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    1. CollegeHumor

      Yes, that was actually Gilbert Gottfried.

      1. DARWIN O3O


      2. Calvin F

        Are you going to do a Font Conference too?

      3. Jimmy upadhyay

        What this channel was and what it has become now all because of dropout. Was a regular here and i remember every video getting millions of views. Such a shame.

      4. Ian Rivers

        Where are the cast & credits?!

      5. Afrid Sk


    2. Tnk4me

      At the Yo I knew Exactly what that ouija was going to spell.

    3. Vibhav

      Where is my boys Lostredditors

    4. Jü

      I get every single joke. I should get off reddit

    5. A Phsychopath

      r/Earthporn is a nice subreddit

    6. Distortion Drive

      I’m so pissed that r/AmITheAsshole didn’t show up.

    7. J-Money

      This could be it's own series and I'd watch every new Ep. Thanks guys!

    8. A. F.

      Not enough incels

    9. Charkid177

      Needs more r/place, r/historymemes, and r/anamemes

    10. WorkingTitle

      straight face

    11. fatehyabali


    12. Billy Lorrence


    13. Hardik Agarwal(DBL)

      0:42 The accent sounds so relaxing

    14. sitkin ator

      Imagine if they parodied Pewdiepie/KSI's reddits XD

    15. David Henshaw

      r/Politics voiced by Bill Clinton?

    16. K Mac

      Surprised more people aren’t talking about the google guy and tinder picture guy cameos at the beginning

    17. Vasily Bullock

      Where's r/politicalcompassmemes?

    18. jpmrblood

      As non-redditor, I can still enjoy this skit. Awesome.

    19. titan

      They did extensive research on this

    20. Dajan Danoi

      As a redditor I can say this is super accurate except there were too few subreddit meta jokes from the subreddits insulting themselves.

    21. Rubydragon37

      r/the10thdentist is a better unpopular opinions.

    22. crystal L.

      it was redditors all alonggg *dodo doo doo do doo*

    23. TheLegendOfTom


    24. Radians

      This is surprisingly accurate

    25. King Of Lee

      They should’ve added a rule 34 subreddit with him just saying keystrokes for absolutely no reason whatsoever

    26. Smoking shit 420 69

      R/trees is the only subreddit

    27. Ivy Birchall

      I make my comment for the algorithm

    28. GreenGaming226

      It's seems like r/whoooosh, r/EntitledParent could not show up

    29. Jimmyboy

      Bruh “what are you doing sub-bro??” Fucking got me

      1. ImAProudIndian

        EP expected the subs to come to them.

    30. karsow 2054

      Good thing they didn’t show r/noahgettheboat

    31. Tom McMorrow

      As someone who checks r/trees on the daily, I had a good influence-induced laugh at my community. But hey, it's like, totally legal here in Jersey, man.

    32. Eric Pettersson

      What are you doing subbro

    33. compass696

      Aw r/aita wasn't invited

    34. TheEpicGamer

      I think sam just owns collegehumour now

    35. NerotheHuman

      CollegeHumor and Lowbrow Studios are a perfect team

    36. Magical Milimi

      This made me search for "FedLegs"

    37. David Winehouse

      So y'all still mad that go to college rap was a failure? Nothing but a slap In the face to blue collar workers. What do I expect from elite liberals though

    38. Holley Akers

      In aw of this lad.

    39. Canotsleep

      Anything that involves reddit is so unbearably dry that a minute is all i can handle

    40. Mad Max

      r/ShowerThoughts sounds a bit like Dr. Doofenshmurtz

    41. Purple Lord

      I hate that you made me cringe at things that I would say (only on reddit tho)

    42. nightmare games 2

      what do yo think about what is happening in israel

    43. Mimas


    44. Johnny Woodson

      For once, the unbearable amount of cringe is actually on point and called for.

    45. Jasper Jackson

      cringe but yes, true

    46. MitHonig

      PART 2 pls!

    47. Solrac

      3:22 *r/facepalm has entered the meeting*

    48. Exalted Finalist

      What would be r/animemes?

    49. Xdiamond66 Programmer

      r/EarthPorn: exists Me: I have several questions

      1. Dajan Danoi

        its pictures of earth as in beautiful locations. You would have to be on reddit long enough to get the joke. there is also a sub called r/onlyfans where they post pictures of literal fans with blades and say how hot it is.

    50. Maxfield Joyner

      At least we didn't get a visit from r/incel

    51. OG snus

      Please make this a series. Love it!

    52. pancho villa

      Reddit must be nuked off the face of the earth.

    53. Lazarus Blackwell

      College Humor. Please fire all of your creative team.

    54. Renilol

      It should've been r/prequelmemes instead of r/starwars

    55. Matt

      You guys are still around?

    56. Hassan Selim

      0:07 "Tomorrow: Font Conference" damn! an ancient decade-old reference! 😮 If any of you haven't seen that old CollegeHumor video, do yourself a favor and watch it now!

    57. Garv Wadhwaney

      “What’re you doing sub-bro?” *WTF lol*

    58. Protatort

      Askreddit was too accurate

    59. João Torres

      "What are you doing sub-bro?" NO, NO NO NO, everyone knows it's step-sub, STEP-SUB, C'MON PEOPLE

    60. I Dont have a Life Please Send -help- a Gun

      You just offended my entire race of people But yes

    61. Andrés Blanco

      the audience comments were just spot on

    62. Downhour Productions

      I’m surprised they didn’t include r/dragonsfuckingcars

    63. A duck with a YouTube channel

      r/Unpopularopinion be like: Guys, listen up. I know nobody agree with me, but... 9/11 was bad.

    64. SomeGuy ThatIsMe

      Oh wait. Heres that humor I been looking for.

    65. Indira Badal

      A redditors nod of approval

    66. Ones Who Never Yawn

      Wallst dude made me damn near scream like the traders on there act like crazy football fans

    67. Lars Lorenzen

      I was worried until i looked it up that there is a subreddit called r/earthporn

    68. Cheyne_Tetra MFG

      Hey CollegeHumor, I sent in my social security #, my credit card information, and my mother's maiden name to Katie Marovitch like five years ago but I never heard back from her, when do I get access to the secret site? Also my credit score is now 300 and the IRS is after me, send help.

    69. SomeoneIDK

      I thought r/Minecraft was going to show his gigantic build

    70. Retard Gang

      Not true, they didn’t even mention Trump for no reason.

    71. Usman Saleem

      This is was so gooood

    72. Roembol

      'What are you doing sub-bro' lmfao

    73. Wrzeszcz100

      How about not employing pedophile supporters? And not letting pedophile supporters moderate teen subreddits. Just a suggestion.

    74. שחר אטדגי

      You SHOULD do your mom

    75. שחר אטדגי

      Thanks for introducing all these news subreddits to me, I'll be sure to use them

    76. שחר אטדגי

      Dataisbeautiful sounds like Alphys

    77. alex -

      where’s r/AITA? :(

    78. CoolCat5434

      I like how college humor is becoming more animated.

    79. Jäger IX

      *Y O U R M O M* Yes, my inner twelve year old got a good laugh out of that one. Also, great job with the accuracy of these roasts. At least, I think they were roasts. Maybe. Probably. I don't know.

    80. Cutie Monkey

      I was waiting for r/ihadastroke to have a seizure and then everyone says that it’s clearly fake

    81. Jimmy upadhyay

      What this channel was and what it has become now all thanks to dropout.

    82. Sir Snortsalot

      no mention of r/memes?

    83. Thỏ Thật Thà TV

      I saw my guy Google!

    84. mr dyers


    85. Cutie Monkey

      They missed a good joke opportunity with r/cursedcommments

    86. Keith _

      2:15 Is this a thing? To be clear, I am worried someone's liver is either failing or just is descriminating against their legs.

    87. Joseph Currens

      Y'all should do a McGyver spoof where everything he's looking for doesn't exist anymore. Like landline telephones and car lighters.

    88. Griffin D

      Who here looked up all the subreddits they didn't know as the video was playing?

    89. Kentaurus Toliman

      Love how a majority of this video is just Sam doing voices to himself

    90. Just Kizzy

      You forgot r/entitledparents and r/amitheasshole

    91. Afiq Mustafayev

      I really wanted to see r/memes or r/dankmemes maybe we will see in other episodes If they will make other opisodes too

    92. Emily Chen

      wheres r/pewdiepie

    93. KingMcKing

      I was wishing for r/woooosh

    94. derin

      Why did Sam voiced most of these characters? I am not complaining lol but still...

    95. YTEqualizer24K

      *"W H A T A R E Y O U D O I N G S U B - B R O"*

    96. shapen360

      Lol puts on his mental health means he's betting against himself.

    97. APKPhantom

      They should make a ceo video for the vaccines, about how they make you gay or the microchips

    98. Nuedzka

      Cringe tbh

    99. DG64

      Finally, a ‘If Google Was a Guy’ spin-off!

    100. I-YELL- A-LOT