All Scars Are Badass


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    Visible scars are always cool, except when they're not.
    ALLY: agbeardsley
    GRANT: grantob
    KATIE: katiemarovitch
    LILY: LilyD
    TAO: tyang209
    TRAPP: mikewtrapp
    RAPH: chestangraphael
    REKHA: rekhalshankar
    BRENNAN: brennanlm
    RYAN: ryguyguyry
    CAROLYN: jacuzzitubbs
    SAM: samreich
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    تاریخ انتشار پیش 9 ماه


    1. HowTaesty

      my cat scratched me 6 years ago and i still have the scar. also have a scar from when i accidentally popped a big ass blister on my arm.

    2. Víctor Báez

      I love how most of the sketches of college humor are an exaggeration of everyday office work annoyances, and this starts with "everyone... Skunk ape!"

    3. em

      I had back surgery.

    4. Cultist of unn

      I think someone needs to confess there feelings..... just sayin

    5. DexyD20

      I wonder if they made up the skunkape because it sounds funny or if they already knew that that's what some people call bigfoot because either they are being attacked by a sasquatch or they are actually being attacked by some smelly striped gorilla, and I don't know what I find funnier, that this is basically the aftermath of a beef jerky commercial or that CollegeHumor has a genetic monstrosity on the loose.

    6. Fresh Freddo

      I have a huge hand scar that I got from a pencil sharpener

    7. 666 Demons

      I have some self harm scars and a scar from when I accidentally lit myself on fire is that badass?

    8. E3Commander

      I have a scar from crashing and landing on my face

    9. Timothy Creighton

      I will say, looking at the scar from his cat scratching him. I'm pretty sure his cat is a mountain lion

    10. 900flyingmuffins

      Are you saying that even my selfharm scars are cool 🥺🥺

    11. Fio

      I too got my scars the badass way, falling on a hot grilled cheese maker.

    12. LDS ramon

      This reminds me of the time when beast boy got his whole body removed because raven showed how cool he was

    13. JageshemashFTW

      I got a scar on my finger from prying open a pistachio shell too hard.

    14. TinyTigerTamer

      I could totally see Brennan killing the role of “Mad Dog”

    15. Jerd

      Wanna learn how I got these scars?

    16. Adam Dunnells

      Well, at least it was just the Big Show...

    17. Monet Freeman

      All of my badass 15cm long scars are from being born deformed and having correction surgery 😂

    18. Alli Delbridge

      I actually have a scar from a cat, cats are strong

    19. Jonathan Greco

      I'm not a comedian, I'm just giving these guys engagement

    20. Joshua Panjic

      I got a scar on my face from eating marshmallows off a stick

    21. Mr. Lynch

      You can actually catch toxoplasmosis from a cat scratch. Aka cat scratch fever which is potentially deadly

    22. Sam Baroglio

      You can be a baby Kat.....but SHOW UP, PLEEEEEEASE. At the very least, I can finally stop trusting everyone in general and just give to the animals.

    23. Ashlyn Laidman

      Is it so hard for y'all to have a consistent cast? I enjoy getting used to grant, reyka , trapp, and the others before having to learn a bunch of new personalities....

    24. Riley

      "scars are badass" _looks at arms_ damn people must think im the most badass person in the world

      1. Blue Boi

        ik this is a late reply but i thought the same thing lmaooo

    25. shortea

      I've got scars from falling off my velocipede (on the middle of my hand and on my foot) and falling with my rollerscates (on my middle finger), from scratching away scabs because of exam stress (on my wrist), and also because I fall alot (on my knee) Im very clumsy

    26. Pig Dragon

      I have a scar on my arm from taking out the trash and a little piece of glass cut me. How badass is that

    27. The Protagonist

      You wanna know how i got these scars

    28. The Protagonist

      They call me Scarface

    29. Madison Jackson

      I have a tiny scar on my foot from wearing flipflops to an ice skating rink years ago. I know, I was a major dumbass back then.

    30. whetspeget

      Dude, what happened. I remembered this channel after about a long while and this is what the skits are now. it's just kind of embarrassing, who are they making these videos for, I dont know anyone that would find this funny. I'm just kind of confused on what happened, did all the good writers leave?

    31. MinecraftKing

      I got this scar while playing with my cat

    32. Sugam Thapa

      My acne scars be like Bruuuhhhhhh!!!!!! 🤣😂

    33. I TabbyCatz I

      I have a scar on my hand from a knife while trying to cut open a frozen Gatorade bottle to make a popsicle. B)

    34. andrew bibby

      3:11 onwards, what did she say and what did he say?

    35. ScattySafari

      Geralt of Nivea.

    36. Kevin Gauthier

      Not the Big Show 😂😂😂😂

    37. Flaming Axolotl

      I said one more video It’s now 5am and I have school tomorrow

    38. Frank

      ....said no black person 200years ago

    39. SiNsOfThEDeViL

      I miss the good old College Humor, not this bs.

    40. M JE

      How about my pimple scars

    41. The Pip

      I have a scar on my lip where I bit through it. I was giving my younger sister a piggyback ride when I slipped and fell. I was falling backwards, but I purposely turned around to land on my face instead to protect her. I like to think it was pretty heroic. Even if it was my clumsiness that had caused the situation in the first place.

    42. noisy gamer

      A few years ago I visited a friend's house tried to jump into the house triped over the door frame and scraped like half a centemeter deep scrape I now have a visible like dent in my leg and am reminded of my incredible stupidity

    43. username not found

      These wounds they will not heeeeeaaaaallll

    44. Lo No

      i got a scar from when i was in 2nd grade, i didnt want to go to school and was feeling petty that morning so i scratched the right of my elbow to take out my anger. i can confirm that nothing about this wasnt pathetic.

    45. TrueREAL


    46. zombiesleuth

      As someone with a mostly vertical scar beneath my left eye, I can confirm that mundane things cause scars. I shattered a glass door when I was seven with my forehead because I was running in the dark and couldn't see the glass.

    47. purplecatlover1825 randompizza

      I have a scar on my lip from falling on my face when I was 3

    48. MAXI

      Crawling in my skin~ These wounds~they will not he-al~

    49. Kshitij Naik

      2:20 is it only me who noticed that creepy doll thing? ;-;

    50. Alexander Kemp

      the skunk ape is an actual criptid that existed before this

    51. Gamespective

      He sounds like Geralt from Witcher. Who also has TONS of scars. I guess its a stereotype for guys with scars

    52. Mario Portillo

      Scar on my leg from shaving my leg with a knife to test how sharp it was😎

    53. Totally Real Not Fake Life Advice

      Anyone who’s thinking of *those* kind of scars, understand that you’re super badass too!

      1. Totally Real Not Fake Life Advice

        @Eddie hahaha

      2. Eddie

        *takes a long drag of a candy cigarette* I got these scars after a long battle... trying to find... my true self.

    54. Danny Flanagan

      I have a scar from when my friend and I tried to play catch with a sandbag full of rocks

    55. Travi J

      Bendy fans will have a laugh at the time of the video

    56. Clotted Scream

      Man lucky. My only scar is from trying to jump a pickle ball net

    57. Çağlar Dursun

      But what about emotoinal scars

    58. Otis

      *s k u n k*

    59. Shirley Lim


    60. Metal Greg

      What happened to college humor....

    61. Rathina Sabapathy

      I got a scar in my m finger from a glass cut by breaking my enemies watch while fighting with him Bloody all over my shirt now ain't that badass

    62. Lizzy3694

      I have 4 scars on my forehead from splitting my head open. First I fell onto a decorative metal gate, then I had a metal gate swing open and hit me, the third one i ran straight into the corner of a car door. I can’t even remember how i got the fourth one. All of this happened before I was 8 years old. Oddly enough having my head glued shut hurt more than cracking it open. I also have a scar on my leg from tripping and falling on the stove in camp ground. It scrapped all the hard follicles off so its really smooth. I have a lot more scars but those are the most interesting ones.

    63. Carson J. Sullivan

      College humor is dying

    64. DeanRendar84

      method acting to lean into my own conspiracy played against me: " I ain’t afraid to die anymore. I’ve done it already."

    65. Harlow

      One time I cut my arm real bad with a razor and told everyone I got it from fighting with my dog, because obviously that’s less embarrassing

    66. TheOneOverThere

      I was genuinely waiting for him to say that his cat is a tiger

    67. The Frugal Videogamer

      Whoa, General Skun-ka'pe managed to escape the Sam & Max games?

    68. Josh Thompson

      *do you wanna know how i got these scars...?*

    69. ilikualot

      I feel like this sketch would be in CH 5 years ago

    70. Caleb Laufenberg

      I have a scar on my stomach from when I was making Mac and Cheese from scratch while shirtless

    71. Hannah

      I fell off a bike into thorns. I'll just tell everyone it involved high speed.

    72. Ocult The Exe Gaming

      I have acne scars and a few scratch scars on my arms and legs. Am I badass?

    73. Rafael Ortiz

      Slowly but surely they’re replacing everyone in the cast

    74. Chris Robot

      Patrick needs to do more accents like in breaking news.

    75. Lianna Caulk

      I have a scar from when I hit my hand against a flute case...

    76. Luke Sweetman

      Jesus. This channel has gone down hill

    77. Tayler O.

      I have a scar on my hand from when I tried to open a very small frosting package with a very large knife. Does that make me cool and capable of wrestling a bear?

    78. Gram Gram

      I got a scar from sitting on the stove ass first for some reason. How bad-*ASS* is that?

    79. LifeCupNoodles

      My all my limbs in a nutshell

    80. joop foop

      my five scars but they get progressively weirder: 1: the scar from my tb jab from when i was a baby 2: a chicken pox scar 3: a large one on my leg from when a metal trolley rolled down a hill into my leg 4: a burn on my hand from when i took a tray out the oven with a wet towel 5: a cut from when i fell over in a park in my city center which everyone calls pigeon park

    81. chicken dogo

      Do a song about soup

    82. King_koopa

      Remember when college humor was funny

    83. Jade Lin Lee Chen

      Reminds me of Jason Grace's mouth scar. Everyone assumed he got it from some kind of bloody battle with the gods, but he actually got it from trying to eat a stapler when he was two.

    84. Ouishi

      Is collegehumor over now? It looks like almost all the cast members have been laid off 😟

    85. DisT0rted

      Hold on, I thought CH went broke?

    86. TASS Bukan Kantor Berita


    87. G Siya

      A unexpected heart attack Death note intensifies

    88. Chris Lee

      question, is a heart shaped scar done by yourself from heating up the metal on 2 lighters with their flames and then pressing it into your wrist badass or weird? does it make it more badass or wierder that the person in question ALSO almost got sepsis and had to clean it for like weeks?

    89. Jackson

      The stretch marks on my fat ass stomach are super badass

    90. Diamond

      I legit got a scar from playing the piano... I was playing it barefoot. There was a plastic cap cover thing on the pedal so when my foot hit it wrong, it got cut by the rough edge of the plastic. The scar is still on my foot after almost two years.

      1. ALPHA ARX


    91. kim

      Hello from north korea🇰🇵

    92. DevilDelirious


    93. Rex Jolles

      You know how you guys did a "I'm Black, Not Poor" video? You should do a "I'm British, Not Rich" video

    94. Indie Flower

      we all know the most badass of scars are acne scars

    95. hfredydl

      Dude, I used to think cat scratches were nothing and then my sisters psycho cat scratched my leg cuz I moved him from the couch ... it was fuckin deep!! It looked like I had taken a knife and cut my leg deep. Took a month to heal.

    96. Omer Ali

      well that sucked

    97. Anger Dogger

      The comments are not 420 anymore

    98. Mike Scharding

      Child actor Katy, you mean you act childish?

    99. Леголас


    100. A P

      New vid.