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    1. CollegeHumor

      don't forget to sign up for our netflix or else it'll turn into a seeso

      1. Stevie

        @Society of the Spectacle ...yea sure.

      2. haloka Murphy

        The best part of the whole sketch is that everything Sam is saying is true

      3. Antoinette Miles

        Quibi is shutting down 🤣

      4. Niloo T.

        I've subscribed to this netflix since years ago and I've loved all its shows👌👏👏

      5. Requiem


    2. Mr. Grey

      No, DROPOUT is a bullshit. Put your shows on an already established platform.

    3. chris graf

      Modern day who's on first

    4. The Chubby Atheist

      An updated Who's on First for our current age I love it.

    5. Saket Jha

      Who's on second vibes

    6. August Weather

      I kept waiting for Vrv to show up, and I don't think it did 😔

    7. Bishop

      Love this!!! Modern day "Whos on first"

    8. Warm Gooey Cookie


    9. Quan 3000

      I've never felt Brennen was so new york before this

    10. Yashwant Rana

      I lost it at "see see so so?"🤣

    11. Samuel Fishback

      This is a classic "Who's on First" and I am dying laughing. Brenan is hilarious with his reactions I don't know how the other guy is holding it together

      1. Samuel Fishback

        I finished the video. Well done, Sam. You're a champ for keeping a straight face. Especially during the Qibi rap.

      2. Samuel Fishback

        Sorry, other guy, idk which name you are in the description.

    12. WatintheTambor

      Ah yes, a reimagining of the classic abbot and Costello bit, ‘Whose on First’.

    13. voroxity

      i love brennans acting so fucking much oh my god

    14. Richell

      Someone remembered "Who's The Tank?"

    15. Manukos

      who's on first?

    16. rAyko2Ø

      3:22 when you look at your math test

    17. Leon Kersken

      2:41 POV: You're trying to remember all the Pokémon names.

    18. The G Bear

      You were dead right casting Brennan as Lou Costello, DEAD RIGHT

    19. Sophia Tortorice

      I’m getting Who’s On First vibes

    20. Danny From Chicago

      This is like when moms call every hand-held ganing device a Gameboy

    21. Imperial_Squid

      I can't believe they did an Abbott and Costello's Who's on First? outta nowhere like that! Genius!

    22. Mr. Karden

      that's literally just the abbot and costella bit

    23. ben hall

      a great modern telling of this old joke well done all well done

    24. deSeriosa

      This is the modern remaking of Abbott and Castello Who's On First

    25. Karles McQuade

      With his PhD-level command of Nerdom and doppelganger-like acting ability, it seems like Brennan was genetically engineered to work at College Humor.

    26. CamperCroft Tecno-Tips

      Where is Adam Ruins everything =(

    27. Emma Brook


    28. TheGravecrawler

      solid take on who’s on first style comedy

    29. Lee Block

      This is Who's on First for the modern age

    30. Robbie Rell Lucero

      Fudge you it also made my blood boil.

    31. Connor Carnathan

      HBO is not a Netflix and it’s not tv, it’s HBO

    32. J. M. H.

      And we still don't know who's on first.

    33. Kazuya Haruto

      I love how Brennan reacted to all this of thing

    34. kyle Cooper

      Shouldn't Amazon be a disney

    35. kyle Cooper


    36. Trevor K

      that was some bojack horseman level wordplay

    37. gaaraati

      *SEE SEE SO SO*

    38. alainart

      I hate that I can understand this.

    39. Odd _pistachio1

      It's nice to have options, but we have way too many. We need more Internet Service Providers, because our internet is really bad in the US, when it stops working like it should.

    40. M


    41. disklozure gaming

      Ah yes the classic who's on first bit gotta love it

    42. Dangerous Star


    43. Rayga Tana

      This sounds like a modern "Who's on first"

    44. Cynical

      Brenans the one complicating it. I understood him pretty well. (i know its a sketch but still)

    45. Dr Netherland


    46. Jayson Herring

      Brennan was ready to throw hands when he went Italian

    47. Neptune


    48. Joe Colder

      my brain be like ↙️↖️⬆️⬇️↗️↘️⬅️➡️↔️↩️↪️⤴️⤵️🔃

    49. Anton Ishchuk


    50. Kai Park

      Brennan doesn’t need your lactose.

    51. Kai Park

      3:23 I DIED AT THIS PART

    52. Julia Benedict

      This is just who's on first...

    53. jb888888888

      By the transitive property of things, Dropout is a soulless company hellbent on creating a monopoly by undermining small businesses. No thanks, I'll stick with WalMart.

    54. Daidarabotchi

      Genuinely only this sketch just made me resubscribe. Fantastic.

    55. Daidarabotchi

      The 'Who's on First?' of the modern era!

    56. Ⱬ

      But is Netflix a netflix? That's the real stupid question here.

    57. Eli

      Remember when netflix was a blockbuster

    58. 黑龍 - Hắc Long

      Facebook is just a TikTok for very old people that still use memes from 1995.

    59. Strife Lee Simpson

      you missed shudder. and i feel smart for pointing that out.

    60. firman abdaoe Sulaeman

      Brennan is my Fav 🤣

    61. Andrew Stalker

      Brennan does a really good Lou Costello.

    62. Jonathan Greco

      lmao so many companies decided that right as the bubble's about to burst is the best time to make a Netflix

    63. Zedfinite

      And we haven't touched anime streaming services like Funimation, CrunchyRoll & Retro Crush.

    64. Jojorific 5

      “You’re not even-a speak-a da English”

    65. Kassie Waters

      Who's on first?

    66. Cameron McLauchlan

      Real nice to see Sam again Also Brennan is a sheer joy to watch

    67. El Kudos

      You lost me somewhere around 3:50

    68. Helena Drake

      GOD I fucking love this writing

    69. Sam Wise

      Huh. Hasn't even been a Quibi

    70. dr.dumbutt

      tiktok is more like a youtube than a facebook there is minimal evidence that tiktok sells information to china

      1. 3L3M3NT4LP4ND4

        "Minimal"?? The only evidence we don't have is Tiktok admitting it themselves

    71. Lagg_CoreYT

      Wait who's on first?

    72. Eric Davies

      Who's on first? With Netflix, you can watch in any order you want!

    73. Lawsonomy

      Fun fact: 1 quibi = 500 rels

    74. Eli Pomerantz

      A modern “who’s on first”

    75. Juli Mij

      Ohhhh god can we please have a ch show just with people breaking Brennan on a regular basis 😂😂😂

      1. Juli Mij

        Also on another note, brennen really plans to kill every pc on dimension 20 and the gang just doesn’t let him

    76. Kash Mann

      modern day whos on first

    77. phumbledumps


    78. The Silver Samaritan

      Netflix is on first. HBO Now is on third base.

    79. ジジ

      Quibi DID quibis. Now Quibi doesn’t anymore :p

    80. Mauricio Nuñez Rodríguez

      Seesee saw Saw so see sees Seeso XDXDXDXD

    81. James Mullis Jr

      Everyone should just join one netflix

    82. Team Cyborg

      He slowly becomes more New York

    83. UgyDucking

      my favorite part was when brennan got so mad he turned italian

    84. Trench A


    85. RJ Heiselt

      I like this.

    86. johanazhari

      Watching Brennan getting crazy mad is my jam .

    87. wii

      this is HIMYM energy

    88. caleb peter


    89. Willow Thompson

      You guys forgot Crunchyroll

    90. Andrew Bearden

      he has Charlie Day vocal range

    91. Callie Johnson

      Who’s on Second could NEVER

    92. Mr. Invizible

      Third Base is a netflix? I don't know

    93. Alec-Lewis Wang

      Their conversation sounds like Princess Caroline.

    94. Meh Notmyrealname

      There is something oddly satisfying about watching Brennan lose his mind

    95. Do I Know You

      Volta's not really a Netflix, it's more of an iTunes.

    96. Arthur Velwest

      Sam was really funny in this, I liked the script.

    97. Fodder Moosie

      whos on first, but its not funny

    98. Wilson Henley


    99. Slevin Channel

      Please Quit your Netflix. It's bad to support such unmoralic fellas. The Netflix-Netflix, i mean. (Obviously).

    100. Ned Curfman