Just One Sec


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    We can all have a little break, as a treat.
    ALLY: agbeardsley
    GRANT: grantob
    KATIE: katiemarovitch
    LILY: LilyD
    TAO: tyang209
    TRAPP: mikewtrapp
    RAPH: chestangraphael
    REKHA: rekhalshankar
    BRENNAN: brennanlm
    RYAN: ryguyguyry
    CAROLYN: jacuzzitubbs
    SAM: samreich
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    تاریخ انتشار پیش 9 ماه


    1. CollegeHumor

      excited to hear what folks think about our first videochat sketch! also FYI Ken Burns' Baseball is free to watch in its entirety on PBS's website, if you've got 19 hours to kill

      1. Katherine Grebenc


      2. one23sleep

        More of this please. xD

      3. Walter Hoff

        Whars adem???

      4. Memo Memo

        I love this so much!! Miss you guys!

      5. sIyceth

        deja vu

    2. talk4dews

      Trap said he was going to use the bathroom "real quick," therefore it was a number 1. This is all Katie's fault.

    3. Goshtosh

      Just noticed lily was eating cereal with a fork

    4. Duchess Of Earl

      I’m Raph in this situation 🥲

    5. Mandy Ogilvie


    6. MBP

      how many numbers does trapp have?

    7. Riceasaurus • 9 years ago

      I’m fairly certain Trapp just gave himself a swirly.

    8. Riceasaurus • 9 years ago

      Wait, if Grant is being evicted for noise pollution, then I should have time to take a number 36. I’ll be right back

    9. absolute gamer

      just one sec 4:54

    10. You Are Who Are

      "cocaiiiiiine im all set!"

    11. Temna Senka

      You literally have a huge picture of Katie on the wall and you don't make a single joke about someone thinking it's the REAL Katie. You guys have let the bar fall so damn low. It breaks my heart.

    12. Squidwards Nose

      this reminds me of are we ready yet

    13. Typhoon

      I need to go take a number 5

    14. NoZrA 3

      Plot twist: this was just behind the scenes, they didn't even start to record the sketch.

    15. Justacrazygirl_2000 Roblox

      Kinda funny... :)

    16. Jakub Punz

      I get number 3..for girls But numbers 3 for boys...Is that when you poop blood?

    17. The Delegate Of Sweden


    18. 1one Digger

      why are sam's books the other way round

    19. BOB

      Its funny how Lilly made an egg like in the sketch were she's the baby of the friend group she said that's all she knows how to make But i fell like eggs are just the fastest thing to cook and thats why she made it

    20. Luke_BeAstslayeR

      1:53 "why" got me

    21. Wendy_bruhther

      My leg itches

    22. mythirdchannel

      is it just me or does Katie say "cocaine" instead of "okay" every time she returns?

    23. tiamta

      What about Ric Burns documentaries?

    24. Ezra Blake

      I wanna kill these people

    25. Lindstheteacher

      This makes me laugh every time I watch it.

    26. Bryce Livingston

      if you're gonna do #2, just do #1

    27. Owen Garaffa

      Ken Burns lives in my town and I’ve met him in person

    28. Chillheart

      I bet Katies hash cookies were good

    29. Leslie Rae

      This sketch is also called Are We Ready to Go Yet? And it came out five years ago. They’re very very similar sketches.

    30. Andrew Stalker

      “I think you just go to the bathroom to cry.”

    31. Xan Fem

      1:40 dog: help my please

    32. Sam Wise

      I wasn't actually frozen, i was just smiling. I'm just gonna go take a number 4 LMAO

    33. green queen

      So.. trapps number 3 is something to do with wet hair.... do I really wanna know??

    34. Mateololero

      Number 3 is vomit

    35. Lindstheteacher

      This is all my students on zoom.

    36. Lisa McIntosh

      I thought the title was “just a sac”

    37. Angus MCFADDEN

      There's a bong in one of the peeps backgrounds

    38. Dragon Slayer898

      You guy probably shouldnt say it costs a very big dumpling because that makes me think it will ocst an unbelievable amount

    39. jhonathan mondragón

      After the layoffs xd xd xd

    40. Sun Mai

      My grade 11 class: (Google meet) Teacher: (Teaching a lesson for 1 subject) That one kid in my class: (plays loud Barbie music) Me: While we at it... *(PLAYS EARRAPE RICK ROLL)* Also me: So this is what it is like to be suspended, well at least my class enjoyed it

    41. revant biswas

      How did the eggs take less time than the coolies? Its the important questions like these

    42. Royal Berger 26

      I like yo think Katie's wall is just pictures of herself and that's not a greenscreen

    43. Shangaroo

      The cast’s number 3 were diarrhea, vomiting and _when you go to the bathroom just to cry_ .

    44. MTB Thiccness

      Lmfao the passion and real energy behind "KATIE NO!!!"

    45. nitekrawler

      Sounded like one of my worst raid runs

    46. Kev Lew

      The fact that you guys are still cranking out such quality content... 👏👏👏

    47. Rpg Artist

      Didnt you do this Sketch 5 years ago?

    48. Zoe John

      “Just a sec I need to wake up my neighbours”

    49. Palace IV

      Loved this sketch guys!

    50. Kenneth Anson Lee

      I clicked on this video cause I saw Brennan

    51. Volvandese

      They say Trapp is still in the bathroom to this day, taking a number 37.

    52. Luluflower

      Just turn of your cam and leave.

    53. The Happiness Channel

      I feel like Brennan was the only one that stayed but still managed to create more chaos than everyone else combined.

    54. Ch Bharath

      What’s up with Sam’s bookshelf? All the books are the other way.

    55. Tristan Stark

      I hate the fact that Sam has season 2 troopers helmets in the back and not season 1

    56. Julian G

      I actually really like these zoom sketches

    57. Prajwal Gowtham

      Only Brennan and Sam left in CH I think rn. Some symbolism

      1. Sahayeda

        are they still continuing dropout stuff? that counts right?

    58. Game Hero

      Well done, CollegeHumor!

    59. Anticlimactic Orange Juice

      This is eerily familiar ..

    60. Efraim

      That waiting felt like forever.

    61. Frielle EGelle

      Hhahahaha good one. Reusing plot jokes

      1. SSslushii


    62. Ed’s mock’s and reviews

      i'm trying to break myself of "a bad habit" and i almost pulled up a incognito tab but then i seen this thanks

    63. laxmitty21

      “What’s a number 3?” “Where you just go to the bathroom to cry” underrated line

    64. Eli

      Where is ally

    65. Oliver Otter

      Does the girl in the top middle have an Onlyfans?

    66. Chromosome

      Where is ally🥺

    67. Anson Sieu

      But they did this sketch before

    68. Fallen_Pixel Child

      Thank you ten ;)

    69. Madeleine Weiss

      "thank you ten" took me OUT.

    70. Derek Landenberger

      Did Murph quit?

    71. Mighty Saiyan Bardock

      Damn Lily, looking good.

    72. Deckersb

      Oof a #3 and 4 in the same day... I feel bad for him

    73. Stephanie Williams

      This is how all video calls feel to me, cyclical, like pushing a bolder up a hill

    74. Dylan Jovari

      did katie say okay got my tea or cocaine

    75. K0PSTL

      What is a number 4

    76. David Lanthier

      what's a number 4 lol

    77. The Canucklehead

      Raph being in sleep mode off camera is killing me

    78. Megan

      Best of the best right here.

    79. TheBoxyBear

      This is just a copy of "Are We Ready Yet?"

    80. Tuxedobird

      This sketch killed me. Especially when Brennan started singing “take me out to the ballgame”

    81. Eduardo Perez

      "I just need to put my shoes on."

    82. Portable Thunderstorm

      Sam's bookshelf being arranged pages side out bothers me more than i would like to admit

    83. Gati Akbar Wibisono

      Hardly work from home part 2

    84. TheDriftyLlama

      Didn't you guys already do this sketch, like 5 years ago, like I'm pretty sure Katie and Mike were in it

    85. Agamerdoesthings

      Me trying to start the D&D session

    86. Bella Contess

      This whole video has strong "no jeggins" - energy. Anyone else been sticking around long enough to remember these?

    87. Xavier Green

      😂😂 I loved this. Much needed

    88. keyboard warrior

      Damn lily is thick

    89. Johnny Sheetz

      Lily and I have the same kitchen and that scares me. Does she live in my refrigerator? Like some sort of pink haired cheese troll? Who hides in the crisper drawer

    90. DankMemesMetal


    91. hayden holmstrom

      is this a sketch

    92. Kyle Chu

      Plot twist: they weren’t frozen, they were all pretending to be frozen so that the meeting would end and they could watch Ken burns.

    93. Krish

      Just add this to watch later and go do a number 5

    94. gEO

      “I definitely had time to have time to a number 3”

    95. Batman 7017

      Could you do ask Ch ( which game would you create)

    96. Egg4days

      Just gonna edit this into a comment, just a sec lemme go watch ALL of netflix first.

    97. Ruler World

      Just a min i gotta go watch all of one piece and fairy tail

    98. Dipie

      Katie’s wall is the most Katie thing I’ve ever seen

    99. James Crane

      All these people are fired from the company

    100. Tamara Harland

      Sooo.... they are laid off or are they? So confused.