iOS 14: More Rounded Boxes Than Ever Before


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    Only Apple knows how to think outside the exclusively thinking within rounded ones.
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    1. riseofevillink

      What's funny is most of these features are already on Android. So, pretty normal for an iOS update.

    2. Mëøw Ørëø

      PFFT HAHA 😂

    3. TheAllSeeingEye

      All these squares make a circle

    4. Apple Pi

      This is the funniest way I've ever seen someone say "everything is the same shape"

    5. Michael Darrow


    6. Leo

      this is fucking gold

    7. Leo

      Its funny because apple was the first company to invent a proper way to _make_ rounded boxes on one of the first macentosh computers.

    8. hλt

      hmmmmmm ... something tells me they REALLY like ... square boxes.

    9. PhoenixDZK

      So it's basically Lumia tech, with round edge boxes

    10. Lia'sLife

      Okay but how did they even do the parts where computers and iPhones moved? Computer models? This is so freaking impressive.

    11. ScarletMarisa375

      So We Put Rounded Boxes In Your Rounded Boxes so you can Rounded Boxes while you Rounded Boxes, lol

    12. Adno Gata


    13. Thomas Sailer

      This should be an actual commercial

    14. Rhyne Red Panda

      this is indeed a Brennan skit

    15. crash the gaming master

      Rounded box

    16. azier

      actually they are technically rounded squares.

    17. Buddy Bruh


    18. Cole fryar

      I feel like this could actually be an Apple commercial and work

    19. Joshua Latch

      Been waiting for that fresh af Mac Max X+!🖕 To drop for 8 months now

    20. miki890098

      I mean, I actually like rounded boxes?

    21. Rakha Arkananta

      2:25 use ka'bah as a joke ? im unsubs now and lost all respect to this channel

    22. Soumi Mukherjee

      He just inscribed the phrase "rounded box" in my head. My ears are still ringing from it...

    23. Richard Savings

      I wasn't sure about this one at first, but then it just went gradually insane very quickly and I respect that.

    24. Mr. Muik

      fun fact: i typed this comment with rounded box-shaped keys.

    25. ky56

      The best part is how much more processing power is being wasted with every update. For example rounded boxes requires the computer to perform an alpha mask for every single rounded corner every time the box is moved. In contrast a square box usually just requires layer slide. Maybe someone else technically minded can reword this better.

    26. da dog wit da big nose

      man the screen is even a rounded box

    27. Junshu Liu

      Take a shot every time when you heard “rounded boxes”

    28. Random_Stuff

      I thought that the devil of rounded boxes was spiky circles

    29. tiggz R

      Apple is a joke

    30. Ghotyo Locanisyn

      this is actually funny. and im an apple user.

    31. Mia

      Find: "rounded-lg" Replace: "rounded-2xl"

    32. Kallah’Yasar Bat’YAHUAH! • BRIDE of יהושע

      I have a crazy about a rounded box?

    33. Eiran Keating

      At some point it’s just going to be a circle

    34. FellowNormie

      rounded box

    35. RegularCringe NotDaily

      What about the rounded box inside of a rounded box inside of a rounded box inside of another rounded box?

    36. George Aird

      Haven't been on 'round here since I was a kid, is CollegeHumour finally good again?

    37. Lloyd Sirett

      Rounded boxed Is the future

    38. Hello Earthlings

      Man, that escalated quickly

    39. Ymi_Yugy

      Apple actually uses flattened circles and not rounded boxes.

    40. Spike on steroids

      This is so underated.

    41. MysticiaDev Creative

      If Apple did advertising like this, even as like a parody or an April Fools joke, then I swear they’d get so many purchases lol Kinda like what Discord does with their marketing.

    42. Arik _

      Watch non music videos in 1.25 speed until it’s noticeable enough for you to change it back to 1.00 Saves time.

    43. aterack833

      Cut out a bit of the stuff before the end and this would be a effective commercial

    44. Terrain

      2:24 Incorrect, square * circle = squircle, rounded box is more like (square^2 * circle) + squircle * square

    45. Terrain

      1:04 i know it’s a joke, but the SE looks nothing like that, the difference is that one uses the same design as 3 years ago, but it’s still a RoundedBox of course

    46. SwopStop

      Man they REALLY hate Minecraft don't they

    47. Basel Faisal

      Drinking game: take a shot every time he says rounded boxes. Enjoy!

    48. The GamerKid

      These videos literally call out apple's crap!

    49. Rotato22

      wait is this a joke? i cant tell or did apple really do the rounded box thing?

    50. Trystan Armer

      Rounded box lmao

    51. Athanasios Rady

      Basically the same shit android does But since this is apple everyone is gonna buy it

    52. Yonatan Chapal

      Thats actually a clever parody

    53. Eggowaff :3

      I can’t stop laughing lmao

    54. Albert Einstein

      you know why its rounded, its because steve jobs loved rounded edges which adds more to the simplistic design and the playful feeling

    55. 🟥

    56. vp bot

      tutorial on how to scare apple: sharp box

    57. Randomly_Here

      2:16 I laughed so hard

    58. Maira Urena



      I wasn't expecting a "yo dawg i heard you like" meme in 2020

    60. Jar Jar

      I want rounded squares

    61. MikzTheBest

      This was made on my birthday

    62. Abbiepgc03

      The narrator gives me hardcore Stanley Parable vibes.

    63. Technically Speaking


    64. DJ Frosty moose official

      How many times they said rounded boxes: 34-35

    65. Dpower244

      Android has the rounded box of them all, the C I R C L E

    66. Nathan Lev

      I’m scared

    67. J Bremer

      So thats why there still is an rounded notch😂

    68. Jonathan Greco

      Where's the Tim Cook impersonator? Where is he, Jony? *JONY WHAT DID YOU DO WITH HIM?*

    69. Gabriel Camberos

      What an amazing video

    70. TheOspreyMan45

      I laughed so hard

    71. Chocolatelover Eeek

      Did anyone else notice how if you had the sleep| wake up thing it would notify you 5 minutes before you needed to go to sleep but now only one!! That's completely pointless and actually less useful cause now You only have one minute before you're supposed to be in bed!

    72. Ben Kraft

      Still one of my favorite sketches

    73. NoFace the Pyro main

      Max MaxX+! *middle finger-*

    74. zoop 1#

      1 Inch please

    75. LioMess

      *rounded box the rounded boxes*

    76. Lukoni _

      Now youtube is doing the same with descriptions

    77. Daftrok

      2:11 I spit out my water.

    78. Laurence Hall

      I think this is just a guy having a stroke

    79. אליס סינדקוויל

      Who is the narrator?

    80. Big Money

      Of course this was written by Brennan

    81. RealRunningDog _

      Sounds like pelican gaming when he’s dehydrated

    82. B33bo_Astro

      Yeah but I love rounded boxes

    83. Muhammad Pengkuh


    84. Benny Feig

      The iPhone twelve defeated your god

    85. Emilio Alban

      In case anyone's curious that TV show that they're watching is called Mythic Quest. It's a show, similar to Silicon Valley, about the gaming industry. It's just 10 episodes, and its really good.

    86. Another Lost Soul

      This video reminded me of Roger from the Cracked channel

    87. Ayesha And Felicia

      I legit want to go to PC world and ask for a rounded box.😂

    88. The Bookworm

      "That'll be all your money in a rounded suitcase" So true.

    89. twoflouers

      Hold up. Is the guy narrating this the same that narrated the Stanley Parable?!

    90. Lance Orven


    91. Elias Binchamo

      When they said "cutting edge" they where talking about rounding boxes.

    92. Then: 🟦 this is fine. Now: 🟦 we don’t want it anymore.

    93. Cupid Sucks At Archery

      My Math Teacher explaining a math problem and solution.

    94. Terryss

      This is a masterpiece. How it would feel if The Stanley Parable was an apple advertisement on heroin. Love it.

    95. Sardorbek

      Well, I well bear with sarcasm. But it is a big mistake to make a joke about any religion. Religion is never a joke. I, as a Muslim, strictly against making jokes about Islam and any other religions as well.

    96. Diogo Pereira

      and im watching this in another rounded box

    97. Sivaraman Venkatakrishnan

      Iphone 12 has more rounded boxes than rounded boxes!

    98. tim fischer

      kinda reminded me of internet historians style of video

    99. A bacon hair

      I love rounded boxes all over my devices. Also when is the MacMaxX+!🖕 coming out?

    100. Ian Haneckow

      is this the narrator from the stanley parable?