CHAT HISTORY. Other than that, i got nothing. Its not like Discord vs. Teamspeak. theres an OBVIOUS split there, Discord has that shit down.

    60. アイオワ

      1:15 進撃の巨人のエレンかな?

    61. ReticularTunic7

      I thought he was gonna rant about discord but this makes perfect sense 🤣

    62. QuotedPrawn7490

      Who else came here for the nine...ninety...ninety eight percent porn short clip

    63. Vestrix


    64. •Ranđom Gürly•

      bruh- i google meet with my friend everyday. I use teams for school, I have a zoom account, i have discord- I just dont have skype-

    65. William Andrews

      Skype is a virus. Not in a thousand years would I install that garbage on my pc. Zoom is not good, Teams is not good. But it doesn't completely brick every piece of technology that it comes in contact with.

    66. Damzel Kiley

      I have seen this so many times I nearly have it memorized. Mannerisms and all. DICAPRIO! DICAPRIO!! DICAPRIO!!

    67. Gus Gus


    68. VidKris

      I prefer Skype! Or messenger call Hate zoom! I just want to call 1 person! I wish he was the CEO of Skype! 😂

    69. Francisco Reis Pinheiro

      1:13 As God as my witness, you ungrateful f*cks, I WILL HAVE. MY REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    70. MadHatterCiesus

      I prefer discord. *sits back to watch the nuclear warfare*

    71. Ueu Ch.

      3:32 foreshadowing

    72. BatteryDuck

      Gabe Newells phobia: alyxnophobia - threephobia The Fear of Number 3 Skype CEOs phobia: zoombophobia - zoomophobia The Fear of Zoom or online classes

    73. Nia The Canimal

      0:50 when my mom buys me a PS5 instead of a PS4

    74. Hilton B

      * Deep Breath *...... *No*

    75. Roobs

      jesus man went through the 5 stages of grief on the way to the end

    76. Rusty Blader

      Microsoft is the ea of video chat thank God they never got ahold of discord

    77. 11ArTillery

      "LeMme zOoM Ya!"

    78. Deimos


    79. Cookie

      w h a t i m e a n t o s a y i s

    80. Night Shade

      Wtf is Skype?

    81. LivingBetweenWorlds

      I don’t use zoom or Skype

    82. ismael roman rey

      dont worry skype guy, we didnt left for zoom right away, we left for discord a few years ago

    83. Unknown Star

      Discord: ...

    84. novakast.

      Just wait until he finds out about Discord

    85. Zeldaboy

      To be fair I was using Lync until Skype bought them. So it would be "Hey can you Lync me that information?". Now I gotta use this crapass Microsoft Teams. I just got used to saying "Skype that to me." instead of "Lync that to me."

    86. Khalis Cain

      Everyone is talking about discord I didn’t find out what discord was until two weeks ago.

    87. xcfencer99

      "Oh right Skype is a thing" thought everyone who saw this video title.

    88. vimci • 5 years ago •


    89. Caroline Kessler

      This is my favorite series 🤩

    90. Jeffrey Lai

      I forgot Skype was a thing

    91. Thomas Petrucka

      I cannot get over these great moments of Brennan losing his mind.

    92. Koifish 79

      This series is saving the channel. I was dying to this video

    93. TTCG

      Now skype is going away on July 31st. Don't believe me? Google it.

    94. ツ


    95. TheFangseeker


    96. Yassmin Sameh Mohamed Abdelmoneim Ibrahim

      Insanely amazing video I sweaaaaaaaaaar

    97. Reecealepticeye 1000

      I can't breathe

    98. Lucas Dozza

      Ska came before Reggae

    99. Sparklez angelbeans The bi Fox boi

      Discord is better

    100. Palathaxx

      It's because school officials googled "video chat application for 20+ people," and the news spread like wildfire.