Every Terrible Thing Trump Has Done As President


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    SINGER - Nick Lutsko
    ANNOUNCER - Sam Reich
    WRITER - Mike Trapp
    COMPOSER - Nick Lutsko
    ANIMATION - LowBrow Studios
    PRODUCTION COORDINATOR - Sophie Horwitz-Hirsch
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    تاریخ انتشار پیش 6 ماه


    1. malachi raphael

      why was he smiling

    2. Horse Kid

      Cool. Biden next.

    3. X Y

      This is a big lie...check your facts..

    4. 7 Time YouTube Outlaw


    5. Diamond 91

      Hello people who search by newest first ( their some juicy asshole down their ) 7 time IRvision outlaw is a part of the S.B.N.T OR THE SORT BY NEWEST FIRST TEAM

      1. Diamond 91

        @7 Time IRvision Outlaw I was just trying to see if you were sorting by new. Welcome to the “S.B.N.T or SEARCH BY NEW TEAM”

      2. Diamond 91


      3. Diamond 91

        @7 Time IRvision Outlaw IT

      4. Diamond 91

        @7 Time IRvision Outlaw I KNEW

      5. 7 Time YouTube Outlaw

        BAHAHAHAAHA Im a communist because I'm correcting and mocking the self admitted communists in the comments? Makes a lot of sense. Especially considering Ive never spoken to you. What, did I make you cry in an old account or something? Maybe it was because you don't know what a "communist" is and are defending communist at the moment?

    6. nedindeed

      yeah? well biden is using TAX MONEY to pay for people who want surgery to be TRANSGENDER. we are paying money to give women (or men) the chance to change their gender. its absolutely freaking tyrany also go cry that he wasnt feminist. he had other things to worry about, hmmmm... like managing a WHOLE COUNTRY?!

      1. 7 Time YouTube Outlaw

        @ThatOneAnimator’s studio 🎨 Joe is respectful? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 When? When he repeatedly told other politicians he would beat them up? Or when he was calling his supporters fat for asking him questions? You've never actually paid attention to him, huh?

      2. ThatOneAnimator’s studio 🎨

        Thats all you have right? One bad thing is not as bad as trump. At least biden is respectful

      3. ThatOneAnimator’s studio 🎨

        He didnt take care of the country, he ruined it

    7. Tristan Johns

      I love how we hate on Trump. But what did you actually expect from a 1980-1990 celebrity?

      1. Tristan Johns

        BTW, the "love" part is sarcastic.

    8. Jed

      False, completely false.

      1. Gage Cody R

        Any evidence or are you just mad snowflake

    9. Zurtle Bojangles

      Shame shit different day

    10. SpiritBread !

      Ah, not to mention curing healthcare for trans people

      1. ThatOneAnimator’s studio 🎨

        Biden is using tax money for trans people . If your angry at that i don’t think you’ll like biden any more

    11. TheDeadlyAssassin001

      Donald trump is a tyrant

    12. GuyWho WatchesStuff


    13. Will B

      I can’t wait for the biden edition in 4 years

      1. Diamond 91

        It’ll be like a minute long dude, and that minute will be mostly him stuttering

      2. TheDankHeatGamer

        @It is a ham. You sure about that? Splitting Families at the border doesn't sound like a 1 sec thing

      3. aimx

        @It is a ham. Lmao true

      4. It is a ham.

        Yea, it gon be 1 sec long

    14. Sean Winters

      Oh boy, can't wait for the biden one, lol the video will be an hour and a half long if they do a Biden one!

      1. ThatOneAnimator’s studio 🎨

        Not really. He barely just turned president. He hasnt done anything major to judge him yet

      2. It is a ham.

        I dunno someone sounds mad lmao

      3. Christmas Goose

        lmao lmao lmao

    15. George Speros

      even if the 2020 elections were considered by some a matter of the lesser of two evils, I say that this video sums up that Trump is and always been the greater of any two political evils.

    16. Ray Cazic

      Okay but to be fair, both sides are equally stupid

      1. Diamond 91

        @Pieter's Films 🔪NONE OF US MATTER

      2. Pieter's Films

        ✖black lives matter ✖all lives matter ✔None of us matter

    17. Xander Castaneda

      Maybe this wasn't the best idea...

    18. OH! TV

      Please for the love of god don't go into the comments...

      1. Diamond 91

        I search newest first because im a masochist

    19. Grayson Smith

      Note to future readers: This was posted before the results of the election, ergo before he claimed election fraud and launched a violent mob on the US Capitol to try to overturn the election results when every single court case was downturned aside from "sure we'll let the poll watchers get 10 feet closer".

      1. 7 Time YouTube Outlaw

        @ChrisChras 9000 But you know you dont care about whats true. You're just bored and lonely again. I'm telling you, Chris, ACTUALLY violent and hateful children aren't the ones to make "friends" with. Theres probably plenty of well adjusted children in the same area as you.

      2. 7 Time YouTube Outlaw

        @ChrisChras 9000 Welp, he didn't, Chris. Thats why your comrade is silent. The only "argument" they had was just cry screaming "he saided fights". Thats not really very convincing normally, but especially when its in the same qoute as him telling people to NOT be violent....Duh. See how simple everything is when youre not motivated by hate?

      3. ChrisChras 9000

        If your saying he incited the riot, than he really didn't cuz he told people to be peaceful.

      4. 7 Time YouTube Outlaw

        @Grayson Smith "As I said on Saturday, we condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry, and violence. It has no place in America. And as *I* have said many times before, no matter the color of our skin, we all live under the same laws, we all salute the same great flag, and we are all made by the same almighty god. We must love eachother, show affection for eachother, and unite together in condemnation of hatred, bigotry, and violence.....Racism is evil. And those who cause violence in it's name are criminals and thugs. *Inculding the kkk, neo nazis, white supremacists*, and other hate groups who are repugnant to everything we hold dear as Americans. We are a nation founded on the truth that we are all created equal..We are equal in the eyes of our creator and we are equal under the law and we are equal under the constitution." Not to mention the actual qoute in question THAT EVEN INCLUDES HES NOT TALKING ABOUT EXTREMISTS. The guy has denounced and condemned everyone you want him to literally dozens of times. You just don't listen because you hate him that much.

      5. 7 Time YouTube Outlaw

        @Grayson Smith And uh huh, just like when Twumps totally definitely embolden nazis like the song brought up. Oh wait, I have that speech right here...

    20. TyranntX

      The worst thing trump has done as president, run.

    21. Random Day Of The Year

      Wait he’s immortal


      purple jelly bean man is my favorite animated character

    23. Assuring Gaming

      I have seen this at least 5 times and realized it was to yakkos world

    24. Savage Lynel Slayer

      Proof that Trump did 9/11: Donald has 6 letters. Trump has 5 letters. 6 + 5 = 11. 5 x 6 =30. 30 squared is 900. 900 + 11 = 911. BOOM! Trump did 9/11 confirmed.

      1. Pieter's Films

        And did you know that 'biden' backwards is Nedib. Which means something idk.

      2. 7 Time YouTube Outlaw

        You all are joking but the majority of this comment section is genuinely stupid enough to believe that.

      3. HeyBlisters

        undeniable proof *not clickbait* (/s)

      4. Gigachad Destroyer of Cucks

        Omg this is insane

    25. I’mmaster

      They should do one on Biden

      1. Go Away I'm Sleeping

        @7 Time IRvision Outlaw Immigration policy that's going to end with Joe Biden this year

      2. 7 Time YouTube Outlaw

        @Go Away I'm Sleeping Even things IN THIS VIDEO are more true of Joey than Donny ffs. The immigration policy started with the Obama administration for starters. Or the Ukranian blackmail that Joe BRAGGED about on camera.

      3. boi memes

        @Go Away I'm Sleeping the american golem needs is ready for war

      4. Naithan Wiley

        @Go Away I'm Sleeping he sorta brushed off what China is doing to Uyghur people. China putting Uyghur people in concentration camps and also using technology to spy on Uyghur. People are comparing this to the Holocaust, and it is pretty similar. *Although,* he did take back the statement and is moving towards sanctioning China, its still weird how he brushed it off at first I Hate Trump, but I wish we could have had someone else besides Biden

      5. The berk 759

        @Go Away I'm Sleeping how much time you got man?

    26. O. Lyandzberg

      "Mass hysterectomies" Me, a trans dude: *Wait what's bad in that?*

    27. Английский с Полиглотом

      I like how Biden literally does the same things, but the sheep is like: it's ok, he's not orange.

      1. 7 Time YouTube Outlaw

        @ThatOneAnimator’s studio 🎨 How about the immigration and travel policies started by Barry and Joe but hypocrites didn't care about until they blamed Trump for it? Or better yet the first impeachment attempt? Joe flatout BRAGGED about it on camera and the hypocrites wont dare even acknowledge that. Yet they try to impeach Trump for it without evidence. Thats pretty clear cut.

      2. ThatOneAnimator’s studio 🎨

        @7 Time IRvision Outlaw like what.

      3. Pieter's Films

        @OH! TV *Mr. Worldwide*

      4. OH! TV

        Mans has a russian name lmao

      5. 7 Time YouTube Outlaw

        @HeyBlisters "If you're having problems figuring out if you're for me or for Trump, then u aint black" - Uncle Joe

    28. Idk y u watch meh

      yakos wolrd paradey be like:

    29. dark_unit

      update: attempted to over through the gov.

      1. 7 Time YouTube Outlaw

        @dark_unit Ooor you no know word gurds and keeps ignoring everything cuz ya hates a guy...

      2. dark_unit

        @7 Time IRvision Outlaw "spelling mistake I win" moment, and I hate him for good reasons, he not fit for pres

      3. 7 Time YouTube Outlaw

        @dark_unit How old are you? Im not insulting you, I'm genuinely asking. The wrong "witch" and several other typos leads me to think fairly young... Theres no need to live your life dedicated by your hate.

      4. 7 Time YouTube Outlaw

        @dark_unit First, YOU LITERALLY DID JUST IGNORE IT. Its killed MORE people. Destroyed MORE lives. It WAS SUCCESSFUL and IS AFFECTING THE WHOLE COUNTRY.

      5. dark_unit

        @7 Time IRvision Outlaw yes that violence on the streets are bad and im not ignoring it, I just not mentioning it cause thats not the topic I was on, Also those riots only effected the cities they were in (still bad), however if the capitol riot was successful it would have effected the entire country witch makes this worse.

    30. benjaboevs

      1:30 i am at my god damn breaking point

      1. NightmarishDude

        When the postmail is sus

    31. COSMIC

      This reminds me so much of Yakko's Worl- Oh Wait..

    32. Ronald Matos

      I love how he was happy explaining most of the song, yet finally got angry while just yelling that Trump was stupid and racist.

    33. • N O S T A L G I C •

      I honestly don’t like Trump or Biden, they all have their good and bad sides. (Plus I don’t know many things on either side, so I can’t like someone I know nothing about) So I’m just gonna sit back, and watch the madness.

      1. Technoanee


      2. Meme King

        Good idea


      mexicans can agree to this song

      1. 7 Time YouTube Outlaw

        @Diamond 91 No, it was a bad "joke" that made the racist assumption that everyone of an allegedly simlar skin color has to think the same way. Thats racism. Theres nothing funny about the comment, and even if there were its still racist. Jokes can be racist. But again theres no humor there. "Orange mans bad" said genuinely is not a joke...

      2. Diamond 91

        @7 Time IRvision Outlaw also I am happy I made you laugh with my communist bait, have a good day

      3. Diamond 91

        @7 Time IRvision Outlaw also your not seeing the whole point of my last comment. They were making a joke, and not even a racist joke on that. The joke that they intended to make was about how many Mexicans are happy because trump is out of office. Dude seriously calm your tailbone, I agree they could’ve worded it a bit better but still no need to start a crusade against some joke.

      4. Diamond 91

        @7 Time IRvision Outlaw first of all :( I thought you were ok with the S.B.N.T

      5. 7 Time YouTube Outlaw

        @Diamond 91 Nooo just the dictionary definitions of RACISM. Here ya go. Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular racial or ethnic group. OR the belief that different races possess distinct characteristics, abilities, or qualities, especially so as to distinguish them as inferior or superior to one another. I know words and their meanings are difficult for you. Still laughing that you called me a "communist" before I even talked to you like a middle school girl gossiping about another little girl she doesn't like. And theres no requirements for it being another race nor do I believe that your racist comrade is a different race. Its irrelevant. And you dummies ALWAYS try to say you are blank group when challenged about your bigotry. Its happened about a half dozen times in THIS comment section looong before you were crying about me... Is that why you were crying about me to yourself? Because I made you cry before about how racist you were? I feel like thats a safe assumption.

    35. Used to be ryan Poop now normal

      I swear no matter the party it gets worse Look at joe

    36. Orange Creamsicle

      A little extra but He deserves it. I can fly my drone around more places now

    37. GCTFilter snake

      Oh boy... And this isn't even a quarter of the harm he's done

    38. TheStegosaurus _

      Me wondering why the video isnt one hour long

    39. Michael Gibbs

      1:30 is pretty sus.

    40. Jonah Irvin

      I could debunk almost everything in this video but I don’t have time so we’re just going to hit the big stuff so first off most of the video was talking without really saying anything but the protester he “assaulted” were causing mass destruction and he wasn’t just going to sit back and watch he was found innocent on both of his impeachment’s it was proven that Putin did not interfere with the election he has no problem with legal immigration he just wants to stop illegal immigrants and no one really knew corona was goin to be a big deal when he was “down playing it”

      1. 7 Time YouTube Outlaw

        @ThatOneAnimator’s studio 🎨 Now if only you started out with that, and WEREN'T just attempting to ignore the problems with Joe. You're a very transparent artist. Don't start out crying about Trump and defending Joe, if you're just going to eventually give in to Joe being terrible once you're given reason. Its very obvious you didn't know what you were talking about from the beginning and are now just backtracking when challenged.

      2. ThatOneAnimator’s studio 🎨

        @7 Time IRvision Outlaw joe and trump are terrible. End of argument.

      3. Ramsey Schaffer

        Um... the 3 presidents before him set up a system that would alert the world if a new disease came about in China. Trump completely dismembered it.

      4. Technoanee

        @7 Time IRvision Outlaw And before you say anything I think both joe and trump are terrible

      5. Technoanee

        @7 Time IRvision Outlaw can you just leave you are just being annoying

    41. The Heart

      What’s wrong with the orange man Me: OHHHHHHHH

    42. Nightmare Eclipse

      Love the animaniacs reference

    43. Wyatt Lewis

      Yes this is political campaigning for the left, it is primarily for and from a generation of people traditionally left, some of the points are true, but there are quite a few faults in it. I would quite enjoy one for joe, because that list is just as long

      1. Technoanee

        personal I just think they all are shit

      2. 7 Time YouTube Outlaw

        @ClashThePerson And both the travel ban and immigration policies started with Joe and Barry. Not to mention Joey has bragged about the same thing Trump was attempted to be impeached for (the first time).

      3. 7 Time YouTube Outlaw

        @engineer gaming Is that why he didn't support it just a decade ago?

      4. E4EHCO

        @ClashThePerson and IRvision deleted my comment, damn it

      5. engineer gaming

        Their both fucking shit. But biden is slightly better so far since he actually supports LGBTQ+ rights.

    44. The Neloid

      There is another

    45. Depressed Dice

      ngl i'm suprised trump didn't say the n-word or maybe he did

      1. Depressed Dice

        @Diamond 91 not common for white people like trump Then again I don’t think race rules apply to Cheeto puffs

      2. Diamond 91

        Probably, I mean it’s a pretty common word to say when really fucking angry

      3. Ramen Lover

        probably in russian

    46. Connie Coates


      1. 7 Time YouTube Outlaw

        @Chase Biliouris By very literally telling people to be peaceful. People who were even at the Capitol. While you ignored MONTHS of real riots that absolutely took over government buildings and killed waaay more ppl easily. But you didn't care about that. Only when you can falsely blame Orange man.

      2. 7 Time YouTube Outlaw

        @NightmarishDude You're just saying you can't read properly. Try again.

      3. NightmarishDude

        @7 Time IRvision Outlaw you're just saying that you already had stupidity

      4. FloofNoodle 300

        False my man

      5. Connie Coates

        @dark_unit 1. Greatest increase in upward economic movement for lower class, specifically blacks, Latino, Et cetera. 2. Decreased the cost of insulin for americans. 3. Same as number #2 but with epinephrine pens. 4. 1st president that ran on being ok with gay marriage (While running hillary specifically said it should be man or woman as did obama). 5. Decreased taxes for working Americans resulting in more money on the spot to use in every paycheck. 6. The greatest economic recovery (given for inflation over time) ever seen. 7. A vaccine delivered to America faster than anyone could believe. 8. STOPPED TRAVEL FROM CHINA SO WE DIDN'T GET THE WUHAN VIRUS WHILE NANCY PELOSI WAS SAYING GO TO CHINA TOWN AND HUG EACH OTHER AND PARTY. WTF ... LITTERALLY COULD GO ON AND ON. LOL LIBTARDS ARE DEAF TO FACTS AND LOGIC. LOL HOLY SHII... ...IT.

    47. Justin Timms

      Now Obama

      1. boi memes

        @Stuff are we forgetting fast and furious

      2. Ramen Lover

        @Stuff sadly it is

      3. Stuff

        @Ramen Lover Yeah it's kind of a US president tradition to bomb the middle east

      4. The berk 759

        Raised taxes and didn’t do that much to help the economy

      5. Ramen Lover

        @Stuff i feel like everyone had rocketed some middle east country

    48. Creepy Charisma

      I 100% agree he's done bad but I kinda also want a video about something good 😂

      1. Grassling

        like what? ill wait.

      2. Hünré

        I've already posted a video that's as short as IRvision would let me with nothing in it.

      3. Drawtastic Art

        It would be a second long and just someone saying ‘no’

    49. Matthew Ryan

      Why does this give me more Animaniacs vibes, then even the new reboot animaniacs?

      1. Pykor

        @Karthikeya Vishwanatham Yakko's world

      2. Karthikeya Vishwanatham

        Check out WALDOS WORLD. UNITED STATES, CANADA, mexico, panama

    50. Dixieland0523

      I was about to subscribe but then I saw this.

      1. FloofNoodle 300

        Wow Karen bro trump isn’t good

      2. engineer gaming

        More like "PieceOfShitLand"

      3. MommyMoke


      4. POD

        This should make you subscribe

      5. RedArmySapper

        @Matthew Murray You gotta expect this kinda shit from someone with a username like "Dixieland0523"

    51. Giancarlo Osellame Castañon

      These are the same people that voted Biden but do nothing now that he's still keeping kids in cages just because 'glad bad orange man is out'

      1. United Nations Global Occult Coalition

        @• N O S T A L G I C • But I hope you know that he doesn't keep kids in cages

      2. • N O S T A L G I C •

        I mean, I don’t like either honestly. I know nothing about Trump or Biden, so I *can’t* support either. The only thing I like about Biden is how supportive he is towards the LGBTQ+, but I can’t define who he is over one thing.

      3. Karthikeya Vishwanatham

        @Giancarlo Osellame Castañon Yeah You are right

      4. Giancarlo Osellame Castañon

        @Karthikeya Vishwanatham that's what I mean. I absolutely despise trump and his policies, and it is important to still criticize and condemn biden when he keeps those same policies

      5. United Nations Global Occult Coalition

        Wot. The idiotical measures are going up beyond infinity! Dispatch the PHYSICS units!

    52. The Dockta

      So like 90 percent of this is false. We know that right? Transgenders were NEVER banned. They were banned from receiving govt funding for their trans surgeries. *Warning many ignorant sheep are to follow in the comments*

      1. The Dockta

        @engineer gaming because it's a personal surgery and taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for it. Or are you one of those who thinks the govt should buy you everything you want because you think economics is essentially just fantasy football with fiat currency? Is this number 3? Not sure, your question was more vague than the terms used to describe whether a protest was peaceful or not. (Spoiler: they're not) lol

      2. engineer gaming

        And thats better how?

      3. The Dockta

        @Isidro Casares haha. As opposed to calling anyone who disagrees with you homophobic, xenophobic, racist, and whatever other buzz words cnn educated you on? Lol found another one bois! Hahaha it's like a fly trap. Just post and they flock to it. I think it's because mommy and daddy didnt tell them that their opinions weren't worth that much in the grand scheme of things. Sad. Cause mine arent worth a damn but I think it's funny to watch them get triggered. Who's next?

      4. Isidro Casares

        Dude, the fact that you call people sheeps before they even say shit is very dissapointing. You should like, try actually having critical thoughts on who you decide to vote. Not call anyuone that thinks otherwise, a sheep and just like, go invade the capitol and negate clear racism, homophobia, etc; acts

      5. The Dockta

        @Dixieland0523 agreed. Coming from a combat veteran, one of the most disgusting individuals the military can produce is someone who has enlisted for selfish reasons, and whines to IG about how they want out when they dont get it. It's the U.S. military. If you arent prepared to devote yourself to the protection of this country, try another one. I'm sure they'll be more than willing to give you the exact same treatment that we do lmfao. There are no safe spaces in a combat zone. Dig your foxhole and pray the mortars dont land inside. But quit whining, ESPECIALLY if you volunteered.

    53. Baum 44

      "You are shorter than I expected"

      1. Sam Mahan

        If they said them all they’d go bankrupt from the 4 hour animation bill

    54. macealot1

      If you sort by new its a frickin political war

      1. Sam Mahan

        I gotta agree, I’ve been reading comments for the last 10 minutes and I feel like my brain cells is dying

    55. Classified Person

      Vote for Trump

      1. Sam Mahan

        @7 Time IRvision Outlaw God damn, I knew you were an idiot, but man. I thought you would be atleast smart enough to understand that cnn isn’t the only news source that has counted the times trump has lied. Unlike you I use a thing called facts logic and fact checkers for information. Now if you wouldn’t mind, stop fucking pinging my notifications at 3 am just to make me feel disappointed in humanity. No one cares or asked for your opinion about cnn.

      2. 7 Time YouTube Outlaw

        @Sam Mahan You tried to use CNN's talking point. Its not my fault if you don't even know which liars you're parroting.

      3. Pandanoko 2002

        (Insert dr evil meme here)

      4. Sam Mahan

        @7 Time IRvision Outlaw I just realized that your last like 4 comments have been you complaining about cnn in the replies section of my fucking posts, are you high. Never once did I mention or use cnn, stop whining

      5. Sam Mahan

        @7 Time IRvision Outlaw I need you to understand that I have never once mentioned cnn, you came to that conclusion yourself and started ranting about it in the reply section of my comment, don’t give me that shit.

    56. Illimar Luukas Õim

      Put it 2x thank me later

    57. Condoriano Lestat

      For the brain washed people ✌️

      1. Grassling

        @Pain D. God work on your sarcasm, its very bad.

      2. Pain D. God

        @Grassling Great. So you know that

      3. Grassling

        @Pain D. God it wasn't *that* good, but thanks

      4. Pain D. God

        @Grassling WOW What a genius comeback. That have to be the smartest reply I've seen in a while.

      5. dark_unit

        the dude told his people that covid wasnt a threat, but a private recording of him that got lecked he admitted it was more deadly then the flu (this was in Jan 2020)

    58. josh engle

      is it illegal to make more than one comment

      1. FoxGacha Stuff

        @7 Time IRvision Outlaw *oof*

      2. 7 Time YouTube Outlaw

        @FoxGacha Stuff I think I was too...

      3. FoxGacha Stuff

        @7 Time IRvision Outlaw i think he was joking lol

      4. 7 Time YouTube Outlaw

        No one should.

      5. 7 Time YouTube Outlaw

        I don't follow IRvision laws.

    59. Jack Beyer

      Damn crazy to think Biden has done multiple of the same exact things. Bash Trump all you want, but Biden/Kamala are hardly better. I'm not saying I'm Trump supporter, but don't bash him for something and then praise the opposition who does the same. The democratic system of the US is a garbage fire, and there shouldn't even be parties because it completely undermines the freedom this country stands for.

      1. Wait What

        yeah the two party system has completely fucked over democracy in the US

      2. The Dragon Of Canada

        you don't have to be best, you just have to be better than the opposition, that's literally what politics is

      3. Mac Man

        Yeah but I’d honestly say that that joe is just a tad bit better than him though. But just my opinion

      4. Sam Mahan

        I need you to understand that someone being a shitty person doesn’t excuse an entirely different person from being an extremely shitty

      5. 7 Time YouTube Outlaw

        Jack, your wasting your time. They literally can't think anything thats not "wahaha twumps". Thats verbatim their inner dialog at all times... But yes you are correct. Like the attempted impeachment (the first one) that Biden actually bragged about doing the same on camera ffs. Or the immigration and travel policies that actually come from the Obama administration. Joey IS way worse. But theres no explaining that to the people here. Once again, they don't actually think. They're incapable of it. Just blind hatred.

    60. Sam Mahan

      He actually hit the 30 k lies mark shortly before the end of his term, just felt like pointing it out (y’all said 20 k)

      1. 7 Time YouTube Outlaw

        @Sam Mahan It wasn't complex, Sammy. You tried to use a network thats been sued multiple times for lying, as an arbiter of lies.... Did you want to try again, for a better point?

      2. Sam Mahan

        @7 Time IRvision Outlaw I think you failed to understand my comment.

      3. 7 Time YouTube Outlaw

        According to CNN thats been sued for their own real lies multiple times and easily rival and overtake that number even with the most conservative estimates. Besides, doesn't mean much on a video also filled with lies...

    61. SeaFoam

      Seeing people invalidate what someone did wrong with "Oh but they also did the same thing!" makes me cackle. Y'alls just because someones a douchebag doesn't mean that another douchebag is suddenly okay.

      1. SeaFoam

        @The Dragon Of Canada Duh, or so far he is. If I were able to vote I'd probs choose Joe (Mama sorry just had to make the joke once) instead of Trump

      2. Sam Mahan

        This is true in almost every part of life and society

      3. The Dragon Of Canada

        @SeaFoam no you didn't lol, I'm just saying that Trump is bad yes, and Joe is aswell, but Joe is the lesser of the two evils, and that is who will, and has been voted for

      4. SeaFoam

        @Sam Mahan Agreed

      5. SeaFoam

        @The Dragon Of Canada When did I say you have to be the best? Genuine question as I wrote this 2 days ago and I'm too lazy to find when I said so

    62. Luke C.

      are we gonna talk about how this was written to the tune of "The nations of the world" from Animaniacs? it's a song about trump screwing over every country... To the tune of every country.

      1. Out by the Water in Cape May

        Or you know. The actual song, the Mexican Hat Dance, is just a good song.

    63. Casual Woomy

      Damn this video is way shorter than I expected

      1. 7 Time YouTube Outlaw

        @Karthikeya Vishwanatham To say the least. But thanks for admitting that.

      2. Karthikeya Vishwanatham

        @7 Time IRvision Outlaw You are right fam. And im a biden supporter. This video was not the best informational video thats for sure

      3. Sam Mahan

        @7 Time IRvision Outlaw after accidentally looking at your past 3 comments I’m assuming you’re trolling, or just fucking dumb. Please tell me it’s option one, my faith in humanity is already low enough as it is.

      4. 7 Time YouTube Outlaw

        @Sam Mahan Now, read it slower. Hopefully with enough tries, you'll eventually grasp the point...

      5. Sam Mahan

        @7 Time IRvision Outlaw they did though?!?

    64. The Binxster

      I'm sure no other leader in the world knew how to handle a global pandemic. Like, c'mon, give the man a break with the Covid

      1. ChrisChras 9000


      2. Karthikeya Vishwanatham

        @7 Time IRvision Outlaw 1. First, I explained the point already for number 1. 2. Yeah that are one of the defining factors. Why do we have literally millions of cases and deaths while every other country has not been experiencing the same toll. ITS BECAUSE SOME DAMN PEOPLE DON'T WEAR MASKS. Ill admit, social distancing and hand washing is more important, but masks still are very crucial to stopping corona. 3. Also, I can name an example of a country who has done better than us at the corona field. THE U.K. It has more freedom than the U.S for economy, rights, and freedoms. 4. You skipped number 4 5. He spread misinformation about masks and medicine thats for sure.

      3. Karthikeya Vishwanatham

        @Hugo le Magnifique Australia did pretty fine execpt during the vaccinations. India and China did ok compared to the U.S. Also Vietnam is communist and a totalitarian regime. Communist is like how the economy works while totalitarian is one person one leader who runs the government.

      4. Hugo le Magnifique

        @7 Time IRvision Outlaw Ok I think we agree on the 2nd one. Communism almost always = totalitarianism, Totalitarianism and Communism = bad. 3. I think you may have misunderstood something or i may have fucked up but when have i said trump didn’t run on a policy of building a wall? I know that. Prbly my bad on that 4. Fauci and his team were inconsistent with their rhetoric but so was every other country since a pandemic doesnt happen that often, so they have to asses the situation and take in information and change policies based on that. I know that they didn’t recommend masks at first because they feared it may do more harm than good, but they later changed bc they found that it wasnt the case. 5. Please attack my other arguments that you say « make no sense. Ive got nothing else to do today and i honestly just like debating on dumb shit.

      5. 7 Time YouTube Outlaw

        @Hugo le Magnifique And no, its not your bad English thats the problem. You just DON'T UNDERSTAND what an argument iiiiiis....LOLs Again: totalitarian doesn't mean a government isn't communist, actually the complete opposite most of the time. Not an argument. Trump campaigned on closing borders, you're just wrong there, and I don't even understand how you would think the opposite. Not an argument. And Fauci is one the most inconsistent with his rhetoric. Not an argument. Are you? Are you really better at arguing? Because you just said A LOT of nonsense that made NO sense. Again, seems like you're just guessing because "you want to hear yourself talk", but aren't AT ALL thinking about the words... But maybe if you like your comments more they'll suddenly make sense...

    65. josh engle

      My favorite CH vid ever.

    66. Andrew Wolf

      I'm just waiting for all the terrible things Biden has said before the election. But we both know that's not gonna happen

      1. 7 Time YouTube Outlaw

        @Sol Third, China is responsible for that pollution or the majority of it and Joe has even said the same sooo.... Maybe you should work hard to cry out your salt...

      2. 7 Time YouTube Outlaw

        @Sol Second, you're trying to ignore your leader saying all blk ppl are the same....Let that sink in. The best you could come up with was a fake qoute about pollution you didn't understand... 🤣🤣🤣

      3. 7 Time YouTube Outlaw

        @SolFirst, I wanted to give Joe's leg hair qoute, but IRvision won't allow it. Interesting Joe can say that, but I can't even qoute...

      4. Sol

        @7 Time IRvision Outlaw "The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive." Orange popsicle man

      5. 7 Time YouTube Outlaw

        @Sol "Unlike the African American community, with notable exceptions, the Latino community is an incredibly diverse community with incredibly diverse attitudes about different things." - Creepy Uncle Joe

    67. Brian Kerzetski

      Wow, I think you guys do stupid funny things, but this was just stupid and ignorant.

      1. Karthikeya Vishwanatham

        @Shift_ ONE it gets into the political field. Which is insane.

      2. Shift_ ONE

        why is it ignorant

      3. Wqvy_

        Instead of just saying it’s stupid and ignorant maybe try to explain why that is

      4. Sol

        Like your Comment

    68. roo mäng

      why so happy? I mean I like to see USA perish, but u know u all probably from us

    69. Drastictea8

      wait I'm in the comments of this video, but but but I don't have my hazmat suit on

      1. • N O S T A L G I C •

        Dang dude you need to suit up- It’s very toxic here you’ll get hurt 😭

      2. Rabid Lice


    70. The Clash Royal channel

      The amount of snowflakes in the comment holy shit

      1. Zarabatana Productions

        @Karthikeya Vishwanatham yeah I explored it for 2 more minutes and realised how wrong I was.... although I did say “many”

      2. Karthikeya Vishwanatham

        @Zarabatana Productions I have

      3. Zarabatana Productions

        Not really, haven’t encountered many conservatives here

    71. Authentic Gamer

      Every president in USA has something wrong with them bruh for example George Washington owned slaves lol

      1. Karthikeya Vishwanatham

        @Sol Well people are misusing lol so much. i think this dude is misusing it a lot.

      2. Sol

        @Karthikeya Vishwanatham sorry musta forgot the meaning of lol my bad

      3. Karthikeya Vishwanatham

        @Sol Its not meant to be funny.

      4. Sol

        @Classified Person 😂

      5. Classified Person

        @Sol yes It's funny Owning slaves go brrrrrrr

    72. TheHarryGamer

      Wow. It's crazy how much of this is wrong

      1. SethTFP

        @Wait What well then it shouldn't be hard to prove it

      2. Wait What

        @SethTFP all of this is common knowledge

      3. SethTFP

        @Wait What no, you see, you are meant to prove that you are right, we shouldn't have to prove you wrong, though it does help

      4. Wait What

        provide a source please

      5. Drastictea8

        Do you hear that? It's the sound of a joke going over your head, you snowflake

    73. Pieter Gouws

      Watch in 0.5 speed. It helps us slower guys 😅

    74. Alan Moranchel

      Trump is a racist? But didnt biden say the kkk members were his heroes and he is pro segregation

      1. SethTFP

        @Just A Spectator never said you did, sorry for confusing you. my sentence structure has been becoming less and less coherent as of late

      2. Just A Spectator

        @SethTFP never said I'd find it on CNN

      3. SethTFP

        @Alden Original i mean, not sure if trump said that Biden liked the KKK, pretty sure he called him sleepy though

      4. SethTFP

        @Just A Spectator even if it is really out there, you won't find it on cnn

      5. SethTFP

        @Wqvy_ people keep saying that, but honestly I haven't seen any evidence of it. if you would be so kind as to enthuse me and break the mould that would be much appreciated.

    75. Reece Hinson

      They called him a facist lmao

      1. SethTFP

        @Hugo le Magnifique I'll make sure to check it out, thanks

      2. Hugo le Magnifique

        @SethTFP If you’re on mobile, i recommend you use Photoshop Mix. It’s super good, free and simple. Also way better that photoshop

      3. SethTFP

        @Hugo le Magnifique thankyou, it was made possible by Microsoft PowerPoint. seriously I edit photos in Microsoft PowerPoint, and it's honestly pretty damn good

      4. Hugo le Magnifique

        @SethTFP one of the most random pfp ive seen in a while. Honestly, its pretty good.

      5. SethTFP

        @Hugo le Magnifique you seemed to have missed a vital detail my rural fellow, he is not only bowser... but bowser wearing Logitech earphones in front of a Venezuelan riot, then again I guess you can't really see the background

    76. Bro Abi

      Its funny because every US president violated human rights.... but outside of america

      1. Lone Okami

        @Karthikeya Vishwanatham Yeah I know, at this point I'd be more surprised if they didn't bomb Syria.

      2. Karthikeya Vishwanatham

        @Lone Okami Bruh bombing Syria has been like regular news by now.

      3. SethTFP

        @Lone Okami i'm just saying it's funny

      4. Lone Okami

        @SethTFP I'm pretty sure every president since Bush has bombed Syria. Either way he wasn't my president.

      5. SethTFP

        It's funny how Joe Biden Bombed Syria

    77. JOB LIAR

      Sorting by new is only for those who love chaos

      1. macealot1

        Its a frickin war in the new comments XD

      2. Flith Brin

        Blood for the blood god.

      3. Julian Mitchell

        I'm the type of man that just wants to see the world burn, apparently.

    78. Ignaciio Castillo

      If your reading this then don’t sort by new.

      1. SethTFP


    79. Dakshan Balaramesh

      The ending though 😂😂😂 one for the History books

    80. Grace Clemen

      This is what we call immature..

      1. SethTFP

        shit i thought i had swapped accounts

      2. SethTFP

        damn that was a pretty poggers insult

      3. SethTFP

        @TheHarryGamer your mom is lies

      4. TheHarryGamer


      5. Berni Flood

        At least not as immature as fighting legality

    81. Odin

      Wtf a lot of this is made up

      1. Karthikeya Vishwanatham

        @SethTFP yeah same.

      2. SethTFP

        @Karthikeya Vishwanatham I'm fine with that, oil is good, i just don't like people bombing the middle east for it. As long as Trump doesn't do that, then i'm happy

      3. Karthikeya Vishwanatham

        @SethTFP Well can anyone dig up oil while a damn war is going on? Also, Trump is killing terrorists ill admit that, but he is a business man. He is probably going to get some oil.

      4. SethTFP

        @Karthikeya Vishwanatham If he didn't then it was a big damn coincidence that they happened to be where he dropped the bombs, *and* he knew they were there. Maybe you could argue he's killing two birds with one stone but the answer seems pretty obvious here.

      5. Karthikeya Vishwanatham

        @SethTFP Bush for sure did it for the oil. Obama did not do it for the oil most likely. I mean he is fighting climate change. Trump is a mystery. I think he did it to bomb the terrorists, but we will never know for sure.

    82. Xaptus_4 Living Mice∞

      This aged like fine milk.

      1. SethTFP

        ​@fairy scout If that is the case, then you have to be as thick as two short planks to @ me instead of them. You realise you did that right? Heck, he probably hasn't even gotten a notification yet. Now, do you understand that why I confused your comments literally directed at me but intended to be read by someone else as some broken English from the mind of an increasingly non-self-aware person? Why are you even bothering to tell them this in the first place? He commented before the wine thing and I'm pretty sure they have a grasp on simile from their time in the 4th-grade.

      2. SethTFP

        @fairy scout If that is the case, then you have to be incredibly autistic to @ me instead of him. You realise you did that right? now do you understand that why I confused your comments literally directed at me but intended to be read by someone else as some broken English from the mind of an increasingly non-self-aware person

      3. fairy scout

        @SethTFP i was telling grandma the opposite of milk dimbus obviously it was so clear i cant even explain anymore and the fact that you still dont get that is why i kept on saying BRUH

      4. SethTFP

        ​@fairy scout why are you telling me what the opposite of milk is? also, If I'm misunderstanding here it's because you keep saying the same goddamn thing over and over again instead of describing what you mean in detail. typing " i'm just saying that milk and wine are opposites" doesn't give me anything to go off other than you thinking I don't know what the terms "aging like wine" and "aging like milk" fucking mean. Your literal first comment only described what they were talking about, which made me assume you thought I didn't have a grasp on what the two were talking about. When I explained myself, you repeat the exact same fucking comment, with minor rewording and the inclusion of a second bruh. I, again , reiterate that I have at least half a brain and was commenting on the fact that if wine were to age like this video, then it isn't good wine. finally, you top it by saying the same fucking thing a third time, now without the second bruh, and claim that I misunderstand, before going along and acting like it's my fault that I can't read the trigonometry going on in your fucking imagination through your 24-word comment that told me wine is different to milk! Did I miss anything?

      5. fairy scout

        @Karthikeya Vishwanatham just because i feel like this guy kept on not understanding me lol so i bruh everytime i read his stupid comments

    83. Eldy

      You could easily make a part 2 with everything since November

      1. SethTFP

        @Sol Haven't played it myself so I can speak for it, but from what I've heard it's worth the buy

      2. Sol

        @SethTFP ya smash ultimate isn’t bad

      3. SethTFP

        Outside of this, I do appreciate the critique as well. I realise that I do need to reign in what I write sometimes , being overly formal isn't always positive. I also never said that editing your comments after posting it is a bad thing, I more meant to point out the irony of the situation

      4. SethTFP

        @Eldy you misunderstand, this is literally just how I write now. Whenever I try to go formal mode all of a sudden I found myself in physical pain whenever I use the same word too often, though I thank you for thecompliment. If you genuinely thought I read dictionaries to help structure my sentences then I must be quite the effective writer.

      5. Eldy

        @SethTFP Honestly I don't see the shame in editing your message within 10 seconds of sending it. I'm not perfect, and clearly neither are you. Just a quick tip to help out in case you ever decide to write a novel: the ability to use a dictionary doesn't make you intelligent. I went through that phase too, don't worry

    84. R.I.P ROMANCE

      Lol literally greatest president ever This is so outta context its not even funny

      1. ChrisChras 9000

        @Lone Okami I'm talking about this guys comment lol.

      2. Lone Okami

        @ChrisChras 9000 Wrong you're

      3. ChrisChras 9000

        Your most definitely trolling.

      4. Lone Okami

        @R.I.P ROMANCE Well Trump has had allegations as well but go off.

      5. SethTFP

        @R.I.P ROMANCE joesepi biden

    85. WeAre Harbinger

      Some of this is literally wrong, he didn;t ban trans people from the military, he just wasn't going to have the military pay for their transition, for instance. The russia hoax, really? It was debunked literally years ago. And boy this didn't age well considering biden. A facist who didn't deploy the military to suppress national riots and is constantly and publicly criticised, right. But where is the biden one, as i reckon you could get more than 2 minutes and its only been three months.

      1. SethTFP

        and, i never said there was anything wrong with Mario KArt

      2. SethTFP

        @DIO Brando's The World I know, it's just funny because just about every president did it over oil disputes, but Biden literally cut off their main oil supply from Canada just a short while beforehand. not to mention the fact that he's trying to erase the use of fossil fuels in the first place

      3. DIO Brando's The World

        @SethTFP okay well how is that different from most of our recent presidents? I certainly don't agree with the war in the middle east and I think the decision to keep going is utterly stupid. but Biden isn't any different from anybody else that has been in office since the war started. also, who doesn't like Mario kart? I'd be compelled to call *them* a fascist lmao

      4. SethTFP

        @DIO Brando's The World Biden may not be a fascist, but he sure likes playing Mario Kart and Bombing Syria

      5. DIO Brando's The World

        the fact that you called a person on the political left a fascist immediately tells everyone that you have no idea what you're talking about or what those big boy words actually mean and are just throwing them around because you think it makes you sound smart.

    86. Snek eating a bagel

      Launched 59 missiles at the country of Syria then blamed Iraq and Iran. Claimed he’s not racist on a false basis and openly mocked Sudan. Abandoned our allies, Canada, the Palies, and the Kurds in Kuwait. Misspelled Namibia, Suriname, Libya, and tried to remove Georgia from state. Tried to build a wall on the border of Mexico to ban ethnic groups from crossing. Attacked the Bill of Rights on the regular that’s just a few I’m only just glossing. Tried to make LGBTQAI+ people a faux pas. Crippled education around the states and banned the works of Strauss. He shut down the IRA on his own people he pulled out of Stans for own gain. Told followers to defend the White House, made fun of dead soldiers in Spain. Shook hands with Putin then tried to shoot him Armenia, Georgia, Taiwan. Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Moldova, don't forget Azerbaijan. Attacked the EU and the Union, also fought the UN. Said he's so rich the he can bitch around and grab on women. Now let us pay our respects to the countries that got fucked over by Trump... Deep breath... Panama, Canada, Mexico, Spain, France, Denmark, Bahrain. Belgium, The Netherlands, Comoros, Italy, don't forget Ukraine. Finland, Estonia, Taiwan, Macedonia, Serbia, can we count Guam? Norway, Kiribati, Australia, New Zealand and Suriname. Peru, Argentina, Angola, Liberia, Guyana, Nepal and Bosnia. Tuvalu, Ghana, Dominica, Libya, and we can't forget Namibia (or is it Nambia?). Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, Germany, and Brunei. Mali, Mauritania, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, Hungary, Czechia, Portugal, China, India, the US of A.

      1. Snek eating a bagel

        @SethTFP thanks.

      2. SethTFP

        positive note, clever rhyming scheme i like it


      Remake with Biden’s wrong doings to be unbiased

      1. basically NAIC

        They have always been biased against trump

    88. Toni Roberts

      What about when he offered to pay the lawyer fees if someone beat the shit out of some anti trump guy at one of his rallies and claimed on air that he can shoot someone in the middle of Times Square and get away with it??

    89. Toni Roberts

      I can name a few more... not to mention all the ultra bone-head things he’s said that were completely false.

    90. EDM

      We get it, you don't like trump, stop being obnoxious about it...

      1. Just A Spectator

        wow all of these replies (and the original comment) are absolute dogshit

      2. fairy scout

        then why did u click?

      3. Lucas Matthias Garcia

        @EDM But this video isn't exaggeration, Trump really did all these things

      4. EDM

        @7 Time IRvision Outlaw Glad there is someone with a brain in this discussion

      5. EDM

        @Berni Flood Dude, first off I'm not really a trump supporter myself, I disagree with the character and a bunch things he did, but at the same time I think this video is obnoxious about it, it's exaggeration at its peak. Second dude, two guys said some really dumb shit, so I corrected them about a mentality I really think doesn't work, it's on the level of a 6 Yr old mentality, that's what comments and discussions are about, it's not even about disagreement. And on top of this, you call this bullying? Are you actually serious? Like if someone tells you something different from what you think, you call that bullying? By your logic they were bullying me as well for not agreeing with them... You see how stupid this sounds?

    91. Dank Memer

      if the world is gonna end its gonna be because trump did some stupid shit

      1. ChrisChras 9000

        @7 Time IRvision Outlaw damn sorry about that. Idk why youtube would continue to keep doing that. Also I just come on here cuz I like to be here. I dont even come here that often anymore. Tho u never seem to like coming on here. So may I ask you. Why are you still here if you always seem so mad towards others in the comments. Is it worth it for you to stay on here as well? I'm not trying to be rude im just curious.

      2. 7 Time YouTube Outlaw

        @ChrisChras 9000 You heard, from the title I gave myself right above the comment.... And you know why. Because IRvision "punishes" (inconvenience) me when I tell the truth. But lets talk about you. You're still here saying nothing. I wouldn't mind if you were offering your point of view, or some type of input, but its still the same empty platitudes. If youre just lonely and looking for someone to talk to, theres much better environments than this cult.

      3. ChrisChras 9000

        @7 Time IRvision Outlaw oh whats up man. Its been a while. I heard this is your 7th account. What happened to the other ones?

      4. 7 Time YouTube Outlaw

        @ChrisChras 9000 ITS BEEN MONTHS AND YOU STILL HAVE NOTHING!! 😂😂😂😂😂

      5. ChrisChras 9000

        Lol true.

    92. Aftonstan

      you forgot the one were he endorsed an anti autism hate group.

    93. Egle Tannusauskiene

      This comment section is literally a political warzone

      1. SeaFoam

        Yes, it's so nice to watch them fight and being unable to properly link sources because IRvision deletes comments with any links.

      2. KR

        Whether you're on one side or the other, one cannot dispute this. This is a fact that none on the political spectrum can deny. This comment shall be the glue that sticks our nation together. Just kidding, humans are incapable of getting along over the slightest differences.

      3. ChrisChras 9000

        Ikr its deadly.

      4. Strings

        oh, but it’s so entertaining to scroll through

      5. anais

        The video was political, of course, the comments would be a political warzone.

    94. Eli Low

      Russian bounties on USA troops is propaganda and so is this whole skit. This video perfectly encapsulates the practice of resistance from the right by liberal elites' critique of Trump. The actual atrocities of Trump, like the weapons deals with Saudi Arabia and Western coordination with Saudi aggression over Yemen is completely sidelined for these neoconservative talking points. What's more Trump's con artistry on foreign policy issues like the Afghanistan and Iraq crises doesn't get a second look, because the line is to support the Trump-Pompeo-Obama neoconservative agenda.

      1. It's Ya Boi

        @Eli Low I mean, you sitting there going through a dictionary to find the biggest words possible dont help your point because I dont want to sit here and reread your book so I can come up with an educated response. Ima end this argument cause your just annoying. Good luck with your unamusing life

      2. Eli Low

        @It's Ya Boi It's not just a 'song made by a comedy channel' if what's supposed to be a song alleges to present 'every terrible thing Trump has done as President' when what's actually presented is a mindless recapitualtion of mainstream propaganda, and what's supposed to be a 'comedy channel' is propagating pernicious Russophobic and neoconservative talking points. What's more, YOU don't even believe in the principle you seem to be espousing, because NO ONE CAN. If it was instead a video about 'All the terrible things that Barack Obama did as President' and it was a stream of right-wing talking points criticizing Obama for not bombing Syria enough or not further proliferating military drills on the North Korean border, I would hope you would react in some way to that. I rest my case.

      3. It's Ya Boi

        I think you're taking a song made by a comedy channel a little too serious

    95. Dani020205

      Lol he didn't let in people from Arab countries wich was a list that Obama wrote down but anyways

    96. Chinggis Khan

      Come fellow salt miners, there is plenty of salt within the comments.

      1. SethTFP

        @Chinggis Khan I put salt on toast

      2. Chinggis Khan

        @SethTFP Fellow salt miners, I just found a hoard of salt right here, so if you all make an orderly line we can all leave with some salt.

      3. SethTFP

        @Chinggis Khan 1st off, Obama was the first person to initiate that method of keeping people away from the border, at least that's what I got from any website that wasn't CNN 2. The completion of Trump's wall would have not only cut illegal immigrant numbers in half, but would also have seen the separation of families come to a near halt, as you can't separate kids if there aren't any

      4. Chinggis Khan

        @SethTFP I agree, Trump was a great president. Locking up those kids in cages was a brilliant idea. Sad that he's gone though ☹️

      5. SethTFP

        i also like ttrump

    97. Big Pop Connor

      When college humor tries to shit on Trump but include things Obama did, and things Biden is doing.

      1. KR

        @Cole Miesner No one likes political tangents

      2. KR

        @Cole Miesner I said that just so other people wouldn't go on political tangents. I don't like Trump.

      3. KR

        Trump is a lot more controversial than Obama and Biden so if it were to be anyone, it would be Trump.

      4. Berni Flood

        I love how the reply’s have more likes than the comment

      5. aphyTTR

        Doesn't negate their point, and examples?

    98. Heri Suryadi

      yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Yakkos WOrlds


      I was thinking about checking out the channel but nevermind.


        @Becky Andersson yes

      2. Becky Andersson

        No poor thing, you don't like the same politcans so you can't be friends :( you need some milk and cookies as well?

      3. aphyTTR

        @LIAM MAYHEW-MCFADDEN again, doesn't negate every shitty thing trump has done and will do


        @aphyTTR scumbag? Have you seen and heard what Biden’s doing rn lmao.

      5. aphyTTR

        lmao so they say literal facts about a scumbag of a human and that turns you off of them, nice logic

    100. DoucheCanoe52

      Cant wait for the one you do on biden

      1. Antonni

        @dram Isn't bombing Syria something... wrong?

      2. Lucas White

        @dram pretty much yeah

      3. Lucas White

        @CS Mr Krдbs College students are predominantly democrats, so of course they are more likely to make one about trump.

      4. CS Mr Krдbs

        They won't, they're a predominantly bias Humour-based company that only shits on trump and thinks everything to do with the left side is god-like behavior.

      5. emerson depew