The CollegeHumor Cast (and Also Kyle) Catches Up


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    The gang gets back together to go through Lost & Found items, and also Kyle's here (but just to watch).
    ALLY: agbeardsley
    GRANT: grantob
    KATIE: katiemarovitch
    LILY: LilyD
    TAO: tyang209
    TRAPP: mikewtrapp
    RAPH: chestangraphael
    REKHA: rekhalshankar
    BRENNAN: brennanlm
    RYAN: ryguyguyry
    CAROLYN: jacuzzitubbs
    SAM: samreich
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    1. sappie

      wait did I miss a whole thing? did they all actually quit?

    2. murmol444

      Kyle actually was in "Are You Nerdy Enough?" on 1:54

    3. kok channel

      Join are kyle channel

    4. Craig fucking Tucker

      I'm waiting for Kyle Broflovski to comment. and yes, i am Craig Tucker.

    5. Kyle Kuffner

      I'm just watching...

    6. Isaac ben David

      These are such talented, fun people

    7. Somebadname

      Where did siobhon go

    8. Rachel Rachel

      I feel like at the bonus scene in the end kyle was a hair away from breaking and laughing when leaving again and everyone did a great job keeping it together

    9. Mark Campos

      In this climate

    10. Haylie Charmz

      Are Siobhan, Emily, Brian, Lou still part of CollegeHumor?

    11. M R

      "To watch"... Same thing everyone else is doing?

    12. 31427dan

      Did college humor shut down?

    13. Tomer Nahum

      Do more of these zoom sketches

    14. Kieba How

      Wait, can’t they kick people from meetings?

    15. michaelflash123's stuff

      I'd be like Kyle, literally just being there and not saying a single word.

    16. Black Hokage

      I like 2 watch

    17. Corvus Dove

      Duhhh, Kyle's watching because he has DropOut!

    18. Black Hokage

      😅🤣😆 I have been wondering why ralph as not said anything since

      1. Black Hokage

        it's fine when u do it

    19. Daniel Martinez

      Your being a real Sam 😭🤣😭🤣

    20. pfysche

      Ngl this is exactly how it feels to have a conversation with people who don't think online privacy matters

    21. Juli Mij

      With Brannen instead of Sam it would have bin so mutch more funny, just imagine his breakdown 😂😂

    22. Surgé Land

      This is what isolation does to your brain.

    23. Malware86

      I love this channel 🤣🤣🤣

    24. C R

      The no. Of views just makes me sad.

    25. Dylan Tapp

      That was freakin gold

    26. E.A

      Kyle is watching. Always watching. Always...

    27. James Tolson

      Raph's role and joke was PERFECT

    28. Corvus Dove

      The Um, Actually drop from Lily =

    29. Ninja Nerd Student #69

      I have a few things in that box too.

    30. Reva Warudi

      Wait did all of them quit collegehumor?

    31. Lonely Islander

      Lily is so PRETTY!!!!!😘

    32. Castor Alpha

      Poor Kyle :(

    33. bergrrito the beggoon

      This reminds me of when my friend decided to join my class zoom when he didn't even go to our school. All he did was watch the teacher explain like basic coding

    34. random guy

      At least Kyle is open about watching, the FBI isn’t

    35. random guy

      Kyle is the ultimate undercover zoombomber who’s gonna flash himself suddenly

    36. Zualye

      Sam,I'll do you one better Why is Kyle

    37. Lol

      Cool channel Good work Welcome to my channel Your Support is very important for me

    38. JeffyJeff69

      Grant buddy, where are you?

    39. Robert Davis

      Hey, everyone. Just saw that the thumbnail said "Cast + Kyle" Cast Plus Kyle a "Netflix"...or...

    40. Lily Liu

      Apparently Sam is a insulting word now

    41. Brandon Wilcox

      Posting this video? In this climate?

    42. Edward Svärd

      "By calling me a Sam, you are being a Sam" Nice one, Trapp

    43. zainab malik dress designing ideas


    44. The Gaming Knight

      When Raph was being so quite and non-disruptive that I didn't realise he was there the whole time, and had to go back and look to make sure I didn't imagine him not being there.

    45. Raul Enriquez

      I thought college humor wasn't going to make videos anymore? What happened in 2020 college humor? 🤔

    46. Aaron Bae

      “sam i gotta go find a job”

    47. Memo Memo

      omg the zoom calls sketches are so perfect ;w;

    48. Memo Memo

      "None of us work for collegehumor!"

    49. Elvis Wong

      Privacy is not a joke btw

    50. Vedavathi Veda


    51. vincent28

      hahahah so simple so funny

    52. Syed Arslan Rizvi

      Why aren't you making new episodes of wtf101

      1. José Aguilar

        Because they ran out of funding :(

    53. jean francois du tremble

      sam is good to ask people to leave....

    54. jean francois du tremble

      mostly no one work for college humor...since you kick them all out

    55. kuda kero

      Kyle is cute ❤

    56. Robber T

      long live kyle... we still have no idea who he is

    57. SAbre5311

      I feel like if you told us what the price actually was in the vid you'd get more, rather than always the weird oblique cost comparisons. Get why you doing them but sometimes cut to the chase.

    58. Synthster

      This is either a metaphor on data collection done by social media websites or just a dumb bit that got turned into a sketch.

    59. Tanpa Nama

      Why I love this!

    60. FreezingYak Gaming

      What happened to dorkley

      1. José Aguilar

        Ran out of money

    61. A.J. Kimball

      Sorry if im out of the loop, but I dont entirely understand. Yall are still making videos, but collegehumor is out of business? I dont really understood

    62. InvestMore

      Love the show! When are ya'll gonna make another Jeggings episode?

    63. SubmitNow

      This youtube channel started 2006 and still uploads 🤯

    64. Lim Lam

      This is pure comedy, brilliant. CollegeHumor is getting better

    65. Linkman443

      Here's a video idea: 'Stephen King bullies are psycopaths'

    66. AcridDragoon

      Just me or ally looks like lord farquaad?

    67. daiinginside

      Back in January, Sam said they had 6 months worth of recorded content from before CH's funding was cut, what's the plan for new content now that we're over that mark?

      1. Smiling Muse

        More new sketches, new season of Um Actually, Game Changer, and D20 are on the way.

    68. SandStorm XII


    69. Kairo Schmitz

      How dare he talk to Kyle this way, Kyle deserves better.

    70. Thanksfor Thesub

      What’s Kyle’s profile? *Billie227*

    71. lord buss

      I feel personally attacked. Even if i don't have a Zoom. And "you are being a Sam" is a great parody of...this thing that exists but i don't know how to describe, when people have association chains of "things that are bad by association".

    72. Jayro Garfax

      I love these videos! I hope CH is actually still up and running

    73. Reva Warudi

      This was like pure comedy

    74. Dee Gravelrama

      Man, I've been missing that classic CH formula of running the same annoyance in the ground over & over & OVER and then hit us with the punch line. "Nailed it!" - (high pitched voice for the finale)

    75. N1 C0

      He's here to watch.

    76. Herman Wong

      this is gold. That bit with ralph was amazing

    77. TS Productions

      Hello my fellow Kyles it was fun watching this wasn't it?

    78. Eravan Mindartus


    79. Tyler Harvey

      Would signing out for dropout still help college humour? Im confused as to if this is still gonna be a channel or not. If it gets more content ill subscribe.

      1. Smiling Muse

        More new sketches, new season of Um Actually, Game Changer, and D20 are on the way

    80. Aly Oz

      HE'S. HERE. TO. WATCH.


      I have a suggestion for the next video Make a live-action episode of south park

    82. LegendOfDymin

      Trapp killed Pat, prove me wrong.

    83. Elmo's Universe

      Kyle should be in every Video Call episode from here on out. If he isn't, so help me God--

    84. JustinInExile

      Nice, it has been some time since I have genuinely laughed at CH's sketch, this was brilliant!

    85. a a

      One of you go poke Brennen, tell him to finish his god damn comic.

      1. Smiling Muse

        He's busy making new seasons for d20 .

    86. dustdoorknob

      Sam should've kicked Kyle off the call.

    87. Z3DT

      So, uh, of CH is dead... why do we still get the Dropout bit at the end?

      1. Smiling Muse

        It is NOT dead tho.

    88. Punkie Polish

      “Well yeah Sam, It would be pretty hard to watch if you can’t see” lmfao took me out

    89. Aphyrius


    90. dodiswatchbobobo

      Sam is the only person I recognize. Back to the 10 years ago I go.

    91. Joyner Lee-Hansberry that a rainbow collar for lily?

    92. Michael Lewis

      When you don't use encryption...

    93. Jay Jain

      We ♡ ♥💕❤ CollegeHumor

    94. bosgotnojams

      when Lily said *WE DON'T KNOW* i felt that

    95. Kentucky fried Children

      Could we bring back technically a meal for quarantine?

    96. ChaneLinks

      2:00 best skit this video

    97. elfogeek123

      Quarantine humor has really make CH flourish

    98. Aldijana

      Trevor Wallace’s Kyle was much more rambunctious 🤘🏼

    99. Adam Wise

      "He doesn't even work for CollegeHumor!" "NONE OF US WORK FOR COLLEGE HUMOR" got little to real there....