Tell Us About Yourself │Game Changer [Full Episode]


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    Sam wants Jess, Christine, and Alfred to tell him true facts about [REDACTED]
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    1. Ace_of_hearts

      This is the epitome of those tweets about how he never gets recognized in public

    2. Rachel Rachel

      I absolutely love seeing all these ppl they're all such nice wonderful ppl it makes me happy just to see them having fun and i get to laugh too

    3. Pendragon Chen

      Please tell me it's Tony hawk is it Tony hawk? He's cool and likes to skateboard. Please tell me I'm right. Edit: Let's fucking go

    4. somegal

      Nothing would have been funnier than Jess saying "I am gay" and Sam having to look her in the eyes and say no

    5. otrebor

      the "scorekeeper" kinda looks like tony hawk lmao, has the same name too!

    6. Mx.Millhaus

      Pretty good, but not as good as the reveal as what was in the dumpster. (If you know you know)

    7. Kathrine Wong

      That was so wholesome and good. Absolutely worth my Drop Out Money every month.

    8. Jack Lim


    9. J 3

      Spoilers: It's crazy how early I understood the game and thought of Tony hawk. "I'm not from Canada." made me understand that they were playing a guessing game. Then "I like to skateboard" obviously the first person that came to mind was Tony Hawk. I didn't know he would be the score keeper though. I thought they were just playing a guessing game.

    10. Rin Jorgensen

      SPOILERS I love that someone who never gets recognized is in a game in which they don’t get recognized until the end

    11. Ivan Miller

      I have about three tony-hawk themed clothes, yet this is the first time seeing what he looks like. Cheers

    12. MonkeyShaman

      *Prays to the score keeper.* *summons the score keeper* 'I didn't mean to summon the score keeper' _a likely story_ 🧐

    13. Orion 091

      No one ever expects Tony Hawk

    14. Nicole Hood

      Sam’s smile gets me every time!

    15. balrogdahomie

      I like the idea of Game Show Folklore

    16. Rob Smith21

      Honestly, I forgot the said anything about skateboarding

    17. iczyje

      Hmmm... after round 1 i'm thinking they had to tell facts about Sam. At 6:30, I'm thinking it's facts about the scorekeeper and the winner is the person who guesses the identity of the scorekeeper. 13:49, I'm thinking it's tony hawk. Not gonna say if I was right or wrong in case someone reads the comments first, but this was a fun game.

    18. Scott Atwood

      That was truly delightful! I’m so happy you guys are still making new content!

    19. DSEray

      When the dislikes are at 68 it's hard to know what to do

    20. EJ Johnson


    21. o0O-JD-O0o

      jess said she grew up in australia. it was wrong . because she was assuming she has grown up lol

    22. AL_emonade

      Having that person as the scorekeeper felt so random lmao

    23. edboy484

      This is taking not recognizing Tony Hawk to the next level

    24. Charlie Orr

      tony fucking HAWK???

    25. Tomiwa Aina


    26. - Flubber -


    27. Mister_i

      This is incredible.

    28. Freeflare

      This was a ton of fun, thanks!

    29. Tuh Mater

      I think it’s great that Jess is using a green screen to put herself in a house

    30. Magos Biologis Silicus

      I'm proud of the comment section for not spoiling who it is

    31. Buchanan Games

      just noticed that the full episodes that were on here have gone 🥺 i’ve watched the marketing episode a worrying number of times, just for fun but also whilst cooking 😭😭

      1. Buchanan Games

        @Rachel Rachel the "copley" square theatre ! 😭 that's the one, rachel rachel; so good they named you twice ?

      2. Rachel Rachel

        Yes did you see they have the whatever square garden place that sam is from shirts? That's my episode too

    32. Abel

      toe knee🦅

    33. Anna Aucompaugh

      I thought it was gunna be John Cena

    34. TheKindredblades

      Wow!! I never would have gessed it in a million years. That was great.

    35. Caleb Roehrig

      Wait is it fucking PAT?

    36. Anakin Skywalker

      It would be such a cool reveal if it was Pat

    37. chaoticpanic

      At 11:05 , and I think it's Brennan. edit: I was so wrong.

    38. K Murdoch

      Did Christine leave GMM?

    39. Diana U

      Huh, that guy kinda looks like Tony Hawk

    40. Brian Caro

      I didn't even know that person was in a collegehumer video before

    41. Sphynx

      Wasn't Pat murdered?

    42. Ivan Garroch

      Sooo.... what do I do if drop out is not available in my country?

    43. krim7


    44. Knight Icarus

      I like the color palette.

    45. Mark2theD

      Sam, it was soo awesome seeing this episode finally happen! I remember you pitching it during season 1 pre-production. The score keeper is a much better solve than the "no emotion clown" haha

    46. Russell Johnson

      this was an absolute journey

    47. dimitreze

      this was amazing

    48. Jeffrey Schueler

      *1918 spanish flu

    49. Avery Masters

      I did not see that one coming.

    50. S Alloqman

      cee loksj

    51. hawk james

      Alfred making the big brain plays you love to see it

    52. Marco Toledo

      Man i love Christine, she's just awesome, both on GMM and CH

      1. Anna Aucompaugh

        THAT'S how I recognize her - GMM! I was sitting here scratching my head like where do I know her from?

    53. Try Huy

      When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.

    54. at0m ix__

      why is jess greenscreened

    55. Cornlips 4

      I really enjoyed this. Great work!

    56. Elvell Johnson


    57. NinjaBearFilms

      11:15 I’m guessing it’s Adam Connover

    58. Josh Young

      This couldn't have been more staged if it were a Criss Angel video

    59. HiredKiller08

      Why does less look like a hologram

    60. Wicked Amoeba

      Lol, how did they get this person to agree to this madness?!

    61. ABurch13

      Was this all just a joke on how no one ever recognizes him?

    62. Kingnocho

      That’s insane that they actually guessed tony hawk

    63. M094789

      Jess: "I'm a cool skateboarder dude." Me: "so it's Tony Hawk" ITS ACTUALLY TONY HAWK

    64. Brad Pitt

      Sam is the freakin best

    65. Loke Heard

      How about i have all the money 😂😂😂😂

    66. Our One True Emperor

      I’ve never been so confused. Literally NEVER.

    67. Dem

      literally did not expect that

    68. Will Moshe Carr

      I’ve watched this episode three times now and I always forget who the scorekeeper is

    69. D G

      Sam: I'm gonna give it to ya Jess: OwO

    70. Beebix

      They brought up skateboarding in the first round and my mind immediately drifted to TH and then

    71. Karthanis Tyr

      Ah yes, the famous and popular 1912 Spanish flu beaked masks that induced social distancing but they didn’t know that I guess celebrity facts are easier to come by

    72. Phantom Pyro


    73. Miranda

      i am extremely attracted to every single person in this video

    74. David Hanna

      Well that was a twist. Good job figuring out the game Jess.

    75. tay fritts

      LOVED THIS!!!!

    76. Jay maxwell

      Yooo please tell me it was all produced that it took 5+ minutes to figure out they were trying to identify a person.

    77. Mykii Makes Mixtakes

      no one ever expects tony hawk

    78. TTIOttio

      And in a bonus, we now know who Sarah Cincinnati is :o I legit spent the entire first episode of that assuming she was Rehka just dressed up, and then they were in the same room right at the end. Ever since then I've been wondering who she actually is xD

    79. HodgePodge Jr.

      Honestly, I first read the screen as "who is the sorcerer" 🤦‍♂️

    80. Dimentio Master of dimensions

      This is a great community I just finished the video and went through the comments not 1 person has spoiled the identity of the scorekeeper

    81. ethreldur

      10:48 "who do I know who isn't poor?", essentially

    82. ethreldur

      So is Kyle just here to watch?

    83. Maksil Lorenzo


    84. theotherleonaygirl

      Definitely did NOT see that coming!

    85. Sophia DeCubellis

      You know I always think I’m gonna figure out the twist... I never figure out the twist

    86. Valianter Front

      I can see green screen on Jess screen

    87. ThereAre 4Lites

      Man the skateboarding was guessed super early, it seems like it was completely by accident 😂

    88. Tristan E

      Holy crap what a reveal!!!

    89. Anna Stansfield

      does anyone know when new episodes are released?

      1. Anna Stansfield

        feel like im speaking into the void. halp

    90. Dylan Ference

      Game Changer is my favorite Dropout show. So glad there are new episodes

    91. cloudglider

      Oh man they could have gone the embarrassment route and just grilled the scorekeeper about embarrassing things.

    92. Diego Guevara

      Um actually the Spanish Flu as you call it Sam is more recently known as the 1918 flu as it lasted from 1918 to 1919, not 1912.

    93. Faris Weiss

      Man that was a good twist

    94. Joe4

      He doesn't even need a mask to not be recognized

    95. Jordan

      holy crap. just whoa.

    96. Christian Estrada

      dude thats awesome!?

    97. Leonis Yggdrasil

      Thumbs down for christine

    98. BowlingPorch

      Literally NEVER saw it coming oh my g o d

    99. Wunderwerks

      Is Sam losing a lot of weight? Are you okay Sam?