How Politicians Sound When Explaining COVID Rules


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    Should you not dine indoors while sometimes wearing masks? Prossibly.
    POLITICIAN - David Kerns
    ASL INTERPRETER - Julia Kerns
    WRITER - Mike Trapp
    DIRECTOR - David Kerns
    PRODUCTION COORDINATOR - Sophie Horwitz-Hirsch
    EDITOR - Matthew Pollock
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    1. CollegeHumor

      What about masks? Totally, dude. Totally.

      1. the puppet master98

        I thought this was the onion lmao

      2. you’re mother

        @Kyero didn’t the parties switch or somthing in the 50’s, meaning reds before the 50s are blues by today’s standards

      3. Jesse

        @DodoLuluPepe thx

      4. Jesse

        @shrillshrimp 200 plenty of ppl use it if it didn't stop, must be worth it to some ppl, if only to support them

      5. Jesse

        @A Teal Penguin But he wouldn't have done it if there was another option, that imo makes his actions worthless, as he didn't want to do it nor cared for the slaves after they were "freed"

    2. Cathartic Gaming

      Here after the cdc says vaccinated people don’t need to wear masks and watching local politicians make new dumber policies that are confusing.

    3. FunOBot


    4. Crowe

      seven months since this video was released, and it's still relevant

    5. AmericanKid778

      I am deeply saddened to see that this is 7 MONTHS OLD WHAT?

    6. CC Subzero

      ty for your hard work and confusing but clear rules. Be safely unsafe. :)

    7. August Weather

      As someone with ASL knowledge, seeing the interpreter just give up on Cautioptimostically Optillocious...was really funny

    8. Nolen Applegate

      This sounds just like Trudeau

    9. Them Bushes

      I love that they got someone that actually know ASL to do the interpretation bit.😃

    10. Gary Dillon

      In canada this is why I would love to be prime minister. So I can stop the government from having these types of answers to our questions and make everything a lot more simple

    11. Void Caron

      "pubs can only serve drinks to people who buy a pasty with them" - british government

    12. The funny Nerd

      I just saw COVID rules

    13. Marcus Potter

      Reminds me of some UK politicians, our Prime Minister Boris Johnson in particular!

    14. HDN0LIFE

      Sounds like Michael Scott

    15. Bazar Club

      Hi from Brazil, CH. In our country, the confusion sadly don't even come from a "Gollum politician" alone. We have this president that is a damn moron, that say assertive bullshits that put people in risk everytime, give moronic commands do health system and spread fake news as official truths , and so more than half of all government (plus governors and mayors) need to go public to disapprove the president and put some sanity on the people's heads. So, there is a little bunch of politicians that are very, very clear defending exactly the wrong things that lead people to disease. Because that, right now, we passed from 400k deaths by COVID-19. And we have not so much hope to stop this number to grow.

    16. Aaron Halliday

      This is Doug Ford in a nutshell.

    17. Troy Zoya

      I love the joke but this Video is giving me a Headache

    18. Ethel Chamomile Ch. - VTuber -

      This hurts my brain.

    19. Knockoff Airpods

      is this what having a stroke feels like?

    20. Unripe Tomato

      omg the first question caught me off guard.

    21. jollow250

      He looks identical to the Canadian PM.

      1. Senator Biggus Dickus

        his face is clearly white in this video so not entirely.

    22. Rasa Braswell

      this hurts and is to relatable....I LOVE IT

    23. Max Johnson

      This makes no sense. Its perfect.

    24. nahur

      Oh cool, you guys are still alive? 😃

    25. Dessellee Stanford

      Why is this a better "guidance message" than the actual ones my governor has given?

    26. T.J. Freeq

      You down with double negatives?

    27. tksh

      i'm a non-native English speaker, and i was so cofused that i could not understand this video until i saw comments 🤣

    28. PromptKarma5907

      I forgot I was watching a joke.

    29. jake the gamer

      The graphs hurt me emotionally.

    30. M B

      the person doing sign language: 🚶🤸🙅🤷💁💃

    31. Cole Hoggart

      This was so well done👏👏👏🤣

    32. Doom! !

      Was the sign lady saying some thing funny?

    33. 77Tigers

      Totally, dude

    34. Luis Andrade

      I think politicians sound like this all time

    35. The Traveler

      Seems like people should be realizing we're being lied to about a virus that doesn't actually exist

      1. Emminet

        @The Traveler what ego? I’m simply stating facts, not beliefs. You are the one who keeps trying to tell me misinformation and “beliefs”. Honestly, I know I won’t suddenly change your mind and make you think a bit more rationally through a IRvision comment, so I don’t think I’ll respond after this.

      2. The Traveler

        Get over your ego and stop trying to force your sheepish beliefs down my throat

      3. Emminet

        @The Traveler additionally, the “belief” in COVID-19 is not a belief at all. COVID-19 existing and COVID-19’s effects are facts, not opinions. It cannot be a belief to know that it exists, as beliefs are akin to opinions, not facts.

      4. The Traveler

        @Emminet believe whatever misinformation you want, you obviously don't have the capacity to even question if it's true or not, but I don't buy it just because a group of someone's say I should, I don't see any homeless people engaging in high risk behavior getting sick.

      5. The Traveler

        @Emminet they've been pulling this same bullshit every year since y2k, it's been fake every other time, I'm supposed to believe this time is different just because they say so? Bullshit I'll believe when I see for myself they aren't lying, it's called thinking for yourself

    36. smilingkevin

      What happens when there's no unified national plan but every single state, county, and municipality has to become experts in epidemiology and make their own plans instead.

    37. DeSmolBoi 404

      I'm surprised that the translator didn't give us the middle finger half way through and just leave.

    38. Jay's drums

      Doug ford in a nutshell


      "a dangerously promising level of optiously copimistic" has me wheezing

    40. Ami Dark

      Politicians were explained quite well in Best Little Whorehouse in Texas in a simple song.

    41. Lost into the Feywild

      *laughs in Brazilian Portuguese*

    42. John Fischer

      I love it when the news reports that cases and hospitalizations are up 20% then immediately relay all the fun things you can do in spring due to loosening restrictions.

    43. Tom Jeffries

      Let’s spin the Corona threat clock!

    44. KNOWARE

      This seems like an American problem. Australia got the covid thing down pat, the whole country has like 3 cases

    45. Jay Monroe

      i'd really like to know if she was signing what he was saying, or something else entirely

    46. no1fanofthepals

      Great ni

    47. Elena Shill

      What is this thing called life? IDK

    48. poodtang2

      Pretty much.

    49. some guy

      America is a mediocre country

    50. Kieran West

      Is this one of those rest of the world jokes I'm too New Zealand to understand

      1. Emminet

        I wish I was in New Zealand, yinz got your stuff together there, at least in terms of COVID!

    51. Henilation

      Is this Justin Trudeau?

    52. SmartAss

      This vid: explains simple rules in the same way yesn't feels Me: I totaly do, do not understand the info that has or hasen't been given to me mabey at this time but never unnot this time possibly.

    53. Niners 5time

      Biden move at the end. Stumbles around trying to find the way out after not answering any questions.

    54. Furry Insanity

      Politicians as a whole suck. It's time the American people got more involved in politics and held our leaders accountable. Do more research and know who it is we are electing and taking part with said knowledge in hand in the electoral process. Whether or not corna is real or fake, not saying it's not real, we need to face the facts. The fact is, we have been lied to and tossed around by incompetent fools who have only their own interests in mind. Then there are those who are conspiring with and gaining aid from other countries that would seek to harm us and out ways of life. The time to act is now America. Our founding fathers fought and died for this nation and helped provide the nice peaceful easy life we all securely enjoy with the help of our military. We cannot remain sleeping giants though. By now many of us have woken and are waking up to the fact that we cannot simply put all of our trust in the government to do everything for us and expect them to do the right thing. We must hold them and the media accountable, and actively educate ourselves while playing a key major role in how this nation is run, and who we elect. Regardless of who you like or are for, we will not agree in all things, but surely we can agree on this. It's time we the people come together and fight for this nation and the future of our children, regardless of race, religion, opinion, or belief. We are all brothers and sisters on this earth, so let's work together to pave a bright future not just for America, but for the whole world as well. The time of wars is over, the time of peace, understanding, cooperation, advancement, and exploration is now.

    55. Charles Pearl

      Were there any cuts for the interpreter? I only saw one. That was impressive.

    56. Chaotic Bard

      I was so fucking confused when I saw this because I thought it was literal Justin Trudeau

    57. Somander

      You're right, covid does rule.

    58. IceCreamJUSTICE

      The scamdemic in a nutshell... It was never about health.

    59. Ben Farney

      Can someone whos knows sign language check to see what the sign language interpreter is saying?

    60. killerskyhawk None

      This made feel like I just had a stroke

    61. Da_Pikmin_Coder

      "We will be enacting a policy on rent forgiveness. But we will *not* be enacting rent forgiveness." That one's not even an exaggeration that's just what happened.

    62. Gerg the Great

      What was the asl speaker saying?

    63. Savol X


    64. Anakin Skywalker

      If they have a clock that measures threat level, that means we can have THREAT LEVEL MIDNIGHT!

    65. 沈啍

      Laughs in the language of a low infection rate country.

      1. Little Mac Is underrated

        Please take me, these people are all idiots! None of them know how to believe science.

    66. k b

      trying to watch this zooted was a mistake

    67. Cameron Bablandananavan

      i don't know asl, but i have a feeling the asl lady was spitting bars the whole time

    68. Nathan Bays

      Literally Justin Trudeau 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    69. Hunter Branstiter

      It got marked as info for COVID lol

    70. Jess man

      Wow, we need such leadership in the White House right now. It sure would be an improvement.

    71. Bubbaturps

      This guy looks like a collage kid playing Justin Trudeau for a school drama class assignment.

    72. Donut Sushi

      Should've added a fat, shaking a**, gankersterz, and a sh***y rap beat. It would've gotten over 10million views. Good video @collegehumor anyway.

    73. P. Hong Le

      Adley Stump did it better.

    74. ethan barrett

      This is gavin newsome lol

    75. OsamaBinLooney

      if we do fail, it'll be because of you, not because of the strong decisive leadership i'm providing...pretty much sums it up...

    76. Oaktreepurple 69


    77. SpyseaRice

      wow i could just watch this on loop instead of the news

    78. Tech Boi Productions


    79. J Bremer

      Wtf is wrong with your politicians? Amarica is a real big facking mess if this is a problem. Or all of you are just giant idiots...

      1. Hi Someone

        Yes. But also no. Additionally...fair enough. Yes things are very bad here but everything is working exactly as it was intended (to benefit the rich as much as possible by fucking over absolutely everyone else)

    80. FilthySewerRat

      anyone able to say if the asl translator is accurate, and if not what she's saying?

    81. Vishva Kumara

      Makes perfect sense - that each has to take care of themselves. Governments, Forces or even Corporations cannot save you.

    82. hah no

      I know what they said but at the same time I have no idea

    83. R D S

      I am showing this video to a non native English speaker and ask them to study this to improve their english

    84. Ronald Johnson

      Now THAT'S how you make a chart!

    85. Universe

      Wait were people bleaching things because that will make it better

    86. Payton Jones

      And it's s*** like this that cause people to storm the capitol

    87. Suburban Octopus

      he look like Justin Trudeau

    88. Pi Medico


    89. Ninja Warrior

      3:02 If this was the UK, it would be Can I have the next slide please?

    90. Sparky Dehne

      Am I having a stroke?

    91. bjs854

      This the most hilarious thing about all of this that everything he “said” is true. As the old saying goes, “truth is stranger than fiction.”

    92. Gamer’s Gamestorm


    93. 蛇肉うどん

      Why does the dude look like budget Justin Trudeau.

    94. Kieran Carr

      I swear I just lost brain cells

    95. Josiah Hodges

      Democratic or Republican this is almost all politicians. Very few on both sides are actually standing up and giving real answers. Even if I don’t agree I can respect you at least gave an answer instead “Yep, no but sometimes yes unless your an astronaut”

    96. Rishi Chava

      i love the idea that you have to use different websites based on your time zone

    97. Jake Fass

      Prossibly not

    98. Anton Polishko

      Since when Gavin acts for CH?

    99. Just Henry

      "Cautiooptimistically optillocious" 🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭🤣🤣

    100. ARG Anon64

      I would pay to see this