Allegations Are Making It Impossible to Watch ANYTHING


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    تاریخ انتشار پیش 10 ماه


    1. Cultist of unn

      Just cause the person is a dick doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate media there in it’s not like your directly supporting them

    2. Ravenclaw

      Y’know what Screw it I’m gonna go watch molto Mario while listening to Michael Jackson

    3. Wolfwood2057

      Back in the day, the phrase was "never meet your heroes" Now the phrase is "Meet your heroes, and as soon as you do publicly shame them and refuse to watch, listen, or relate to anything they do ever again"

    4. Merdicano

      Lesson here; always separate the art from the artist

    5. Wayne Rembert

      FUNNY, but accusations do not equate to facts.

    6. Loomi

      Why not just move his phone somewhere else

    7. Shadow Gamer

      And this kids is why when someone is that much of a piece of shit and they benefit from the popularity or the proceeds, we pirate

    8. Triane Nope not Trian

      They used the black actors to make a joke about people coming out about rape and discrimination as a "Oh this is so hard for me" but you know fucking well someone white wrote this because someone elses pain is always a joke to them.

    9. Paul davies

      Is it me or are Aph’s fingernails exceedingly long? Tang-Gang!

    10. Holy Haggis

      You can’t watch Home Alone 2 anymore, due to the accusations against Trump.

    11. Taye

      Personally, this is why I generally try to separate the art from the artist. Take Harvey Weinstein for example. He’s a piece of shit, but I will watch something he made. I like to look at it as me supporting all the other people who worked on it, rather than just him.

    12. Jar Jar

      Imagine if Johnny depp was accused of something, I wouldn't be able to watch ANYTHING!

    13. KindredKeepsake

      Just accept that every movie star, director, singer, youtuber, or celebrity in general is a piece of shit--and get on with your life. XD

    14. RunningPenguinFilms

      What happened to college humor?

    15. Paige Renaud

      Guys. Just pirate content from shitty creators, so you can enjoy things and they won't make a cent

    16. SilverFlight01

      So many bad things done by people, but how much is really true? Why just entirely pull out just because of a little accusation? Why not just ignore the person and focus on the art?

    17. Dark salamander

      Theres not enough tiiiiimmmeee °-°

    18. Jason Nelson

      It be like that

    19. Julio Peinado

      Sadly, Some of the accusations are probably false. Boy, We are living in a terrible future.

    20. Narfi Bjarnason

      Oh come on, you're conflicted about watching stuff produced by terrible people? Firstly, I'm gonna guarantee you can't watch anything, but let's say it's just Weinstein and whatever others we know about. Maybe it earns them money to watch it? So pirate it. If you would be too uncomfortable to pay for it or watch it on a platform that would pay them for people watching it, anyone who deserves to profit from that film wouldn't have gained anything if you didn't pirate it because you wouldn't have watched it. Maybe he had a lot of influence in terms of content, so much influence that you can feel the difference between say a Weinstein produced Tarantino movie and one produced by someone else? Well, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was different, but only in ways indicative of Quentin maturing. Harvey Weinstein didn't make movies, he gave people the money to make them. Personally, I have no problem accepting that bad people can be good at things, but it's very understandable if you can't enjoy your experience with them on-screen. Weinstein was never on-screen

      1. oki

        this is just a sketch-

    21. TaxevasionCEO

      Woody allen isnt guilty

    22. its ya boi charlie

      "there's not enough time" UNUS ANNUS?

    23. Kodjo Dag

      I think at this point lot of us feel this way. 😂

    24. Kaden Romig

      Will smith drinks child's blood to stay young

    25. Paul Gibbon

      Anyone remember when accusations needed to be proven before the torches and pitchforks came out? No? OK, it was probably never like that, but damn if Twitter hasn't made it possible to fly off the handle with one side of the story at a faster pace than ever before.

    26. just you're run of the mill fish

      a dogs journey to the center of the earth its literally a dog barking over the pirates of the Caribbean theme

    27. Jonah Paul Dolan

      The 540 dislikes came from the people that relate to this

    28. Jack Brennan

      Isn't it super unfair to not watch something because one person did something bad? There are tons of innocent people who help make a movie or show

      1. Jack Brennan

        @Blake Stroud Why is that?

      2. Blake Stroud

        No. It's not unfair.

    29. tj Johnson

      If I ever see another politic ad on IRvision I’ll rip my hair out

    30. L33tSkE3t

      Or we could learn to separate the art from the Artist.

    31. LuckyRabbit33

      *Peeps Whose Stuff We Can’t Enjoy Anymore ‘Cause They Turned Out to be Total Shitheads:* J.K. Rowling Andrew Hussie Johnny Depp Michael Jackson Ellen Degeneres Notch Orion Acaba More to follow!

    32. Miimaster64

      This is why I ignore all this stuff. If I actually wanted to avoid everything attached to a crappy person/company, there would be nothing left at all.

    33. TheArceusftw

      This is basically what Cancel culture has reduced us to. I mean, don't get me wrong; horrible people deserved to be called out on the horrible things they do. But do we just purge everything involving a problamatic celebrity, or do we just keep them up for all the world to see and just inadvertadly glorify a horrible person? Not to mention, how far is too far when outing a celebrity for their transgressions? I mean, shouldn't there be a pretty sizeable reason to cancel a celebrity beyond just saying a few crappy things on Twitter years ago, or being involved in things with elements that may of been fine back in the day, but are now deemed "problamatic" in today's world?(Now don't worrry, this won't devolve into another "Political correctness gone mad" rant.)I'm just saying, there should be a fine line between "Holding people accountable for their actions", and just Dogpiling people for one mistake for their entire life. (Hopefully unlike twitter the conversation sparked from this will be civil, and not just be a shouting match by people on mutliple ends of the spectrum... right?)

    34. David Phillips

      Funny cause I can’t watch Mulan now

    35. TheCrazyfighter19

      I don’t understand people who refuse watch movies or tv shows because one person involved in it is an asshole

    36. TheCrazyfighter19

      0:41 yeah it’s what I do

    37. Jamestown

      Just watch works by dead authors; that way they can't do anything bad (because they're too dead to hurt anyone) or if they have you wouldn't be supporting them (because they're too dead to collect royalties).

    38. Nex Enzy

      tHiS iS wHy cAnCeL cULtUrE iS tOxiC

    39. Benny Pika

      Watching Star Wars Episode 1 was weird with Liam Nesson in it, especially when he quoting all those wisdom stupidity but can't help it but see the irony that it fits his hidden character in choosing Anakin for Sith secretly

    40. Adarsh Chawla

      Being accused = Being guilty?

    41. Chandra Wagner

      I just watched the glee episode where they get mad at someone for liking Chris brown and said they can never sing a Chris brown song because of what he did. Pretty ironic as the glee cast had 2 cases of domestic abuse (one much more damaging than the other) and a pedophile on their show. I still watch it and enjoy the heck out of it, except for the id line here or there that reminds me of the trouble. It happened before anybody knew what was going on and there are plenty of cast members who did nothing wrong. If they got work after people found out what they did, an argument could be made that that would be a problem and something to boycott....

    42. A Random Red Panda

      1:31 J A R A T E

    43. arrogantgodjealous

      Am I allowed to enjoy this video, or has someone in the cast done something bad that I should know of?

    44. Anthony Williams

      End of the day, I'll still watch stuff, especially if the actor\actress that's been metooed isn't a lead role

    45. chrispycreme

      Or just watch it anyway and don't tell anyone you did

    46. Joshua Grant

      "Why do people keep doing bad things???" Best question of all time....

    47. Corrupt Angel

      First CollegeHumor vid I've seen that didn't at least make me smile. In fact, it had the exact opposite effect.

    48. Noam Bechhofer

      haha cool punchline

    49. Ether

      Raph and Jessica in a sketch together is what I love to see

    50. Evanz111

      Lesson: separate the art from the artist.

    51. Miss_ Fandom

      2:41 me when I can't frigGIN catch up to Unus Annus vids ಥ‿ಥ

    52. eric planting

      Just remember 30+ years from now we'll have NEW bad things

    53. Auxi

      It is 12:11 am and I read it as “alligators are making hard to watch anything”

    54. Luke Spencer

      An accusation isn’t Necessarily true, personally I don’t think it’s our place to decide if they’re innocent or guilty until after trial.

      1. Traior246

        Twitter: We're the Judge and the Jury

    55. Can Bobby Shmurdas Hat get 1.000 • 27 years ago

      I just looked up bob balaban he literally has been in every movie.

    56. Comet

      Good sketch just friendly reminder allegations don't mean anything until proven, assuming things ruins careers, wait till you have evidence beyond a reasonable doubt and research your opinion before making it, you wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of it.

    57. Aldo

      Nice seeing CH being down to earth again lol

    58. Obi-Wan Kenobi

      At least you're safe with all my movies. I did none of that terrible stuff, which is easy when you're not a terrible person.

    59. super razor

      Sometimes when a star does a scandal it just makes their movies and shows funnier to me

    60. The Shrimp

      Fred Rodgers witting here like “it’s good in the neighborhood.”

    61. Sense of Singh

      Did this video hit weirdly true for anyone else? Seriously why do people we love keep becoming messed up, WHY??

    62. Sahayeda

      i feel this. in kpop too, seungri ruined everything for me lol

      1. Zelda Wolff

        Same, and all the allegations of cultural appropriation that happen😬 At this point it's better to ask who hasn't done something wrong. And it's usually only the newer/lesser known idols that are innocent

    63. Anna *****

      I have... never ever identified with anything so badly online as I identify with this right now. Been suffering from this syndrome since I am fucking 12. It's hard to sit even in physics class with your teacher gushing about Feynman, Einstein, Edison... ;// Stop doing bad things people, please.

    64. MapleHockeyLove

      The betrayal I felt when I learned yesterday that Aaron Ehasz (head writer of Atla, Dragon Prince, etc.) reportedly abused and mocked his female workers

    65. KonomexPlays

      Eeeewww, all those jars. Just get a bucket. Bucket with a lid.

    66. Evelyn Okay

      Them: "Why do people keep doing bad things?!" Me: OMG the 90s were a different time. You can judge ppl for what they did a decade ago.

      1. Zak Fahey

        A decade ago? Should we tell her?

    67. cantbeleveitsnotnaru

      Yeah... everytime "WHY ARE YOU RUINING EVERYTHING I LOVE 😭😭" Can't watch Angel after I found out David Boreanaz is a jerk.. 🙄🙄

    68. Raoul 9753

      Yeah, I bet you all dont watch Johnny Depp movies any more too, right?

    69. white shadow

      Cancel cancel culture or everything is lost

    70. Conrad Smight

      He could make a karate skit now with all those jara

    71. trevor Vaughn

      Will Smith didn’t do anything, but his wife did

      1. MissDaVinci


    72. Isaiah Harris


    73. Hama Lankoange


    74. Philippe

      I heard... And it's only a rumor... But supposedly... Raph once... Apparently, looked at someone funny... For no reason at all.... I can't watch college humor anymore. CANCEL COLLEGE HUMOR!

    75. mcjouble

      I literally don't care what people have done I'll still watch it if I enjoy it chances are they didn't solely create the project themselves.

    76. Technically Speaking


    77. Evan Dugas

      Guys steal all the movies on the internet. Then your not supporting the creators who did bad things. Buy second hand movies as well no money going to creators. Moral problem solved. (Stealing adds more moral problems but still)

    78. & so

      Man I better binge college humour... that raph... yknow what they say bout he who doth protest too much..... Lmao

    79. picalc314

      this is how i feel with all the smash bros allegations :(

      1. Shadow Gamer

        To be fair, most ppl saw it comming the community was a cesspool

    80. angiemon

      Hello there Raph; buddy, may I introduce you to a fella named Keanu Reeves? There, there. Everything will be better now!

    81. Monkeyking

      if you want to watch something but dont want to support the actor just bootleg it

    82. Aqua Kamisama

      Ok clearly someone in the cast is a fan of competitive smash bros, cause this was TOO perfectly timed

    83. Ian Heinz

      I like how no one has any interest in doing research on there own and just accepts 'allegations' as fact.

    84. Jack Tellerson

      You should have him w/ multiple phones...getting multiple notifications.

    85. Colin Robinson

      Isn't Will Smith a creepy Scientologist? I mean, not that that's automatically a crime but....

    86. domin plush E4

      We need you to make a 10 hour video of just ads so you can make a bunch of revenue from the one thing

    87. Gareth Huang

      What about Michael Jackson? He prob had the most allegations that just crumbled in court

    88. Smthg_in_the_eat

      i feel like continuing to watch movies because even though people do bad things it shouldnt take away from art. John lennon beat his wife and neglected his son but ill still sit here and fucking blast the beatles

    89. kristen b

      i miss the old college humor

      1. Fergus Anderson

        same this just isn't the same

    90. JeepersJeepersJ

      Damn, can’t believe Raph ended up stealing the R from Ehka. Now I can’t watch any of his sketches anymore.

    91. Ryan MacInnis


    92. Keen Nickolas

      You know, that the entertaining industry is flawed to begin with? Hollywood selling Sex since its foundation ...

    93. Cool Guy

      Ive always wanted to see braveheart but my hatred for mel gibson will never let me

    94. Ben Starbuck

      see, this is why I watch anime... You can't make allegations against fictional characters.

      1. Zelda Wolff

        Oh, people definitely try. They'll start saying it's wrong to like a character that did all these bad things.

    95. Bigmacmaster2911 gaming

      Separate the art from the person

    96. Global Strategy Corporation

      So glad to see Beautiful Black women on CH

    97. Unique by Tamanna

      Wt the .....

    98. Boomerkbom57

      Did you know that Willis Carrier, the inventor of air, once killed a man? Due to his inability to survive a heart attack, a man named Willis Carrier has died. Just kidding he didn't invent air that would be dumb, he invented air conditioning.

    99. Herman Wong

      well, this sketch made me need to pee now