What Undecided Voters Look Like To Everyone Else


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    Note: everything in this sketch was filmed following COVID-19 health and safety protocols to ensure the safety of the cast and crew involved.
    DOCTOR - Hayley Marie Norman
    PATIENT - David Cyr Kerns
    CLOWN - Zachariah Axel
    SURGEON - Dan Billet
    Writer - David Cyr Kerns
    Director - David Cyr Kerns
    Dir. of Photography - Kevin Stiller
    Art/Production Design - Rick Mader
    Hair & Makeup - Leigh Mader
    Producer - David Cyr Kerns
    Production Coordinator - Sophie Horwitz-Hirsch
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    1. Ivbrem Kinjardii

      man that clown should be sued for.... clownin around. and also manslaughter, his kill count is inconceivable.

    2. Mr. Grey

      More like a veterinarian vs a circus clown. Sure the vet is better than the clown and technically a doctor but he's still a horrible choice and these being the options is a sign of how broken the system is.

    3. Rock Lobster

      The only problem is, the doctor is secretly a clown to 🤡

    4. thuzan117

      bringing up academics here is not really wise for the point they are trying to make. Biden was a notorious plagiarist in law school and had to beg not to be thrown out when caught basically having copy-pasted entire pages of his papers. So...yeah if we're gonna be honest here then mention that the doctor cheated on his tests. Another apt analogy is that the doctor has a history of botching surgeries since Joe Biden has been on the wrong side of every issue, also black people have a higher chance to die if he is their "doctor" given Biden's background so...yeah. The clown meanwhile can be someone who got their degree at a phony med school. There, you're choice is between someone who is a fake doctor and someone who is a god awful doctor. Then it would be fair.

    5. Void Caron

      tbh i feel like if id watched this seven years or so ago, the ending would have scarred me for life lmao

    6. GRRSTR

      If you guys really think this video is as accurate or "brutally honest" as so many people are saying it is, I don't think I could provide an argument to make you think otherwise. But for one thing, remember what this video is saying, and remember that you agreed with it. Some 5 months into Biden's presidency, the prevailing narrative is "Nobody liked Biden, we all knew he was a bad choice! We needed to get Trump out!". Nope. This video isn't just supporting his presidency, it's making him out to be a heroic genius. It's outright saying, "If the US was a complex, life saving surgery, Joe Biden would be an expert surgeon renowned in his field". Never say you voted for him out of desperation, you voted for him because you truly believed he would "save america"(despite all evidence pointing towards him being a corrupt, immoral crook). The least you could do as a person is not be enough of a coward to deny how you were.

      1. Mic1904

        @GRRSTR "goes far to say questioning him at all makes you insane" - amongst a small handful of issues here, this is arguably the crux of the matter where your argument slightly falls apart. No, it doesn't say 'questioning him at all makes you insane'. It says questioning his ability to do the surgery *when the only other option is a literal circus clown* makes you insane. The part I've capitalised is not a minor additional detail of no consequence to the sketch, it is the entire foundation of the argument it rests on. It is, of course, absurdist, humourous, satirical, and not reality. But let's not misrepresent the sketch.

      2. GRRSTR

        @Mic1904 @Mic1904 For a moment, I'll pretend you're right, and that the average Biden voter is still as optimistic about his character and ability as this video portrays- But, how is what I said not an accurate representation of the videos point? It compares the 2020 Presidential candidates to potential surgeons, and likens Biden to a doctor trained exactly specifically for the aforementioned operation, renowned in his field, sworn to a strict moral code, and goes far to say questioning him at all makes you insane. If this video was made during the Russian revolution it would be rightfully seen as propaganda. I'm trying, I really am, but I just cannot see how you were able to view the video in any other way. It's not true because I said it, it's true because it's obvious. I never claimed "saying something makes it true". Also? Never in my comment did I "talk down about other people's ability to grasp an argument logically". Nor was what I said overly simplistic(I feel like it was appropriately simplified) or emotionally driven argument(You seem to not understand what emotionally driven means; an emotionally driven argument is one that preys on people acting on impulse from claims intentionally made to be angering, horrifying, saddening etc, not an argument constructed by someone acting on feelings alone, which is really the only thing you could reasonably be accusing me of, even if it is baseless). Everything you said about me has been out of left field, the only conclusion is that you're projecting onto me your own flaws.

      3. Mic1904

        That is neither the 'prevailing narrative', nor is any of this even an accurate representation of the video's point - just saying something doesn't make it true. While talking down about other people's ability to grasp an argument logically, you are yourself providing an overly simplistic (at best) and emotionally driven one that misses the point.

    7. Psuedonym Classified

      Little heavy handed on this one.

    8. lilhoss4reals

      Just gonna say it. Biden was the clown and now we're fucked.

      1. Mic1904

        @lilhoss4reals Yes, indeed - a great president, despite his choice of words and childish tendencies. And his actions. And being. And demeanor. And, like, that whole aspect of being a functioning human being. Otherwise, great.

      2. lilhoss4reals

        @Mic1904 If people honestly think Biden is doing anything close to a good job then they're just being blind sheep. The last 4 years were great aside from being blind sided by Covid. Contrary to popular belief Trump was actually a great president despite his choice of words and childish tendencies.

      3. Mic1904

        That's definitely true, if we ignore literally everything. Especially the prior four years.

    9. Mr. Ahmad On9

      TRUMP THE CLOWN!!!!!

    10. Drathmor

      I recommend the clown people like that deserve a clown

    11. claudio chavez

      Lmao the sad part people really think that this is how undecided voters are lmao

    12. McKenna Martin

      I understood this sketch at 6:00 even though I read the title.

    13. Mammon

      Except it wasn't a choice between a surgeon and a clown. It was a choice between a clown and a slightly less obnoxious clown who happened to have been present at multiple botched surgeries. In other words, at the time, Mr. Patient here was fucked either way.

      1. EpicGamerTV

        Someone finally says it.

    14. TSDamiano G

      I came from the future one thing the "doctor " a little sleppy actually is kinda mess the surgery can be some complications in the future BUT HEY other people told other people was "the best choice"

      1. Mic1904

        "BUT HEY other people told other people was the best choice" - except the sketch makes little meaningful comment on the actual effectiveness of the surgeon himself, only that he is definitionally the better-suited candidate for surgery merely by at least being one, than a circus clown.

    15. Euan Dickson

      This didn't age well, I know what way CollegeHumor leans though because they still have a IRvision partnership and I find it amusing they suckle at the teet of Democrats lol. Ah well you get what you voted for, you really should have gone for the clown.

      1. Mic1904

        Euan's the guy lying dead on the table at the end, but hey, he went out on his own terms, didn't let anyone tell him what to think, and he didn't suckle no teets! Good job, Euan, keep fighting the good fight.

      2. Matthew Anderson

        Covid-19 cases are at a low, vaccinations are becoming even more available, and I feel like you're just being a sore loser over the last election.

    16. Chase Creech Production

      Mike Tyson took his lessons on heavy-handedness from this video.

    17. HeroSM

      I like how not everyone agrees on who the clown is. But given their other videos I think I know who college humor thinks it is

      1. Victor Stiles

        Also they mentioned the clown killing 200,000 people in the last 8 months, so there's that

    18. Brooks Faucette

      the only reason everyone else sees undecided people like that is we all live in an echo chamber who calls the other side a clown.

    19. GuyverU01

      More like a clown and a geriatric doctor who would probably forget what they were doing mid cut.

      1. Mic1904

        The clown still isn't a winning choice in that scenario.

    20. Alex Newhall

      I think the real issue was that the lady was clearly biased and didn’t give the clown a fair chance

    21. Monty Chambliss

      I'm from the future and I wanted to let you know that outside of the vaccine, IT'S LITERALLY THE FUCKING SAME AS THE LAST ADMINISTRATION

    22. No One


    23. RalseiPlayz DE

      People like that are that foolish like that guys just scream I'm not made for this world

    24. MysticiaDev Creative

      Imagine a surgeon killing 1 person every minute and a half for eight months straight. He'd be on death row by the end of the day lmfao XD

    25. Emilio Alban

      The fact that you know which one is which means it's true

    26. Limit Man

      If people already knows who's to vote before the election campaign even starts, then what's the use of voting, democracy, election campaign etc. You're supposed to decide after you listened to the arguments between all the candidates, then decide on one of them after you think critically on all their different promises. That is democracy.

    27. literelli

      Should have just been 2 clowns to pick from

    28. Claire The Vegan

      Holy shit. We found Q.

    29. Bazar Club

      A wrong thing about modern democracy is: why the clown is even an option anyway? If I need to choose someone to to a job, all candidates need to be at minimum capable enough (and interest) to do this job at first place. No private company in the world review candidates to a job that don't have the minimum requirements. Why State do it?

    30. AliensInMyAss

      "If you're not with us, you're against us." - CollegeHumor

    31. chris hubbard

      For accuracy sake, the surgeon has another 30 years experience tacked on but tends to get confused about what he is saying or doing easily. Also most nurses tend to avoid him as they find it creepy that he is constantly sniffing them in the operating room.

    32. Jason Reading

      So... was the clown Biden or trump, because the doctor was a certain third party candidate

    33. Ahmad Iskandar Shah

      It would be more realistic, if both the options were clowns.

    34. Jake Munozé

      In 2021 in the aftermath of the clown, this hurts . . .

    35. Markus Bello

      The clown didn't bomb syria

    36. EM M

      I lost it on "satanic squirrel dissector" 😂😂😂

    37. Karl Karlsson

      Ah yes, those stupid trumpers.

    38. fexs _2

      Little do people the clown is the main partys and the doctors are independents

    39. The Devil’s Advocate

      Liberals: “The clown is Trump” Conservatives: “The clown is Biden” Me: The clown

      1. agentchuck2

        The real clown was the friends we made along the way

    40. Alex Ferreras

      Yeah but what about when biden is part of the problem that led to trump

    41. Jack Taylor

      Nah it’s more like one of our options is a clown and the other is a racist clown

    42. Grim Sniper

      I love how they portrayed the election as one qualified candidate and one clearly unqualified candidate. We all know nobody is qualified

      1. Crazy Rabid Squid

        Ya that's true.

    43. Vini Kämpferherz Barros

      So...... are you guys talking about Brazil? I mean... it's basically the same shit.

    44. Triple Gaming

      I like how they act like there is a good option in politics. It's a choice between two bads.

    45. Petes Thename

      People making the Biden vs trump references, but after Biden getting elected it seems we were the real clowns

    46. Chevy Johnson

      There would be no difference with another president.

    47. Chevy Johnson

      Joe Biden is not the surgeon either, hes just as dumb Collegehumor is way too biased liberal

    48. LTC Games Division

      What is funny is Biden supporters think the clown represent Trump. And the Trump supporters think the clown represent Biden.

      1. Crazy Rabid Squid

        Considering the more left leaning bias of collage humor it's most likely the former.

    49. Kacey

      Unfortunately we got the clown.

      1. Kacey

        @Leo Zafirov yea he lost. The clown who won has to have people tell him what to say

      2. Leo Zafirov

        @Kacey well I mean yes, but one certainly is less of a 🤡

      3. Kacey

        @Leo Zafirov truth is, both options were clowns

      4. Kacey

        @Leo Zafirov correct

      5. Leo Zafirov

        Im pretty sure trump lost?

    50. Sentinel Guard

      This aged badly...

    51. SCP Time

      The only difference in this situation is that the surgeon sniffs children's hair.

    52. Trashy

      This video reminds me of the milk in the back of my fridge it’s aged like shit also may I say the fact that technically speaking trump has political experience he was president

      1. Leo Zafirov

        A clown who cosplayed a doctor

    53. MrD 2001

      A more fitting parody would be if the patient had to choose between 2 different clowns. The patient then asks if there's a third option, and then sees a surgeon waving at him in the corner. The nurse then takes out a gun and shoots the surgeon, and says the patient has to choose one of the clowns.

    54. Martial Party

      Ok this is clear and a good parody because the Clown actually won... Sad... Although it’s not so clear but now we have Biden amd Harris. And we are fucked.

      1. flustered duck


    55. Narwhal boi

      Gonna be honest this didn't age well cuz turns out both were clowns

    56. Destro Gamer

      More like a Orange Racist Clown vs a White Racist Clown.

      1. Crazy Rabid Squid

        Phhhhtt true

    57. dinkus stinkus

      i mean if this were going to be more honest the choice would be a clown or a sad clown

    58. samuelju2

      This video is dumb. A real election is more subtle. It's more like choosing between curry shit and shit curry. Both are curry with shit in it, it's just hard to know which one has more curry than shit in it.

      1. SCP Time

        Agreed. Although with the 2020 election in particular it was wuite ovivouls which option had more shit in it. Although, as you said, they both do have shit.

    59. Tracy Sorensen

      Sadly, he chose the clown. And so did we.

    60. Henri Horsley

      Basically the Trump election

    61. Shashin D.

      the way they delivered the message without *actually* delivering it is genius

    62. Mathboy 91

      Joe Biden a the clown and trumps doctor Stewart

      1. The FBI

        Yet it is Biden with years off experience in politics and trump who had only run to prevent himself from going bankrupt...

    63. Gregg Blade

      So accurate

    64. Sir JJ

      Plot Twist: The Clown was secretly a master surgeon and just likes killing people

    65. Zeitro Music

      This screams trump supporters.... Smh

    66. Solo Season

      Laughter is the best form of medicine 😂🥊

    67. David Levingstone

      It's way more complicated than that since it's usually a clown vs a butcher rather than clown vs surgeon

    68. Cappugino's

      America had to pick between a Clown and a Vegetable. The Clown can form a coherent thought and act it out, but they picked the Vegetable soooooo...

    69. HopeTheSpaceTyrant

      And honestly both sides think the otherside is a clown so it's rather fitting.

    70. Queer Melancholy

      This takes laughter being the best medicine and makes it morbidly dark. 🤣

    71. Jake Lee

      He ain't wrong. The surgeon also turns out to be a "clown." Only now you can't go back.

    72. 21nitsua

      This is so biased. There should be 5 selections if you want the message to mean anything

    73. Krazy WitaK


    74. July tsvetkov

      Didn't you guys upload this around the 2016 elections?

    75. Olivia Bytner

      Excuse me, clowns do have code of ethics! 1. I will keep my acts, performance and behavior in good taste while I am in costume and makeup. I will remember at all times that I have been accepted as a member of the clown club only to provide others, principally children, with clean clown comedy entertainment. I will remember that a good clown entertains others by making fun of himself or herself and not at the expense or embarrassment of others. 2. I will learn to apply my makeup in a professional manner. I will provide my own costume. I will carry out my appearance and assignment for the entertainment of others and not for personal gain or personal publicity when performing for either the International club or alley events. I will always try to remain anonymous while in makeup and costume as a clown, though there may be circumstances when it is not reasonably possible to do so. 3. I will neither drink alcoholic beverages nor smoke while in makeup or clown costume. Also, I will not drink alcoholic beverages prior to any clown appearances. I will conduct myself as a gentleman/lady, never interfering with other acts, events, spectators, or individuals. I will not become involved in or tolerate sexual harassment or discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability or any protected status. 4. I will remove my makeup and change into my street clothes as soon as possible following my appearance, so that I cannot be associated with any incident that may be detrimental to the good name of clowning. I will conduct myself as a gentleman/lady at all times. 5. While on appearance in makeup and costume, I will carry out the directives of the producer or his designated deputies. I will abide by all performance rules without complaint in public. 6. I will do my very best to maintain the best clown standards of makeup, costuming, properties, and comedy. 7. I will appear in as many clown shows as I possibly can. 8. I will be committed to providing an atmosphere free of discrimination and harassment for clowns of all ages to share ideas and learn about the art of clowning.

    76. Algo

      i detest the insinuation that joe is the political equivalent of a surgeon. more like a medieval barber vs a medieval court jester

    77. Derek Tong

      if only they were held responsible for thier own actions instead of dragging everyone everyone else

    78. Rainy Fund

      Pretty liberal but decent

    79. Isaac fenech

      You gota feel bad for America

    80. flurf

      funny and all but why tf arent there two clowns

    81. League Of Ints

      "Vote our way or you're voting for a clown" says both parties always.

    82. Magarthryx

      Just a little a lot serious

    83. Zach Kellner

      Oh look, the average Republican in America.

      1. MrGameadd1ct

        What did you think you were getting into when you clicked on a political sketch? There no need to be neutral in comedy as long you aren't punching down.

    84. AmericanKid778

      Well I’m bored. GIVE ME THE CLOWN!

    85. pji1979

      The problem with this is politics isn't surgery. You don't need years and years of specialized training to be a good politician. And both of the candidates in the past election were the clown 🤣

    86. bruh moment

      i like how the clown is what you want it to be.

    87. David Vanmeter

      What is hilarious is that no matter what side of politics you are on, the other side is always the clown.

    88. Big Salmon

      Looks like we got the clown regardless.

    89. Geson Anthony Dumayaca



      Well the clown with the orange hair is Obviously the right choice!

    91. Sniperleader900

      What's funny is that the "surgeon" isn't doing so hot aswel.

      1. Jake Lee

        If the "surgeon" couldn't do anything, then the clown is the real doctor.

    92. Walter Engler

      Hmmmm ... When I look at politicians all I see are multiple clowns, and none of them are funny. So how do you decide then.

    93. Brono F. Welz

      Vote for my candidate or your stupid! That’s all this is saying.

      1. Jake Lee

        @Nintendo Gamer What rights has the clown taken away from minorities? That would be cause for impeachment, but alas. No impeachment on those grounds.

      2. Nintendo Gamer

        @Jake Lee Frankly, not taking rights away from minorities is something that’s prolly taught in this medical class. And when I say medical class, I mean he sat there for an hour and pretended he knew everything, not that he finished one.

      3. Jake Lee

        @Nintendo Gamer Take a look at the border and tell me that surgeon "actually" took that one medical class.

      4. Nintendo Gamer

        @Jake Lee The surgeon is doing better than the clown. Although not by much. Really, I think the surgeon might be a clown in disguise. But it appears they at least took one medical class.

      5. Jake Lee

        @Lord Lu Bu Well, the "surgeon" hasn't been doing his job very well. The clown might not be the best surgeon, but he's probably a good coroner.

    94. Jesse Harrington

      I'm just glad America didn't choose the clown this time. Of course, try telling them that. # factsdontcareaboutyourfeelings

    95. Jonah Krynski

      I bet that someone is going to think that Biden was represented as the clown.

    96. Christian Mark Nodado

      Philippines RN opx.

    97. LoudAssKnife Prime

      Plot twist: they're both clowns

      1. chickenpurple

        IRL they kinda are

    98. Flo

      bro this gave me a life crisis

    99. Cooper Ochsenbein

      They all want a reason to hate the dr and love the clown

    100. Gabriel Jones

      Clown college is harder to go to than Harvard